Biafra: Justice Binta Asabe Nyako; For The First Time Dances Naked In An Open Court

■ Author: Benjamin Kish
■ Retweet: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 21st March 2017

Is she drunk, is this madness, this is nothing but an incurable lunacy. BINTA Nyako a judge presiding over the Biafran leader's case chose to draw the indigenous people of Biafra into an epic bush man's war.

A woman who is not fit enough to be a village counselor in Biafraland is saddled with handling a case of God's people, the wise men from the east. Today, she stripped herself and danced naked in an open court.

Her Islamic masters, not the law had thought her to insist on the use of masquerade ( secret witness) against someone accused openly.

She claimed that the witness is a government official who should be protected by the government he works for against future attacks. If that is the case then, She herself, including all the prison warders, useless DSS, and every other officer on government payroll must wear a mask to protect them against future attacks.

Again, the uninformed judge said, only the lawyers representing Dr. NNAMDI KANU and other Biafrans with him can see the face of the masquerade (secret witness). What is then the guarantee that the legal practitioner will not reveal the face he sees to his client?

From the beginning, precisely on the 14th of October, 2015 the DSS had thought that they had caught a notorious criminal like them, when they kidnapped the Biafran leader from his hotel room, the DSS got disappointed having found no substantial evidence  to nail him thus allowing two courts of competent jurisdiction to release him unconditionally.

THE NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL who has the right to take a critical decision in a matter of Nigerians interest said through the Islamic ghost shadow called MOHAMADU BUHARI that if NNAMDI KANU has no case to answer, we will cook up one against him.

11 trumped up charges has since been cooked up against him based on the security council's demand. They are the highest decision makers in the zoo called Nigeria, membership includes all the ex-heads of states, with all the 36 states governors including Abuja, ironically, five heads of States comes from the Islamic northern Nigeria, two from Yoruba heathen tribes while only one is a Biafran.

Out of the 36 state governors, 25 will readily support whatever decision the north takes, while 6 from BIAFRALAND because of federal allocations reluctantly question the northern decision yet, will still play along.

You see, it is always a matter of voice vote, how many of you here want Nigeria to be disintegrated? What you will get is a pin drop silence, then another question, how many of you will want indivisible and indissoluble Nigeria, then all will chorus with a deafening noise YES I do.

Since the security council with all the British support failed to nail Dr. NNAMDI KANU, they resorted in a stage-managed prison jailbreak, shooting aimlessly in other to assassinate. Food poisoning was also used, trumped up allegations that Dr. NNAMDI KANU wanted to escape on their way back to prison after a court session, just to kill him claiming exchange of gunfire all failed.

Just last week, a section of kuje prison housing the cells of Biafran leader and other Biafrans was purportedly set on fire by an unknown arsonist all this dangerous drama is in a bid to silence him.

Dr. Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafrans are still in detention because T.Y Danjuma, Mr. Yakubu Gowon, Mr. Mathew Olusegun Obasanjo all Christians supported the Islamic terrorist northern Nigeria illegality, being one of those who actually participated in the murder of millions of Biafrans even before Dr. Nnamdi Kanu and most of us were born.

Despite the British supports, no BIAFRAN has any business in detention, while the north floats and parade BOKO HARAM as Fulani herdsmen killing everyone in sight just to feed a cow without arrest or questioning.

I'm saying this here for the indigenous people of Biafra to wake up. Magic an unstoppable strategy on how to free our leader instead of waiting for the AWUSA/Fulani Islamic toads to release him, they have told us that they will not release him,  then let Nigeria burn to ashes.

The UN, EU, AU, ECOWAS and other human right groups know about Nigeria judicial naked dance of Shame with endless kangaroo court adjournment.

The world is expecting the united States under Donald J. Trump to disregard the British hypocrisy and free Biafra from the clutchés of Islamic God forsaken imbeciles.

FREE the Biafran leader and others with him, prove to the whole world that America is now great again.



Edited by Udeagha Obasi

Published by Umuchiukwu Writers




Biafra: Justice Binta Asabe Nyako; For The First Time Dances Naked In An Open Court

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