Biafra: Britain’s New Evil Plans Against Biafra Loading; Will Soon Wake A Sleeping Giant

By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers
7th April 2017

In an attempt to understand the split personality of the average British official, a Biafran wondered: “How do they (British officials) succeed in playing saints at home but devils abroad?”

He was reacting to British High Commissioner in Nigeria, Paul Arkwright, who said his country was firm in its support for one Nigeria. He was speaking at a public lecture entitled “Brexit: Lessons, Challenges and Opportunities for Nigeria” which was held at Nigerian University at Lokoja, Niger State.

His hypocrisy was stinking apparent – he loved Brexit, but abhorred Biafrexit. A compromised British idiot, who did not see anything wrong with Britain being allowed to exit European Union (EU); or Britain not threatening Scotland wanting to exit Britain, thought he would faze Biafrans with his warped logic.

Somebody should tell him that Biafrans have gone beyond that level where they could be fazed by the worlds of some racists sent to Africa to entrench British evil. Biafrans do not need his support or that of his evil Britain to exit Nigeria. The fact remains that no serious country in this modern era takes Britain serious on any issues. The country’s ignoble roles in history stand out like a sore thumb.

The man from Britain tried to advice his audience by saying that the unity of Nigeria should not be negotiable, stressing that the country would be better under than one umbrella. It is apparent the man did not know that only dumb Nigerians inhabiting the zoo they call a country can take that insult. The only explanation for a man from Britain coming to Africa to advise Africans is because the people he is advising are daft, monkeys and baboons; and do not reason.

Part of his words also read: “The strength of Nigeria is not in her money or oil but her greatest asset remains her well-endowed and resourceful people”. Who did he think would be deceived by his lying words here? The interest is neither that of Biafrans nor that of those who call themselves Nigerians. The interest is solely that of Britain, and they want the situation in Nigeria to continue, which is a situation where they foist nonentities like Muhammadu Buhari, who would foolishly allow them to steal his country blind.

At this juncture, we can only promise Arkwright that nemesis will soon catch up with him. It is always one thing to be bribed in Nigeria, and entirely a different thing when nemesis strikes. Remember David Cameron, how he was compromised and he went about claiming to organize an anti-corruption summit in London, which we knew was a stunt to paint corrupt Buhari to the world as an anti-corruption superstar.

Cameron was disgraced out of office, and so will it happen to Arkwright. He has touched the tail of the tiger; he will soon see his own humiliation as the spirit of Biafra will descend on him.

We are not unaware of the new plot going on, which is the plot to kill Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). We are not unaware that Arkwright’s statement was a harbinger of plans to kill the Biafran leader in prison. We can only advice Arkwright and his government not to go ahead with the plan because 1967-1970 is not the same thing as 2017.



Biafra: Britain’s New Evil Plans Against Biafra Loading; Will Soon Wake A Sleeping Giant

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