A Message to Niger Delta Youths By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

A Message to Niger Delta Youths By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

To the Niger Delta youths who have been prisoners of hate indoctrination targeted at their Igbo neighbors, I leave this message today - By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

The Biafra restoration movement led by Nnamdi Kanu under IPOB is undoubtedly a heterogeneous Biafra where Biafra will include South East and South South States and other Igbo communities that was included into states outside these two geopolitical regions, excluding Edo State.

We have been reading all sorts of write ups which continue to present the Igbo as trying to annex Niger Delta into their Biafra. The last I read on this issue stated that Niger Delta problem is not the HausaFulani who from hundreds of miles have taken control of oil wells, pollutes waters and agricultural lands, but Igbos who have no control over the government and never the creators of many unfair policies against them. The writer refused to see that the people he accuse are themselves victims too. 

I noticed that some Niger Delta youths have been made to see lies as truth and truth as lies. I also noticed that some that were fathers today bought lies and fed the hearts of their sons and daughters with it against their brothers and neighbours, the Igbo people. There is need to reverse this erroneous believe against the Igbo people.

Permit me to intimate you with what you might be missing. Our resolve to have a country with our coastal brothers is not connected with desperation. We have gone a long way together and we fought alongside as equals to avoid extinction from the people that wants to wipe us all.

But the truth is that Igbo people have more than all it takes to be a nation of our own. A prosperous nation at that. Stop thinking what the HausaFulani North wants you to think. They have made you think Igbo people are only in South East. They tell you they are land locked and handicapped and you all believed. They created South East and South South and suddenly you take it as part of us. You now thinks Igbo people are only in what they called South East because some people from the Sahara made it so. We are smarter than this guys. We should stop falling into their divide and rule tactics.

As Igbo people we want the freedom of our entire people. But if our brothers thinks us their problem, then a homogeneous Igbo nation will be most welcomed. As it stands today, Igbos are found in parts of  Delta, Benue, Akwaibom, Bayelsa, Rivers and Kogi States. We all can form a prosperous nation.

There is need to rightly educate the Niger Delta youths, those still prisoners of erroneous indoctrination about what Biafra stands for to know that Biafra is freedom and freedom is Biafra. Biafra have created provinces and every province will be totally in control of whatever belongs to them.

Let oil never ever get into your head because the world is moving out from oil. The same oil are everywhere and should not divide us in this struggle for freedom. Together we will get there, and we can walk away if we desire.


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