"Compound Seditionists"


Once again they have gathered

Disguising as agents of light

Looking for souls to destroy

From every angle they are sprouting out

With melodious sweet rhythm

With  glorious angelic voices

Singing fabricated lies of "crucifixion"

Calling a white cattle black

Reviewing a black truth at night

Where no one can see it

Instead of noon day when all are awake

Yes they are out!

At the hour of evil operation

At the darkest hour of the night

With their 30 pieces of silver

Winning souls to their kingdom

Preparing to battle the righteous one

The holy and chosen one

The anointed prophet and his establishment

Because they presumed he is no more

Because they believed that he has been silenced

Because they considered the glorious end to be near

They now have a cause to merry

Their hearts leap for joy

Yes we have made it! they said

Fear not Biafrans!

IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu are like Noah’s ark

It is built on a divine mandate

No amount of sea waves can sink her

IPOB is unsinkable

Drowning is never her portion in the red Sea

Gold and Silver of the Egyptians shall hold some captives in the slave land

Reject Pharoah and his gifts

Aim at your freedom and the freedom of your children children

The mandate for the restoration of our nation is with IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu

Follow them and you shall be saved

The sprouting of this evil men,

The wolves in sheep clothings

Is the fulfillment of the prophetic declaration of the prophet.

Don’t be weary in spirit

Only prepare yourselves and you mind

Those agents of darkness are yet to do their worst

Yes they are yet to do it

Just as God gave the devil power to tempt Job,

So also our leader was given  the same power they think they can stop Biafra from coming! Lie!


They were given the power

But the end shall justify the means

All ye powers of evil

Why have you chosen to operate at night?

Why have you chosen to disguise yourselves?

Must it be in the absence of Nnamdi Kanu that you make the highest noise?

The casting of Lucifer out of the kingdom is for the Supreme power to be known

We have known you and is left for us to deal  decisively with you and your likes

Your territorial inhabitants has been caved out and there you shall abide forever.

IPOB under the Supreme leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a global family

She is indestructible



 IPOB is uncountable! Scattered all over the world

Why I am not bothered is because without Judas Iscariot, the glory of Jesus wouldn’t have been known

We remain more than resolute

We are prepared for this faithful day and days beyond

We shall watch and see to the end of It all.

It is well with our souls


Paul Emerenini
For Family Writers Press
19th March 2018

The Biafra Herald 


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