Biafra Politicians: Tools for Modern Slavery (Part 1)

Biafra Politicians: Tools for Modern Slavery (Part 1)

26th March 2017

A leader is a brave warrior who has dedicated him/herself to alleviate the sufferings of the people, and to direct or protect their common interests. A good leader can also be seen as that person who can accept to give his all as the utmost sacrifice for the benefit of his/her followers or subjects. The landmark of a leader is a legacy that will affect the general common interest of a community. Many notable leaders such as Moses, Joshua, David, Nelson Mandela, Odimegwu Ojukwu, and numerous others all worked to die for what they believed in, which is for the benefit and for the rights of their people.

They were not selfish leaders, but were however, bent on making their subjects feel safe and secured around them. The job of a good leader is the implementation of the wishes of those he or she is representing. God structured the earth with hierarchical domains, He created leadership hierarchy, knowing fully that not everybody can lead.

Meanwhile, a notorious leader leaves the masses to lavish in abject poverty, urging them to solve their problems by any means possible; otherwise known as 'survival of the fittest'. They are human beings born with inept abilities, but favoured by placement. Those who create artificial scarcity in order to be worshipped by those they tag as third class citizens and toothless bulldog.

 Today in Biafraland, no single politician can represent a single wish of the masses they claimed they are representing. No single politician has been able to play any meaningful role by speaking out in defense of the masses' needs and opinions. It is very difficult to believe that politicians in Biafraland are human beings who possess any atom of reasoning. Their utmost objective is to further enslave the people for their selfish interest.

The current governor of Ekiti state, Ayodele, Fayose has won the heart of millions of people in Nigeria due to his ability to speak the truth without any fear or compromise. It is very pathetic when comparing the bravery of Fayose in speaking out anytime the murderous Nigerian Islamic forces and their jihadist terror groups waste innocent blood in Biafraland, to what is obtainable from Biafra politicians who only keep mute, pretending that nothing has happened, while they relax in their leisure apartments.

It is said that the joy of every government is the satisfaction of its masses. Now, who can justify these? Biafra political puppets as worthy leaders? The gap between them and the Biafrans is immeasurable, while the relationship can be compared to that between cat and rat, hence they cement their popularity with criminally minded men who serves as their thugs with AK47.

 They are lions when campaigning for various positions, but transform to goats when they must have attained the leadership positions. These politicians of our time are hungry deceitful beings, who hide their embezzlement in the haven of foreign countries, while the ordinary people are left to suffer continuously.

 When any person or group attempts to remove them from office, or take away their political enterprise, then you will discover the manner of evil and wicked vampires they are.

Many a time, I have heard them dishing out unsolicited statements, and portraying it as if it coming from the masses.  Imagine Rochas Okorocha saying that Igbo will vote Buhari in 2019; Okowa saying Delta state is not for Biafra; or even Wike making unwarranted statements without gathering opinions to know the stand of the masses. They have all sold our people for mass slaughter. Now, an Hausa Fulani terrorist can wake up one morning and embark on a journey to the Biafraland, and still stand tall to slaughter Biafrans in our own land. What a shame!

My people, these political puppets are bunch of cowards who create an opportunity for our enemy to see us as prey.  The grand demand of Biafrans is freedom and ability of our leaders to govern without fear and Intimidation. The truth is bitter but it must surely be spoken. The cry for good leaders in Biafraland will be made manifest with the restoration of the freedom of Biafra. We are angry and can no longer suppress the hunger for good and faithful leaders like NNAMDI KANU.

Enough is enough to the killings, marginalization and deprivation of human rights that have been meted on Biafrans with impunity, as a result of the inability of political elites in Biafraland to rebuke the actions of the murderous Nigerian forces.

 To whom much is given, much is also expected. We are now prey to the murderous jihadists, because those who are supposed to be our mouthpiece have been turned into tools for mass slaughter.

We are crying, God is watching, and the days of reckoning are fast approaching.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba,

For Family Writers.

- The Biafra Herald


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