Biafra: Time To Leave South-South and Move On —By Greatson Chinaka

Biafra: Time To Leave South-South and Move On —By Greatson Chinaka

Written by Greatson Chinaka
15th June 2017

The South-South have always shown Biafra hatred where we give the love;  disgust where we show tolerance. It's time to move on without them please.

Biabra strong man, Nnamdi Kanu

Like I have noted before in several articles and fora, the unnecessary hatred and anger against the Igboman from some other zones of the un-working and unworkable contraption called Nigeria can always be tolerated. Their out bursts are understandable.

What however infuriates my impatience medulla oblancata is when our brothers and kinsmen who have now been unfortunately pushed to the other side of the deliberately designed Regional Creation by the Hausa-Fulani Oligarchs come shamelessly to the open to abuse their FREEDOM agitators.

These numskulls have been brainwashed into believing that Ndigbo were interested in acquiring their oil resources and lands, and i ask: Where is this oil? Where is the land?

For God's case, is there anything meaningful in the South South that cannot be found better in the southeast?

In this era of technological advancement, does Biafra land not possess large reservoir of coal that can power a powerful economy?

Do we not have better land for agricultural activities more than the South South? Please dear South South promoter, what is there you have we cannot or do not have?

Most times, even our brothers from the North would be first to sale such fallacies that Igbo land is landlocked and I only but lough and hoot at their ignorance.

It was Edwin Bishops who in his article queries  as follows:  "Landlocked South vs Deadlocked North Who actually has the padlock?? Who has the keys??"

This Hausa man took a deep cut of his gworo and said to me, "Biafra will be landlocked, over populated, they will lose so much wealth and the separation will most likely be war".

First look at these two scenarios: A Biafra with the South South and another without the South South.


How has landlock stopped a nation from growing in this era of Antonov An-225 Hercules planes that can lift over 450000kg equivalent to almost 2 ships”

And who remembers a SEAPORT in this generation of INTERNET-PORT when 85% of world's transactions are done through high speed broad band Internet.

Gambia, Togo, Benin, Mauritania, Guinea etc. all have unlimited assess to the sea. Ha ji ya mee gini?? Are they in anyway doing better than Rwanda, Botswana and little Djibouti”

In fact Djibouti is servicing 25 African countries with its Antonov plane nicknamed SKY-PORT that covers its most distant point in Africa from Djibouti in 18hrs while it will take 3 days to move a 40ft container from Apapa to Aba.

Rwanda without a Stream-Port or River-Port, not to talk of seaport is Africa's best growing economy!

In Europe, the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) have a peninsulaic access to the sea.

Whenever the storm of recession comes, it first sweeps them into the same damn sea, they are Eurozone weakest nations while landlocked countries like Luxembourg, Austria and Germany are waxing strong.

In Asia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai are not only landlocked but desert locked and how has that affected them?

If the SS is not Biafra, there are various international corridors and laws that can sort things out, not forgetting that a greater communication with that region must cross through the South east (Biafra).

But if the Yoruba republics are declared and the complete anticipated Biafra is pronounced with the SS, then the north is simply DEADLOCKED and then, mallam, I will advise you to chew less of this gworo now, so you can have what to eat then...

On the population, what laws say all Biafrans must live in Biafra land? What percentage even lives in the north? Less than 3%!!!

Yes, when you go to some places in the south east, the population looks like there is a festivity going on but you must admit that the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan has a population of 37 million people and Monaco has a density of 22500 per sq. km.

I don't see people walking on the heads of others there, rather I see a China, India, Japan, USA, Mexico that has harnessed and muscled the strengths of their population into development.

Even Lagos explosively developed due to population increase, that people had to push back the sea.

1000 skyscrapers in Biafra land, in no joke will solve the housing problem of Biafra by 95%! Take this to the bank!

On Biafrans losing their wealth, I need not go outside Nigeria for an answer. In 1970, Biafrans got £20 and in 1975, there were millionaires already in Biafra land, the likes of Chisco, Ekene Dili Chukwu, and Emeka Offor.

And even in 1979, Alex Ekwueme single handedly sponsored NPN to presidency that he was rewarded with a VP seat... Now show me one man, east, south, north and west that is wealthy from all the inheritance of the abandoned property?


The north is still underdeveloped, impoverished and incomparably out of tone with the 21st century.


This defines the sum of the accumulation of the northern cowardice, as if Russia or Yugoslavia broke up through a war. What about Eritrea, Singapore, Malaysia and ongoing Britain and Scotland?

There are more peaceful resolutions to conflicts than the vampire attitudes of the north but let it be clear to you mallam, eshi à muru dike na mba, ka à muru ibe ya!

The problem of the North is that they are brainlocked, spirituallocked, psycholocked, greedlocked, futurelocked, even landlocked and above all DEADLOCKED by their ancestors who have long lost the keys to UNLOCK them.

And yet they want everyone, and regrettably some of our 'identityless' brothers from the South South to synchronize with their backwardness..."

Nnamdi Kanu has shown much tolerance and Leadership/direction to this crowd of cowards from SS that I am here appealing that they be left alone to continue to serve their masters. 

They have always shown hatred where we give the love;  disgust where we show tolerance. It's time to move on without them please.

Ndigbo did not grab their lands.  They sold some of their lands to us and even seized those lands including our properties. We did not snatch their oil wells.

Their masters did and send soldiers to kill their youths after labeling them militants. Their masters killed their activists like Boro, Saro-Wiwa, etc., because Igbo had been powerless to help them after all they rejected Igbo.

Their masters enslaved them, raped their ladies and destroyed their farms and Rivers. Not the Igbo. Igbo only seek to help free them knowing they can't do it alone.

But like some foolish Israelites when Moses and freedom came knocking, remaining in Egypt has become their lazy minds' desire.

Dragging us back is their chief trade in shock. This is why we need to move on and allow them be.

Please give us now Biafra without the South-South except the willing areas.

Greatson Chinaka writes from Dubai, the United Arab Emirate.

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