At Last, Trump Wins Over Bad Eggs

President Donald Trump 2
Trump in Control

Let us hope that Trump Derangement Syndrome patients finally heal from their 3 year old incurable sickness after receiving the newest prescription last night.

Mr Trump and the rest of us prayed for this moment to come and so they may probably go to sleep. Sleep eluded them for 3 years. Satan plotted evil tirelessly in the garden while men sleep and for years, could not stop. They grinded teeth, concerted evil and attacked angrily. No advise fell into their sick ears.  Watching Nadler and Shift is like watching some wicked old African who wake up early morning to visit a native doctor's shrine and with an intent to kill an innocent young relative.

For months I wondered the kind of danger these men would be if they had access to Ota pia pia native doctors. But one thing that wicked people do not remember is that the evil men and women do live with and after them. I hard to age gracefully when your heart is filled with hate. 

So, as we predicted and prayed for, they and their new young women recruits finally came to  conclusion of their role. That is the farthest their power could go. DEAD OF NANCY, SHIFT AND NADLER POWER. They cannot go any further. 

Now, power is shifted to a superior power; those whom we do not see everyday but the real people that has the final say: SENATE 

I don't know why this process even dragged for so long. We should have let them just drive to this end a long time ago and get their papers shredded at the Senate corridor, long ago. 

This is true: 

Whom God has blessed, no man can dethrone and unbless. Blessing comes from God. Wickedness and hate, anger and bitterness comes are evil seeds from Satan. 

Trump is still the United States President. He will continue to rule over Nancy and Nadler and Shift and Hilary and the little new babies in their household. 

TRUMP rally last night was filled to the brink. The 9000 capacity stadium in Michigan was overflowing. People waited for hours in the Michigan cold winter to see DJT shred the bitter democrats. Boy! Did he? Trust him. He even helped them announce the impeachment result before they did. 

That is what makes TRUMP different.

He only looks bad on drive by media. Other than than the media, America is working just fine and better than it was in the past 30 years.

  • Economy is booming. Best numbers in 70 years 
  • New NAFTA deal announced 
  • China deal practically done
  • Wall still getting built 
  • Jobs like no other time ever in USA 
  • Tax cut done...better than anything we have ever seen
  • Stock market beating records and 
  • Economic doom and inflation  predictions by liberal leaning economists keep failing over and over again. They keep selling fears into pple but economy keep getting stronger 
  • Climactic change scare has not shown us that this year is warmer than 50 years ago 
  • Gas prices down in U.S. than 4 years ago.
  • Lowest black and Hispanic unemployment in U.S. history 
  • Prison reform...ex-convicts can now work in USA. Never happened before in U.S. and since 90s when Clinton’s LOCK THEM UP policy put 80% of black men in jail.
  • No more ISIS beheading American heads on t.v. since TRUMP became leader 
  • Veterans receiving better care than ever before 
  • Israel capital moved to Jerusalem  ...he made right what 4 presidents b4 him promised and failed to do.
  • North Korea no longer throwing weekly bombs and threatening to blow up the world.
  • Russia tamed and Iran on the brink of total economic collapse 
  • Not single war. No African President has been killed and no embassy or mall has been bombed.
  • Police no longer shoot black men everyday (except by accident) ...unlike they were 4 years ago. 

So, what did TRUMP do to Liberal democrats?

A. He challenges the establishments that he can do without them. He was with them before and he was a good man then. They dinned together. He was the godfather. 

Jesse Jackson once called TRUMP, Black man's best friend. Is live on YouTube. He won humanitarian awards from minorities when he was member of the establishment. TRUMP was crowned. 

The establishment own all the media networks and telecoms around the world.

The establishment include: 

War financiers who sponsor conflicts  and dictate who rules , who lives, who dies, what prices we buy thngs, what kind of sickness should be introduced in Africa and what kinds of drugs, which nation suffers and which leader goes.

Example: since TRUMP got in office, have you heard of any rapid human ethnic cleansing diseases like Ebola? Those are man-made. They come as experiments. Africans are animals. 

Whatever happened to all those dangerous ravaging African diseases? How come they are all gone in TRUMP time? 

Have you PEOPLE forgotten so quickly? 

TRUMP is bad on TV but how come a mad man is able to tame the dangerous tigers of this earth? Nile disease, Ebola and, even HIV AIDS 

The establishment is In favour of abortion and gay lesbianism because it is business And it is way they control population and lifestyle. If they can control you with any type of sweet agenda, they make money. 

To ensure power, the establishment use the media to demonize and harass any opposition. TRUMP is the hardest opposition. And his supporters are targets.

The establishment own insurance companies and hospitals. They own drugs and own factories. They own women bodies because they control women minds.

They own internet and control Hollywood. They control sex and decide what clothes you wear. Their lobbyists work with lawmakers.....and TRUMP is the nemesis 

They run court system and drug cartels.

The common man in America and on social media knows nothing. People are educated and schooled morons. The average black person is stupid. He thinks he knows.

TRUMP is the gate man who now stands against whatever the establishments stand for. He is the #1 public enemy. The foe…all the morons of this earth who are under the influence of TV and TV shows hate TRUMP.  And it is impossible to teach them because the media has poisoned them. They will attack, insult and curse even mock you. 

Yet, TRUMP stands. And will continue to rule.






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