BIAFRA: President Buhari and His Butchers

By Charles Ogbu
Published Family Writers
3rd December 2016

There is something fundamentally criminal about an army which killed not less than 150 of her own unarmed citizens, burned their bodies in a desperate bid to destroy evidence of the heinous crime, poured acid on survivors to 'gift' them with a very slow but painful death

And, Few days after the damning report of this despicable act was released by the Global Right body, Amnesty International, the same army proceeded to launch another murderous taskforce known as "Operation Python Dance" against the same unarmed citizens over 150 of whom it just massacred and at a time when most indigenes of that region would travel home for Christmas.

Certainly, this cannot be the army any right thinking person should be proud to associate with.

Any president under whom over 150 unarmed citizens were massacred in a day, not by some natural disaster nor by some terrorist group but by a national army that is equipped, trained and being paid with the tax payers money and effectively under his command, such a president cannot in good conscience be referred to as 'Your Excellency'. There is nothing excellent about such a man. He is better known as a Murderer-In-Chief of his own people and the army is better referred to as a murderous gang.

In a world peopled by honorable men and women where justice means anything, such a president and the army chief who supervised this grave moral tragedy would be facing trial for crime against humanity and state-sponsored terrorism right about now.

Why is President Muhammadu Buhari hellbent on creating terrorists out of law-abiding citizens??

Why is the Nigerian army competing with boko haram and the fulani herdsmen over who will outdo the other in killing innocent citizens??

The Shiites are being killed by the army, the IPOB members are being killed by the army, the aforementioned groups do not bear arm,

But, In thesame country, the fulani herdsmen regarded as the 4th deadliest terror group in the whole world by the Global Terror Index, are being protected by a high powered military taskforce inaugurated by the president a day after these fulani terrorists killed over 81 people in Benue state.

And, Fighters from the boko haram sect regarded as the deadliest terror group in the world are being released from prison back into the society even when the so called war on terror is still ongoing while those of them still killing and maiming innocent citizens already have a juicy amnesty package waiting for them whenever they grow tired of killing.

Which kind of a people condone this degree of grave injustice and moral tragedy?

Why are Nigerians letting president Buhari run a murderous govt??

Who is Buhari if not an employee of the Nigerian people??

Our conspiracy of silence over these killings is simply criminal!

A govt should be protecting its own people, not killing them. This president and his killing machines are feeding off our fears. And these fears are mostly unjustified.

There comes a time in every man's life when he must garner the needed courage and confront his demons. For us here, that time is now!

Showing respect to a man who want nothing but the annihilation of your kind is the height of insult you can give to yourself!

This president and his killing machines are on a mission, to kill and destroy.

Our choices are either to cower in fear of arrest by his attack dogs or confront our fears by exposing these blood-thirsty vampires for who they really are.

And if you think it doesn't concern you because it is the turn of the Igbos today, remember, tyranny knows its way home.

Tomorrow might just be your turn.

Speak out against this systematic genocide going on against the people of southern kaduna by Elrufai/Buhari's militia. Speak out against the killing of the pro-Biafran guys by Buhari's thugs. Condemn the ongoing attempt by Buhari's army to create terrorists out of the Al-Zakzakky-led Shiites. Do not wait to be personally affected before you condemn evil.

Our conspiracy of silence over these killings is becoming more nauseating than the actual killings, themselves.

It is high time we stopped aiding and abetting evil with our silence.

This country would be destroyed not by Buhari and his murderous gang but by our failure to resist them and stand up to their evil.

Between a Buhari who is nothing but our employee with soldiers that are not up to 10% of the entire population, and we the citizens who are in our millions, who should fear who??????

- The Biafra Herald

BIAFRA: President Buhari and His Butchers

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