By Blessed Orji
For Family Writers
11th April 2016

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of indigenous people of Biafra would say “we are whiter than white, whiter than snow". No falsified charges could be brought against these class of indigenous people of Biafra. Even the enemies of our ancestors and Biafra declared us to be peaceful, quiet, and pious people. Our conglomeration and incessant protests adjudged most serene as enshrined in world Guinness book. Our only offence is our irrevocable decision to get Biafra or die getting Biafra. Our offence is our resolve to live free and worship God according to the dictates of our conscience. Our offence remains the quest for the freedom of our people from economic strangulation, political serfdom, social hatred and neo colonialism.

For these crimes every humiliation, arrest, kidnap, torture, incarceration and death that men or Lucifer could invent has been heaped upon us. When Britain and Nigeria government then led  by YAKUBU GOWON at one time determined to exterminate the indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB) a people they hated with passion, same declaration of freedom was proclaimed by Dim Odumegwu  Ojukwu in 1967. The Indigenous people of Biafra were never accused of being idlers, because we are people of ingenuity and creativity. Our enemies only suspected our ancestors of being mindful of success and ambitious to succeed in all facets of life and in whatever environment they are found. That's why Islamic Nigeria supported by Britain wanted Indigenous people of Biafra crushed like a venomous snake.

The effort at various stages by Nigeria, British government and press to misrepresent the character of indigenous people of Biafra, and our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is to seduce the world to love or cherish this practical evil contraption called “one Nigeria". It is only aimed at sustaining despotism, Britain economic interest and extremely undermines Biafra freedom and restoration.

The attitude of Mumumadu Buhari exciting executive lawlessness, ridiculing the independence of judiciary, rule of law, in refusing to accept and implement the unconditional release of IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; his endeavours to set aside the UN conventional charter, domesticated in 1999 constitution, preached by him in his recent sermon calling for independence of Palestine and western Sahara is misleading the gullible to think Nigeria is habitable or investment friendly. The evidence can be traced from the history of Biafra genocide, pogroms or heinous massacre of Biafrans presently without provocation .

The bokoharam released in drove by Buhari has metamorphosed into Fulani herdsmen. Except the coming of Biafra is marked with a tensed revolution such as the world have never witnessed in the history of black Africa, the Islamic conquest of Biafra is in geometric progression. The armed forces are upholding Fulani herdsmen killings, guiding them to ravage Biafra towns and villages. Nigeria Daura Shoe Shiners (DSS) has turned killing machine attacking Biafra Christians.

The world is awaiting their report on the 500 Agatu families in Benue state killed, the two Rev. Sisters and a Catholic Rev. Father murdered by DSS herdsmen in Enugu state. The DSS should with urgency release press statement on the over 76 Biafra farmers arrested and imprisoned for protesting against Fulani herdsmen killings in Biafra land. How can same DSS that reported death of five Fulani herdsmen neglect the obvious that same Fulani herdsmen as we speak is the fourth deadliest terror group and has taken over ten communities of ocholoyan,Akpeko,Olegomakwu,

Olegoyinlo,Nahin,Olegotekwu in Benue state among others.

THE coming of Buhari to power changed DSS to terror organization to hunt opposition, free speech, self determination, rule of law, breach judicial process and humiliate Buharis perceived enemies. DSS is presently a new political party complimenting the efforts of ASSOCIATION OF PRESENT CRIMINALS (APC) The indiscriminate invasion of legislative chambers,homes,schools,markets ,hotels and offices in search of Biafrans is best described as terrorism. What DSS and Buhari planned is to excite another pogrom against Biafrans and start another war on Biafra land. Biafrans should resist their islamic set agenda with the last blood. We need DNA test to ascertain that alleged to have been found buried in mass grave, claimed by DSS to be 5 fulani herdsmen are not Biafrans murdered on their way back from burial of our heroes killed in the ABA MASSACRE.


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