BIAFRA: IPOB Chose To Uphold Integrity While Ohanaeze Was Perfecting To Sabotage Biafra

BIAFRA: IPOB Chose To Uphold Integrity While Ohanaeze Was Perfecting To Sabotage Biafra

Author : Chukwudi Okeze 
Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
17, Aug 2018

As part of my resolve to contribute to so controversial issues emanating within the terrain of the Biafran people, I diligently decided to put up this piece to digest certain issues that have formed a cankerworm in this struggle. Recently, the self-styled leaders of a socio-cultural group of the Igbo people referred to as (Ohaneze Ndi Igbo) and their leaders of thought, decided to make a resolve and sign on a peaceful coexistence between them and IPOB represented by a distinguished person with the aim of creating a better alliance and working together. This very move was proved much unsuccessful because of the inability of the elders to meeting up with the demands and requests made by the people of IPOB through their representatives, I wish to reflectively draw to the awareness of the public how these Ohaneze Ndi Igbo elites have covertly wished to sell off the wills and integrities of Biafrans who they claimed over the past years to represent but have done so by enriching themselves and watching Biafrans marginalized, killed and repeatedly dehumanized in the evil contraption called Nigeria . In every kindred, community, state, country and even continents, the youths of those particular places are seen as the strength, rights, and wills. They are the ones who protect the geographical placement of a particular country or nation. They are been recruited to the military to fight against external infiltrators and predictors. The volunteer their whole self, sacrifice their lives, shed their blood and most times even goes naked on the streets just to make sure that members of the people in their nation obtain peace and safety.

Youths raise strong vital goals and opinions, present them to their elders, also help them to enact and achieve those goals and opinions successfully. In fact, the youths are always the pillar of a particular country and nation. Without the presence of the youths in a country, that every country will be absolutely worthless. These youths could be rated from the age of 18 to 45 or most times even 50.
In the representation of a particular country internationally over the participation of some sensitive activities such as sports, athletics, war, technology exploitation, freedom fighting, and even peacekeeping movements. The youths are always at the forefront of all these activities. Why does Ohaneze Ndi Igbo think that Biafrans are not in the right position to make their own decisions and take what rightfully belongs to them? In the days when South Africa was been subjugated, marginalized, humiliated and dehumanized, it was a youth that stood his ground and said no to those inhuman attributes exacted on them by their oppressors. But coming to the people of Biafrans, their own case will always be different. Nelson Mandela was a youth when he raised up the idea of their freedom, he was never opposed nor suppressed by their elders, rather, they welcomed the idea and helped him push on with it which resulted to present South Africa every one knows and talks about now. Martin Luther King was also a youth when he fought for the black race in the western world. Martin Luther was never opposed by the elders of the black folks existing within them as at then. Why then should the case of the Biafran people lead by IPOB be different? I am not writing this very piece to ask the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo to turn around from their evil ways, rather, I just wish to let them know the kind of power vested upon the youths of a particular race or descendants by nature to help protect and uphold the certain dignity of a community or a country. It will always remain a sacrilege and a taboo that the youths of a particular ethnicity cannot stand up to their feet and say


no to unimaginable maltreatment, subjugation, and marginalization melted upon them and their brothers by so many oppressors, even when their elders would rise up against them and connive with the enemy to subdue them. A socio-cultural organization of a particular group or ethnicity filled up with elders and elites, are meant to stand in protecting the interest and will of their own people without thinking twice. They help them fight for their rights, stand in their wills and achieve their desire with no fear nor seeking a favour. But today, the reversed has been the case. Ohaneze Ndi Igbo have consistently wished to be very irresponsible on all the matters that concern their own people. Pathetical in nature, inconsistent, nor realistic and hypothetically hypocrites whenever it comes to the things of their own people. On August 2016, these group of elders lead by Chief Nnia Nwodo, begun withholding his so-called peacekeeping summits, with the aim of silencing the dreams, vision, and ideas of Biafrans Which apparently is two years gone now. Nina Nwodo stated it clear that he with never support the idea of his Biafra and that if actually, Ipob is seeking for a total freedom, that he will absolutely stand to be a saboteur. Nnia Nwodo who is the leader of the socio-cultural group of Ndi Igbo which is popularly known as Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo single-handedly sold off the rights of the Biafra people to their enemies. He sponsored and floated an FM radio with some compromised elements in IPOB, as if not satisfied with his onslaught on Biafrans He singlehandedly connived with the government of Nigeria and told them that what Biafrans are fighting and clamoring for, are all out of the contest and that they are the elders of the land and therefore do not support their motives. The same person conceived and invited the Nigerian government with their armouries and murdered Biafrans in large numbers. The same disgruntled Ohaneze Ndi Igbo under the leadership of Nnia Nwodo saw the very situation and sufferings of their own people, all they could do was to run so quick and labelled them terrorists, prescribed their activities just to silence the very same people they claim to represent. On September 14th, 2017, these same elders invited the Nigerian military with their armouries to invade and raid the entire house of a king in Biafra land wherein the left hundreds of souls of the Biafran youths, men and women lifeless and sent to their early graves. How many shall we talk about, how many shall we not talk about. The whole truth is that the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo have done much harm and no good even to Biafrans in connivance with the Buhari led Nigeria Government.

They know full well that the idea of restructuring and true federalism have long failed, yet they kept bringing up the idea just to achieve their own selfish aim and purposes. How can a man choose to prefer his investments, houses, cars and maybe even companies over the lives of millions of people who worth far greater than that thing? Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo and their cohorts have actually failed Biafrans. Therefore time has come when Biafrans shall hold them to ransom and request from them the accountability of the services they have rendered to Biafrans in general.
We shall no more keep silent for our future is our pride. Give us a date for a referendum and then go ahead with your restructuring to the North and West,

~ Biafra Telegraph





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