Biafra Government Projected Activities and Locations

Biafra Government Projected Activities
  1. Enugu – projected Biafra Capital
  2. Asaba – projected Biafra Government Secondary Administration Centre – Storage of documents; registration of companies; driving and vehicle licence issuance to local agencies, etc.
  3. Warri – projected Biafra Relief port or Secondary port.
  4. Bayelse – projected Biafra Maritime Hub– Biafra Navy; seafaring; nautical; ship docking, maintaining and building; angling, etc.
  5. Port Harcourt – Biafra main port
  6. Akwa Ibom – projected Biafra Government Education, Training and Major Sporting Events. Sports, Police and Army Training Institutes. Major government staff training and seminars.
  7. Abia – Biafra Government encouraged location for soft manufacturing – clothes, shoes, furnitures, etc., and trading.
  8. Imo – projected Biafra Government Medical and Research Centres.
  9. Cross Rivers – projected Biafra Government Centre for Tourism and Culture. Holiday spot - where local and overseas visitors are encouraged for holidaying including where cruise ships land and take off.
  10. Anambra – Biafra Government encouraged location for business and manufacturing.
  11. Ebonyi – Biafra Government devoted area for agriculture and related agricultural business.