Biafra: Kama comes for Nigerian Army of shame as they run from pillar to post seeking ways to conceal their atrocities against Biafrans

Biafra: Kama comes for Nigerian Army of shame as they run from pillar to post seeking ways to conceal their atrocities against Biafrans

By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Nigeria Army, its leaders and followers, are shameless, and foolish jokers. For years they have made mockery of soldiering by their actions and conducts. This is an Army that would in a day boast of its intention to crush its own citizens, just for having a differing opinion from the minorities in government, only to turn around the next day to lie against the evils it perpetrated.

This Army lived up to that shameful habit recently when it sent out one of its lying officials in the name of Colonel Aminu Iliyasu (said to be the Deputy Director of Nigerian Army Public Relations). This Iliyasu was shameless enough to deny their atrocious acts of January 20, 2017, which was the killing, maiming and brutalizing of defenseless Biafran youths. The youths were rallying in solidarity with Donald Trump, the United States of America (USA) President, who was being inaugurated on the day. These atrocities were committed at Igweocha, the Rivers State capital, even though the leadership of Indigenous People of Biafra had written the Inspector General of Police and the state police commissioner – intimating them of the rally and requesting protection. But rather than protection, what the people got was gun shots, bayonet cuts and bruising, leading to the death of nothing less than 17 people with scores wounded.

Ilyasu ranted a lot of nonsense, including claims that the Army abided by a Rule of Engagement (ROE) that was given to them. Whatever that means!

That was an Army that has always boasted that it would crush the people. Apart from the Chief of Army Staff, the blood-cuddling maniac, many others below him have made such boasts at different times. Now they are denying, claiming ROE in a purely civil matter.

Incidentally, his words did not cut any ice with the world they were trying to deceive. The world has been showing its outrage. This led to the Defence Ministry dispatching a bigger and higher-ranked liar to the media, to add another spin to their numerous tissues of lies. The bigger liar is Rabe Abubakar (said to be a general at the Defence Ministry). Abubakar in his own lies tried to intimidate Amnesty International (AI), the global human rights group which investigated and reported the atrocities. This is a typical Nigerian government reaction, which is to threaten any individual or group that it could not bribe.

Abubakar had this to say: “Activities of the AI in our nation have shown that it never meant well for Nigeria and the situation is getting clearer to national and international communities what AI is up to.” Imagine an Army engaged in genocide against indigenous peoples within its own (now illegal) borders accusing a body pointing out its atrocities against its own citizens.

The so-called general went on to brand a population of nothing less than 60 million people, Biafrans; who were exercising their right to self-determination, and were not armed or killed anyone, as a terrorist group. This is just nothing but a clear case of labeling a people just to exterminate them. The IPOB that Rabe Mohammed was talking about is a body of Biafrans that is represented in more than 77 countries of the world. It is a body of Biafrans that have, for years, staged peaceful protests and marches without any single report of violence; or anyone of them being arrested.

Nigerian Army aiming and shooting harmless Biafrans

Finding more excuses for his accusations, he said: “This could be corroborated by inherent lopsidedness in the AI’s portrayal of Nigeria, its involvement in local politics and taking side with terrorists and other belligerent groups to cause internal disorder, which no country can tolerate.” Obviously the dunce of a general did not know that self-determination is supported by international law, yet he described it as local politics.

Abubakar also said: “For AI to be making spurious allegations, especially without substantiated and cogent reason, apart from those adduced by the organisation for the reason best known to it and its collaborators, is disturbing and unethical of an international organisation that is supposed to steer clear of local politics and to be seen as maintaining neutrality in its reportage of the countries where it operates.”

Look at who is talking about spurious allegations. Amnesty International have been meticulous in investigating all the reports made of Nigerian Army atrocities against the Biafran people, and the Nigerian Army nor the its Nigerian government had deemed it fit to investigate any. Yet he is the one talking of spurious allegations.

Here we see this poorly-trained image-maker try to use the claim of “internal security” to paper over the issue of human rights and murder of innocent, none violent Biafrans.

Nigeria is a known devil’s enclave and these murders may not mean anything to its wicked population of Fulani, Yoruba and Hausa, but they will pay one day, because Kama will make sure of that.

They have now realized that Abubakar made little impact with his own brand of lies. They have now set up a phantom committee, which they claimed was to investigate the murders they had already branded spurious allegations. Now, who are the people in the committee? They are enemies of Biafra whose would-be verdict is already known. But Biafrans are not moved! It is Biafra or nothing.

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