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We are delighted that you are interested to know about us otherwise you wouldn't be reading this page now. We hope you will accept our greetings and appreciativeness for talking about ourselves.

Igbo Focus is all about Igbo people and the community. Igbo people will reap absolutely the full benefit of the Igbo Focus while those, none Igbo people will acquire valuable information and better understanding of Igbo people and the community.

We set sight on to structure Igbo Focus website in a way that once you are at the site you will feel at home that is if you’re an Igbo person but if you’re not Igbo person, you will still be able to enjoy the site. In view of that, the site is for those wishing to access Igbo news, information, entertainment and much more.

Igbo Focus which commenced in the beginning of the millennia or to be precise 2000 to facilitate Igbo people’s correlated longings, news, information and awareness.


Our founder have been a member and executive member of numerous Igbo organisations such as Igbo Union, Ohanaeze, Igbo community unions, etc., but found many of them are not encouraging the development and improvement of Igbo people especially in Igbo culture, news, children education, Igbo language training, development, etc. And in year 2000, our founder decided to establish Igbo Focus to promote and encourage everything of Igbo culture and traditions.

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Since commencement, Igbo Focus has been publishing community news, children books, creating videos, online news, messages and guidance. Igbo focus in anticipation desired to continue all the above and much more especially escorting those young Igbos born in Europe to visit Igbo land.


Igbo Tours


Though money is the essence and impediment, otherwise Igbo Focus anticipated of arranging various tours to Igbo land and very similar tours from Igbo land to other counties, thus boosting tourism industry in Igbo land.


Igbo Products’ Marketing

As mentioned above, money is the essence and impediment, otherwise Igbo Focus anticipated of Igbo products’ marketing.

Along these lines, Igbo Focus continually is improving networks of announcements with every Igbo person, despite the fact perfecting best method of communications as well as adding new functionality and feature of technology - videos, website and social media.


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