Biafra Referendum Will Not Be the First in Nigeria, In 1961 Nigeria Conducted Referendum for South Camerounians

By Aluta Continua
14th June 2018

On the 11th February 1961, Nigeria conducted a REFERENDUM for Southern Camerounians on whether to fuse with Nigeria or merge with francophone part of Cameroun. 

This referendum resulted to peaceful secession of then NCNC controlled Anglophone Cameroun from Nigeria--In other words, they voted to leave Nigeria for good.

No war was fought and no ethnic group was threatened with doom.

Again, on the 13TH July 1963, Nigeria conducted another referendum which led to creation of defunct Mid-Western region from the domineering posture of Awolowo led Western region--the old Mid-Western region comprises of today's Delta and Edo state. 

No war was fought, no ethnic group was threatened with annihilation.




We can achieve Biafra sovereignty through a democratic process, through the instrumentality of REFERENDUM.

Biafra agitation is a struggle for justice and equity which have eluded our people in this British cage. It is a fight against quota and federal character policy; marginalisation and deprivation.

It has nothing to do with WAR!

Those beating the drum of WAR are the agents of the status quo, the EFULEFUS, the beneficiaries of the fraudulent system, and the Jihadists in the feudal North. 

They want to scare and frighten us to submission. They want us to accept SLAVERY out of fear of losing our properties and investments in their abode.

Shall we give in to their evil antics and psychological manipulation? NEVER!




Biafra Referendum Will Not Be the First in Nigeria, In 1961 Nigeria Conducted Referendum for South Camerounians

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