A Challenge To Asari Dokubo

Is Asari more proud and concerned about his Ijaw flag than that of Biafra as a nation we are all fighting for? 

All the warriors that has fought for Biafran freedom held a Biafran flag and snapped pictures with it so many times. 

I have never seen this maggot putting on a Biafra Tshirt talk more of holding a biafran flag. 

I challenge Asari to show the world one of his pictures or videos where he ever hold a Biafran flag while talking about the Biafra freedom.

Asari is working for Saudi Arabia and OIC (Organization of Islamic countries) to Islamised the Ijaw / Ogoni people in Biafra land.

Every time you see a flag behind him it's the Ijaw/Ogoni flag while he is busy shouting  Biafra Biafra hopping for Nnamdi Kanu to win the battle from the Hausa-Fulani then he will rise to demand for Ogoni nation where he can pose as an Islamist lord. 

I challenge Asari to hold a Biafran flag then put on a Biafran designed T-shirt snap and show the world after then i can take him serious.

Taaaaaa Asari you are a seelout.

One leg on Nigeria politics another on Biafra struggle.

I am an Amakiri my foot. Cibi Dabo


A Challenge To Asari Dokubo

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Asari Dokubo 18

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