AREWA Quit Notice to Biafrans- A Heavenly Orchestrated Agenda

AREWA Quit Notice to Biafrans- A Heavenly Orchestrated Agenda

Written By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers.
30 July 2017

I have never said anything concerning the trending quit notice given to Biafrans living in  Northern Nigeria (Arewaland), due to the intensive and extensive research I have been conducting concerning this very docket. Before I proceed, please do not be deceived or listen to the garbage the Arewa hypocritical elites and leaders are vomiting on the pages of newspapers  on  daily basis.  It is just mere words from the lips and does not  go far beyond the pages of newspapers, because their plans to chase Biafrans out of their land were concluded and sealed with an oath.

The Arewas have  hearts of Stones fertilized with chronic hatred, watered with envy and jealousy, characterised by severe anger which can at the slightest provocation, be harvested with your heads and precious blood. You must understand that the Arewas cannot put together in words the level of hatred the have for Biafrans, because it is too chronic and beyond human description.

Believe it or not, they are not the ones asking you to go home, it is Chukwuokikeabiama, your creator who made you an embodiment of wisdom and a citadel of sparking intellectual decorum. He (Chukwuokikeabiama) cherishes and admires Biafrans more than any other race  on earth. It is never Chukwuokikeabiama's will that the precious and innocent blood of Biafrans continue to be wasted by the Nigeria vampires; but He has allowed some things to happen because he wanted to punish us for going against His will and commandments. It is a clarion call and the wish of Chukwuokikeabiama, the supreme creator of heavens and earth that you, Biafrans living in Arewa land(northern Nigeria) should come back home safely and peacefully because, your stay in a foreign land where He scattered you in which you suffered chronic humiliation and pains has expired.

However, it is important to note that the Arewas knew with every sense of conviction that the appointed time for you to go is now, and of course they cannot do anything to hold you back.

The message from Heaven (the quit-notice) had been on the table of the Arewas long time ago but they ​ refused to act on it believing that they would continue to hold down Biafrans in this bondage called Nigeria.  They could not  act on the message  as delivered to them because they were not  convinced that Biafrans were ready to leave because of the huge investments in their land. They had always believed that Biafrans would not leave the North (Arewaland) because they have invested much in their land  and cannot afford to loose their investments.

Meanwhile, the 100% compliance to IPOB sit-at-home exercise left the Arewas heartbroken and in total absurdity, that they are now fully aware that Biafrans are no longer interested in the bondage called Nigeria. The Arewas are now more than convinced that Biafra restoration is imminent and cannot be stopped, and are left with no other option than to deliver and implement the message from Heaven (The Quit-notice). The fact remains that there is  time for everything as stated in the Bible. Hence, now is the appropriate time for Biafrans​ to go home.  Biafrans, please forget about your property in their land, for your creator allowed you build it there for a purpose which will be revealed as I continue to write this article.

Biafra must be restored and those who have oppressed her people must severely pay for the pains and agony that Biafrans  went through  in their hands. The fact remains that God is the greatest whose dominion and supremacy reigns above all both in the Heavens and the earth and as such does his things the way it pleases him without being questioned by mortal or immortals. The property of Biafrans in Arewa land or any other part of Nigeria will be used by the Almighty God to punish and judge the oppressors of his chosen people (Biafrans).

As revealed by the spirit, the Arewas will fight and kill themselves​ over the   investments of Biafrans in their land. On the process of sharing them, there will be a lot of casualties in Arewa land when Biafrans had left in peace, ranging from starvation, hunger death and disdain amongst others. In fact, the Arewas will live to regret their evil actions against the people of Biafra. There will be an unsolvable problems that will erupt in Arewa land and other parts of Nigeria where Biafrans had left their immovable investments. Uncountable lives will be wasted, of which all measures applied to cub it will prove abortive and will only be resolved by God himself.

Biafrans, should therefore rejoice because your creator  has remembered you and has vowed to bless you beyond your imagination. He, Chukwuokikeabiama has promised to multiply in million folds whatever that is in your hands when you return to the land he promised and gave our forefathers.

Just as He did it to Israel in the past whose origin you are  traceable to! He has vowed to even do more for you because He (God) cherishes you more than any other race on earth. Do not forget that: "blessed is he that enlarges the tribe of GAD".

Rejoice Biafrans and come back to your promise land for it is time to possess your possessions!

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba.

The Biafra Herald



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