(AGU NA ECHE MBA BIAFRA) BSS Department of Defence BDF

On Memorial Days, we honored and promised the brave ones who served their country with their lives,.
Each year we observe their Memorial we affirmed that we will continue where they stopped and promised them that Biafra must come. They are the heroes of our heritage. whose constancy and courage constitute the bulwark that guards the freedom of this nation and the peace of her people.

Since after the 30th of May 1967 the founding of our great nation United state of Biafra, more than millions of brave biafrans have stepped forward to serve their country in its hours of need, and more than thousands have died also and their childrens.

They gave their lives in the Declaration of Independent of nation they love so much, this brave land of the rising sun Biafra. Independence of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This men and women in this Defence institution came from every corner of United state of Biafra and every walk of life - each different, each an individual who made a choice to serve with their different opinion, yet all shared the same dream of freedom that will gave birth to our Nation and carried the light of liberty to millions of biafrans across the globe.

Brave to our fallen heroes who have fought and died defending our great Nation Biafra and Biafra must be free
keep the fire burning the brave ones that are still alive May chukwu okike Abiama bless the United State of Biafra.

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(AGU NA ECHE MBA BIAFRA) BSS Department of Defence BDF

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