Around the World Today, People Demean Nigeria Due to Nigeria’s Self-inflicting Actions

Around the World Today, People Demean Nigeria Due to Nigeria’s Self-inflicting Actions

Sometimes things need to be said in order to clear the air. Long ago, even now we used to be political correct and in so doing, many people have taken advantage of that “as they do, nobody would talk.” Political correctness is now becoming a thing of the past as more people are openly ready to talk on what they see. One can no longer turn blind eye when they see corruption, Boko Haram or Fulani Herdsmen slaughtering people and refuses to talk.

In Nigeria especially, politicians, corrupt individuals, the presidency, etc., all are carrying out self-inflicting actions, harming the nation, hoping that people around the world will see their actions and remain mute.

The worst offender is the Nigeria government who liar virtually about everything. When Boko Haram is still active, they will tell us they have “subdued” them? When Fulani Herdsmen are slaughtering people, they call it “adventure” and when Biafrans demonstrate for referendum, they call it “terrorism.”  “Nigeria is the worst place to live” according to American public.

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron once said “Nigeria is fantastically corrupt.” The US President, Donald Trump said “the country is a shitehole.” Bill Gate, the software giant has said his own. Now, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister has specified in a National Briefing today claiming that Nigeria is the core and reason for worldwide terrorism and corruption!

Very soon the world leaders will be telling us one by one what they think of Nigeria, although many of them still maintain the political correctness.

Hence, Nigerian politicians, corrupt individuals, the presidency, etc., all think that the world is not watching and taking notes of all their activities - be warned.

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