Buhari Started Killing a Long Time Ago

So Buhari killed over 14,000 Yoruba youths protesting the incarceration of Awolowo in 1963..... Yet 4yrs after, Awolowo joined forces with him to fight Biafra.

Some people really need to be examined properly ~ Innocent Marcel

Read: copied from Remi Hassan Wall.


  1. Was Awolowo imprisoned by Gambari in 1963? Yes. Awolowo was jailed 10 years by Tafawa Balewa on phantom coup of treasonable felony.
  2. Did Yoruba Youths protest the imprisonment of Chief Obafemi Awolowo in 1963? Yes. The Yoruba Youths at the time protested the unfair imprisonment of Awolowo by the Gambari.
  3. Did Buhari receive double promotion in 1963, the same year Awolowo was imprisoned and riots broke out across Yorubaland? Yes. Buhari, 21 years old in 1963 with no formal education or military training other than a 10- month cadet training was promoted twice on the same day by Gambari's government under Tafawa Balewa to Second Lieutenant and then Platoon Commander 2nd Infantry Brigade, Abeokuta.
  4. Did Buhari as the Platoon Commander 2nd Infantry Brigade, Abeokuta, participate in suppressing the riots in Abeokuta, Yorubaland in 1963 over the imprisonment of Chief Obafemi Awolowo? Yes. Buhari led the soldiers (mostly Hausa/ Fulani) from Abeokuta Barack in 1963 and shot on sight several Yoruba Youths protesting the imprisonment of Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

Within the shortest length of time, over 14,000 Yoruba citizens had been killed in Lagos, Abeokuta, Ibadan and other towns and cities with over 50,000 injured and more than 20,000 houses burnt across Yorubaland. Buhari at 21 years, thus helped to perpetrate genocide in Yorubaland. Based on his past actions, Buhari is ruthless as a military man, and worse as a civilian.

Second Coming as a civilian from 2015-date.

  1. Did Buhari order the killing of unarmed Biafra protesters? Yes, he and his brother Brutai killed scores of unarmed Biafran during the course of the year.
  2. Did Buhari order the extermination of 1000 Shiites in Kaduna? Yes, 1,000 Shiites Muslims who are not Sunni were coldly exterminated by Buhari and his brother Brutai, as we speak the religious leader El Zarkazy is still incarcerated against his wish.
  3. Did Buhari allowed his kinsmen herdsmen aka Libya Ninjas to go on killing spree without any obstacle from the Fulani led security agency? Yes, Libyan ninjas went to Enugu and killed 500 Biafrans, when their governor got to the scene he was shedding crocodile tears and called for fasting and prayer very foolish Igbo man, the next day he was shaking hands with Buhari scoring cheap political score.
  4. Did Buhari arrest any Libyan ninja for the extermination of people of Agatu and Souther Kaduna? No, Herdsmen Aka Libya ninja has killed over 2000 humans at these two locations, and none of them have been arrested and prosecuted. In fact. it was reported that they are even compensated by the short devil for killing Nigerians. Did Buhari arrest El Rufai for that statement/actions? No, he still sent a memo recently criticizing Buhari's government.
  5. Did Buhari order the bombing of a Yoruba territory without the knowledge of the state governor? Yes, Arepo in Ogun state witnessed massive military onslaught and many Yoruba citizens were exterminated by Brutai without the knowledge of Amosun another foolish Yoruba Fulani slave.
  6. Did Buhari order the partial arrest of Yoruba son in Ile-ife over an ethnic clash orchestrated by Hausa/Fulani in the cradle of Yoruba civilization? Yes, 21 sons of Yoruba are under Fulani custody in Abuja.

These are facts they are not made up, Buhari is blood-thirsty, so are all his apologists.

Fiscal federalism or Nigeria will cease to exist it is a matter of time, a lot of people can't wait but let us keep the awareness going.

Gbonka Ziano Ebiri




Buhari Started Killing a
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