He ignited the light
An unquenchable light

He ignited Spirits
Invisible Spirits

He ignited knowledge
Unplayable knowledge

He ignited power
Undefeatable power

He ignited life
An immortal life

He ignited wisdom
Unlimited wisdom

He ignited courage
Fearless courage

He ignited a "Sit at Home" order
The "Site at Home" rocked to Benue

He ignited justice
Injustice vanished away

He ignited the "end to Nigeria"
Everyone clamours for Freedom

He ignited all the Animals
Snakes, Rats and Monkeys responded

He foretold how the Fulanis would come
Before our own eyes it manifest(ing) just as he said

He foretold about a certain imposter named "Jubril
And before our own eyes the world is confirming it

He promised never to pay a dim to any media house
Today our news is making headlines globally

He said we would be killed
And we were mimed,  subjugated, killed

He said Biafra will come at last
And today Biafra is here!

I hail thee the great Kanu
I hail thee Biafrans' redeemer
I hail thee fear conqueror !
I hail thee Buhari's nightmare!
I hail thee the black man full of wisdom!

Come quick! oh come!
 Come out from the death trap!
 Come out
from the secret cell!
We need your voice! Come!
We need your prophecies
We need your wisdom Come!
We need your Consolations

Delay not oh great Kanu!
We await your final mission!
We await your final command!
We await to see the last push for Nigeria!
Come Kanu and heal our souls!

Paul Emerenini
For Family Writers PPress
19 March 2018

The Biafra Herald 




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