Buhari Acknowledged the Right of Self Determination in His Speech at the United Nations General Assembly 2015

Mr President

While addressing the United Nations General Assembly, Buhari Stated quote:

"Mr. President,

27. As we engage in these annual debates, we need remind ourselves of the principles that led to the founding of the United Nations. Among those are peaceful coexistence and self-determination of peoples. In this context, Mr. President, the unresolved question of self-determination for the Palestinian people and those of Western Sahara, both nations having been adjusted by the United Nations as qualifying for this inalienable right must now be assured and fulfilled without any further delay or obstacle.

28. The international community has come to pin its hopes on resolving the Palestinian issue through the two – states solution which recognises the legitimate right of each state to exist in peace and security. The world has no more excuses or reasons to delay the implementation of the long list of Security Council resolutions on this question. Neither do we have the moral right to deny any people their freedom or condemn them indefinitely to occupation and blockade...."
Biafra folks are only demanding and fighting for the same Right Of Self Determination which Buhari recognized and wanted to be extended to Palestinians.

If he has made this speech at the United Nations, why is it that the people of Biafran seeking for self-determination are being prosecuted and as such treated as a treasonable offence? Unless Buhari has got a coconut brain, he cannot remember what he preaches.



Biafra Vs Palestine:
The Irony Of Buhari’s Un Speech

By: Nnabuike Nnadedeon:
22nd  October  2015

During the recently concluded UN General Assembly held in the US, the Nigerian President, Mohammadu Buhari was quoted to have made a serious case for the self-determination efforts of the peoples of Palestine and the Western Sahara(the Polisario movement) fighting to be freed from Israel and Morroco respectively. Buhari, during the speech pleaded with the world leaders(though some people claimed he spoke to an empty hall), to listen to the Palestine and the Western Sahara and grant them independence.

That statement or request when placed side by side with what is happening in Nigeria concerning the issue of Biafra, is completely ironical and facism. It is absolutely self-defeatism for a President who is heading a country where thousands are being murdered, with hundreds of thousands in detention for demanding to be allowed to exercise their rights to self-determination to stand in front of world leaders to campaign for other peoples’ freedom while he is preventing others from enjoying theirs. Whatever that necessitated such appeal actually led credence to the need for Nigerians total support for the restoration of Biafra.

Arguments are rife that Buhari’s apparent support for the Palestine and Western Sahara was prompted as a face saving gesture to placate the muslim world over the position of the country’s former President, Jonathan Ebele Goodluck, who abstained during previous vote on Palestine state. They argued that GEJ’s anti-Palestine posture or non-committal disposition angered most muslim world so much that they added their support to oust him from power. It then rested on Buhari, during that UN meeting to reassure them that Nigeria is still in total support for Palestine independence by making an open request for them. Whatever is the reason, it is to be noted that such official position of President Buhari has rather presented Nigerian leadership as two-faced government. while it kills her own freedom fighters, it supports other peoples’ agitation for the same freedom. Its therefore important to remind President Buhari that whosoever goes to equity must go with clean hands.

Let him also know that charity begins at home. Let him be reminded that what is good for the geese is equally good for the gander. Remind him that if freedom is good for the Polisario and Palestine, he should first grant the Biafrans their own right to freedom. It is absolutely hypocritical for one to carry a log in ones eye while spotting a speck in other person’s eye. If he has started to seek peace in other peoples’ land, let him secure the same at home first, before venturing into foreign land.

Its equally important to let him understand that his position on this issue is indirectly inviting violent, since it appears his support for the two group aforementioned could have been necessitated because they are violent groups. Is he therefore insinuating that the Biafrans are not serious because blood has not started to flow? If after being a serious party in the orgy of blood that characterized the (first) Biafra war, he still expect Biafrans to resort to violence in order to attract Nigerian Government positive attention to the Biafran freedom struggle, then somebody might really be angling for a disaster.

When considering the level of human suffering going on currently in the Northeast Nigeria due to Boko Haram insurgence, it will be a very terrible human catastrophy to have another flood of refugees move from the Eastern flank.Let us remind him that effect of high level of application of military technology that may characterize any Biafran military showdown with Nigeria today can be horrendous and disasterous. Its therefore of good conscience to advise that the Government in Abuja should expedite action to start discussion with the Customary Government of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, in order to reach an agreement on how to peacefully seperate Biafra from Nigeria. Our attraction to peaceful resolution sterns from the fact that no human agenda is worth any human life, except for the ‘draculas’ of this world. We stoop to conquer.

Mr Anthony Aniebue
Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, in Anambra State.