Awolowo Generated Unscrupulous Faults to Hinder Advancement of Nigeria

Awolowo nailed the coffin on the progress of Nigeria when he foolishly and shamelessly accepted position of Federal Commissioner of Finance from Gowon who was his sons age mates.

All Awolowo achievements were negative and subjective in that era . They were -:

STARVATION of 14 million Eastern Nigerians and the death from Kwashiorkor of 3million especially women and children.

REPARATION against Eastern Nigerians by stealing their millions in exchange for 20pounds.

INDIGENIZATION POLICY that sold blue chip companies only to his Yoruba kinsmen. They eventually crashed the companies and destroyed Nigeria industrial base.

RESOURCE CONTROL removal which was at 50% by the 1963 Constitution but after tinkering by Awolowo became 0%.

TREASONABLE FELONY by Awo was the first coup in Nigeria especially by a civilian and it predated the January 15, 1966 coup which was initiated to make Awolowo Prime Minister of Nigeria according to his kinsman and major coupist Major Adewale Ademoyega who wrote the book WHY WE STRUCK. 

—By Victor Wilberforce

Disclaimer: the opinion is solely that of the author as stated.

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