A Nigerian Has Observed that Dangote Cement Sells at 400% Overpriced in Nigeria than in Ghana

Dangote's cement is reportedly sold at N800 per bag in Ghana whereas it is sold N2600 per bag in Nigeria despite the fact that the raw materials used in its production are from Nigeria.

What is our offence?

Your offence is calling yourself a nigerian.

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The above is one of the clearest reasons for Biafra. Nigeria is anything goes. People like Dangote can do whatever they like in Nigeria and get away with it. That is why people like Dangote and others are opposing Biafra.

Where’s ECOWAS and their regulations. Nigeria has no such regulations, even if there is a regulation governing this act – it may not be observed.

When Biafra comes, Dangote will have no choice but to sell at the same price he is selling in Ghana otherwise Biafrans will look elsewhere for cement.

Mind you, Dangote pricing strategy is against the law because the company is selling below manufacturing costs. Competitive price policy, dumping or anti-dumping price law is whereby a company is deliberately trying to put other companies out of business. Thus, what Dangote Cement is trying to do is to put other cement companies out of business in Ghana and in so doing have monopoly over Ghana’s cement industry, then increase cement price so high to recoup all the losses made.

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A Nigerian Has Observed that Dangote Cement Sells at 400% Overpriced in Nigeria than in Ghana

Dangote Cement
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