Another Victim Of Operation Python Dance III: Army Officer Kills A Biafran In Obigbo Rivers State

Family Writers Press can authoritatively report that the murderous Islamic Fulani Fundamentalist Nigerian army officer, has shot dead, a Biafran at Obigbo, Rivers State, Biafraland. According to our correspondent, the trigger-happy Nigerian soldier amongst the marauding lot who are needlessly occupying Biafraland in their yet to be announced evil military expedition tagged "Operation Python Dance III", summarily shot to death, this promising young fellow who wanted to intervene in the case of another who was undergoing severe torture in the hands of the soldiers.

The report has it that one of the desperate but trigger-ready soldiers, brazenly looking for innocent civilians to kill, firstly slapped the deceased for daring to question the rationale behind the excessive manhandling of his Biafran brother. Before he could make a response, the grossly uncultured, blood tasty Fulani Nigerian soldier, pulled the trigger and shot the victim dead instantly at a close range.

These persistent, senseless killings of unarmed innocent Biafran citizens are the reasons precipitating the widespread condemnation of the military occupation of Biafraland, a relatively peaceful region by the Fulani Islamic Fundamentalist Nigerian Government where there exists no report of civil unrest nor armed rebellion. As at the time of filing in this report, the senseless and unprovoked killing of this young man is gravely raising dust within Obigbo and it's environs.

It is important that human rights organisations globally, compel the Nigerian government to accord respect to known international laws protecting human rights by withdrawing without further delay, all these terroristic soldiers from the streets and motorways across Biafraland. There is virtually no insurrection anywhere that will warrant this spate of harassments, molestations and killings by this occupational military.

More details coming soon!

Christopher Otu Ezeali
Reporting For Family Writers Press
From Obigbo, Rivers State



Victims Of Operation Python Dance III

Victim of Operation Python Dance III 1
Victim of Operation Python Dance III 2
Victim of Operation Python Dance III 3

Another Victim Of Operation Python Dance III: Army Officer Kills A Biafran In Obigbo Rivers State

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