Biafra: An Open Letter To Justice Hajiya Binta F M Nyako Buhari's Sister Whom He Appointed As A Trial Judge On Nnamdi Kanu's Case

Justice Hajiya Binta
5th November 2016

Dear justice Binta, I am writing this open letter to you as regards to your appointment to handle Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's case whom your brother Buhari the Nigeria president appointed you as a trial Judge as John Tosho hands off.  It is noticed that you, Justice Hajiya Binta Nyako who is the fourth wife of the former governor of Adamawa state, vice Admiral Murtala Nyako is a sister to Muhammad Buhari from the same Kastina state, and Buhari who is looking for a judge who will judge on his favour over Nnamdi Kanu's case has handed the case over to you in order for you to judge in his favour.

I don't have a personal grudges against you as regards to this case but I must tell you that the world has started reading meanings into the first move you have made so far concerning the case by fixing the federal high court date exactly the same date ECOWAS court fixed their own date which is November 8th, 2016.  This is a sign of unfair Justice to come. The case of Nnamdi Kanu was assigned to you by your brother Muhammad Buhari the president of Nigeria after the harassment and intimidation of the judges who was working hard to see that issues of injustice in Nigeria is being addressed. The world has also noticed that you Justice Binta was appointed to handle Kanu's case in order to judge in favour of Buhari who is looking for all means to jail Kanu who committed no crime.

Indigenous people of Biafra including the world have known you as an erudite judge who is going to be bias in the case of Nnamdi kanu. I want to recall to you that male judges has been involved in this Kanu’s case and later backed off. Justice John Tosho is a typical example. From the very day justice Tosho involved himself in Kanu's case is the day he killed his carrier.  You should know that Kanu's case is a delicate case that any judge appointed to handle it should trade with care because the international community is watching with kin interest and as well has beamed their satellite towards it.

I know that as a matter of fact you are going to dance to the tune of your brother Buhari or to judge in favor of him, but I tell you  that any slightest mistake you made towards this case will tarnish your image completely till eternity. And all the years you have spent to acquire this profession will be a waste. Indigenous people of Biafra will not take it lightly with you if you happen to be bias in this case, what we are asking is fair play, allow justice to prevail, the world knows that self determination is not a crime, one person in other hand can never commit treason.  Is better you look before you leap or you stand a chance of killing your carrier which you suffered to acquire, to be fore warn is to be fore armed.  You have started showing a sign of biasness in this case since you have impetus to fix the federal high court date to conflict with that of ECOWAS which they fixed before the federal high court’ s date.

Nigeria government has no case against the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra mazi Nnamdi kanu, neither have they any witness against him. And on several occasions has federal high court granted him unconditional release which Buhari your brother has refused to obey.  And to that effect, Buhari has handed the case over to you with the intention for you to jail Nnamdi kanu whom heaven and earth knew he committed no crime.  But I am telling you that will be the worst mistake you will ever make, so better rethink or wash your hands off the case before it is too late for you. I wonder what again you have come to judge since other competent judges has initially ruled the case by granting Mazi  Nnamdi KANU unconditional release.

Buhari and his government should as a matter of fact accept defeat since they have failed to provide witness even with those on mask to testify against Kanu. The case that other judges has ruled and removed their hands is what you have involved yourself into, the world are watching!  I want to also let you know that Biafra is an Ideology that cannot be defeated and everything the Prisoner of Conscience Mazi  Nnamdi Kanu is doing concerning this self determination  is in line with the United Nations law.  And again, bear this in mind that your brother Muhammad Buhari the Nigeria president who is charging mazi Nnamdi kanu with a treason felony is a coup plotter. Buhari overthrew an elected government of Shegun Shagari in 1984 and since that time to now he is walking freely of which if Nigeria is not a zoo country, where lawlessness is the order of the day  Buhari your brother would have been in jail by now.  Muhammad Buhari your brother has also committed a lot of atrocities against humanity right from the onset till date and evidences are there to tell. So if you eventually dance on his tune, your own has finished.  For you will not only bring calamity upon yourself but to your family and generation because IPOB and Biafrans must make sure that they followed you to the last letter.

You should also know that the issue of restoration of Biafra which Buhari your brother ignited by kidnapping Nnamdi Kanu is an ordained project by God himself and also a task that must be accomplished no matter how long it takes. So therefore I advised you not to look on any body's face in standing by the truth and fair judgment over this case so that your prestige and dignity as a lawyer will not be drawn to the mud.  Ask Justice John Tosho and he will tell you better because he is a typical example to that.  A word is enough for the wise. Nnamdi committed no crime take note of that self determination is international law which Nigeria is signatory to. I just want to make a common sense!




Biafra: An Open Letter To Justice Hajiya Binta F M Nyako Buhari's Sister Whom He Appointed As A Trial Judge On Nnamdi Kanu's Case

Justice Hajiya Binta
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