Biafra: Where Lies the Igbo Elder's Patriotism and Service to Their Youths?

Biafra: Where Lies the Igbo Elder's Patriotism and Service to Their Youths?

By Victoria. O. C. Agangan
For Biafra Writers
7th February 2018

And it stated that, "the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence and only the violent taketh it by force!" Many a times, I hate to accept the truth blatantly glaring in my face but it is simply the truth. The so-called elders of Igboland have failed the youths. They refuse to speak the truth nor stand for it but for tokens exposed their youths to be devoured. What greediness I ask?

The northern leaders' protection of their youths is unwavering, so also has that of the Afenifere/Yoruba elder statesmen remained constant like the northern pole. It is time to take the bull by its horn! Except the strong man is overcomed, the fence of his building cannot be collapsed. The embodiment of Nigeria as it is has all these components of the elders standing up for the rights of their youths even in worst scenarios, but reverse is the case for the Igbo youths.

Like weaklings, the so-called Igbo elders, cowardly hover for cover and peanuts (few coins) and then look away in pretence when evil is being committed against their own. Chai! My people this is very unfair and unthinkable! It is wickedness to have such crop of elders in Biafra land who neither support their own nor consider their wellbeing. Many times I begin to wonder what exactly they think of themselves, exposing their youths to be slaughtered, because they are not courageous enough to take steps in the right direction.

How many times will a coward die before his real death? Death is inevitable, and it behooves me to acknowledge that they are scared of death or what they would lose, when that is a path they are gradually moving towards to. Why is our land replete with traitors as so-called leaders, I will not cease to ask? Is it because we lack the ability to do away with such gabbages? Or the fear to stand for truth or manly weakness? I am bemused. They refused to do the needful in supporting the efforts of the youths in acquiring freedom, but are contented to watch their children brought down to death, this is too unfair!

I hate to be blessed with such weak-minded individuals. I abhor calling them elders because they are complete failures and I am angered each time I think of how they disgrace themselves before their northern Fulani masters whom they always pledge allegiance to. Who are these statesmen and political leaders really? Should we go ahead and look unto them as Biafran youths or resolve to start removing them by ourselves to allow progress and equity? My fellow youths this article is for you! Unless the stench is removed, the smell will persist. How many sacrifices are we going to keep making for this position-seeking overgrown adults?

How long will we allow ourselves to be used as stepping stones for their filthy and inordinate ambitions? The whole of Biafra land is besieged with military personnel and killer herdsmen, yet no one is talking, my people are molested, inflicted, killed as Sheep without Shepherd. Yet they get enriched by our sweat. They cannot get any better idea or project for our future, there is no government established industry in Biafra land, no good roads, no reasonable plan for our posterity, yet, we let them be, why?

Charity, they say begins at home! They sold Mazi Nnamdi Kanu out, the voice who stood out when they could not. Why? They boast of their misdeeds to the chagrin of the young and suffering youths. They feel unconcerned because we have allowed them to be. They give us up for their comfort because we are taking after their gullible ways, why? Biafrans youths why?

It is time we resist and reset our obeisance because our noble literary icon, late Chinua Achebe once wrote that "when things fall apart, the center cannot hold." If only....., I leave the Biafran youths to figure this out. I think we need to purge our systems before we are all totally flushed out of existence. A word is enough for the wise. Biafran youths, this message is for you.




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