Biafrans Are Not Interested in the Corrupted One Nigeria or in Nigeria’s Debased Elections

My brother I would like to engage you and anyone on the issues of Biafra agitation cum Nnamdi KANU's style but I am afraid not here. I would like to have a face to face debate on these issues. You cannot compare Uwazuruike Massob to Nnamdi KANU. Uwazuruike used Biafra agitation to make money. Uwazuruike is never serious about Biafra restoration. For your information I did not just jump in with Nnamdi KANU/IPOB. I live here in London. There is a monthly IPOB meetings. I know what is what and the plans, but not everything will be spelt out in public, that will be giving your enemies advantage. There are a lot of work going on underground but Nnamdi KANU is not going to put that in his speech. Ask yourself, If you think that boycotting elections are not significant, then why is the Federal government and political leaders worried about it? Also point of correction, did former USSR have referendum in their constitution? Also did Ethiopia have referendum in their constitution to allow Eritrea to have one?

IPOB does not want to build bridges or friendships with any other ethnicity because they cannot be trusted, they are bound to sabotage our quest, because all other tribes do not want Biafra to become independent nation. The same reason IPOB/Biafrans do not want to get involved with politics in Nigeria because even if you vote in a diehard Biafran as a representative in the NASS, they may get corrupted as soon as they get there and they may even defect to other mainstream parties.

My brother IPOB have sat down and analyzed every permutation and then settled election boycott as the best way to prove that we Biafrans do not believe in "One Nigeria". Also to prove to the world that we are not interested in Nigeria, which is what some international countries asked IPOB sometimes ago- that if you are not interested in Nigeria, why have your people been participating in every Nigeria elections since 1953?

Another thing is why would IPOB and Biafrans participate in Nigeria elections when they are still labelled " terrorists"? My brother have you seen terrorists participate in elections before?

Now for Nnamdi KANU's use of abusive words, that is the only way to get the attention of Nigeria government and the Army. Soft language or diplomacy does not work with wicked dictators and the Fulani caliphate. They may seem like an empty threats but it is having our desired effects on Buhari and his useless army. They become jittery and make mistakes and blunders to our own advantage. Ask yourself, since Nnamdi KANU started talking, people started asking for "restructuring or no elections". But when Nnamdi KANU disappeared, nobody is talking about restructuring again.

Atiku can never in a million years give you restructuring. For Atiku to urge the NASS to start restructuring process, he has to get permission from the Sultan of Sokoto and other Fulani caliphate. They will never allow restructuring because it will be at their disadvantage. Even if they agree to restructuring, it will be done in such a way that it will favour them. Atiku is a huge sponsor of Fulani herdsmen and boko haram. He just wants to use the South south/east to become president. Whether Peter Obi is there or not, nothing is going to change.





Biafrans Are Not Interested in the Corrupted One Nigeria or in Nigeria’s Debased Elections

Do you know that election boycott is the perfect solution to Nigeria problems?  If the whole country refuses to vote in 2019, that would mean that the government's mandate is not validated. There would be a vacuum. They have to call a round table discussion for the best way forward for Nigeria. We know that this is not possible because of money politics, hence we have limited it to only Biafrans and that is why the politicians especially from Biafra land are scared. Even if they impose their own choice because of election boycott, the world would still know that we did not participate in sham of election.

About Igbos’ properties all around Nigeria and the world; I and many IPOB/Biafra agitators have properties outside Biafra land but that is not stopping us from carrying on. Unless you acquired your property illegitimately, your property will be safe whether they are in Lagos or New York as long as you have your valid documents. So no fear my brother.

Like as I said, this is a discussion I love to have face to face. Some of our people who are scared for one reason or the other, or does not like the agitation simply because of Nnamdi KANU's personality would still not agree with any answers or explanations we give to prove that IPOB is on the right track. Let me make this clear, there will be no physical war fought on Biafra land. The war is already on. It is a psychological war between the Nigeria state and the IPOB agitators. Nnamdi KANU is not IPOB. Nnamdi KANU is just the mouth piece. Nnamdi KANU is just carrying orders from IPOB/Biafra agitators. Biafra agitation is now bigger than Nnamdi KANU. With or without Nnamdi KANU, the agitation will continue until we achieve Biafra.

We are not fighting for Nnamdi KANU, we are fighting for ourselves. To free ourselves from the Fulani caliphate because our Biafra political leaders can not do it for us. They are scared and sold their people for crumbs. Ask yourself, which Biafra leaders condemned the Fulani herdsmen killings in Biafra land? The answer is none. Hence we have resulted to sit-at-home strategy in order to avoid blood shed. Anyway my brother we will continue this conversation face to face one day. But know Biafra will be achieved no matter how long it takes. We are not in a hurry. And if anyone else knows the best way to achieve it, let them come forward and lead, and we will follow.

Thank you my brother

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