Can The British Ever Be Remorseful And Repentant About Their Crimes Against Humanity?

Different Buhari

Written by Okwunna Okongwu
4th January 2020

In a comment on BNN News, exposing the atrocities of Britain, one Patricia Hadfield, became aggressively antagonistic, saying that my postulation was as a result of "the writings of the world on how to hate the British of yesteryear". In my characteristic penetrative and insightful education, I drew her attention to some salient verifiable incidents, all confirming the predatory, exploitative, sadistic, and parasitic nature of the tyrannical Britain....

Ha ha ha ha ha! I am not surprised meeting people like Patricia Hadfield here, who would rather shift the blame for the remote and immediate atrocities of the "British of yesteryear" to those talking about it, than the predators that committed the act.

What do you mean by the "world's writings on how to hate the British"? Is Britain the only country in the world? What makes you think that the world should be in unanimity to "hate Britain"?

When any person begins to talk the way this Patricia is talking, I begin to see even a more cruel, brutal, barbaric, tyrannical, and sadistic generation than "the British of yesteryear".

Being in full knowledge of the atrocious and abominable criminality of the British of old, it is expected that any person of conscience would only be remorseful and apologetic with regards to the savagery of the British of old. Any act of defense, rationalization, justification, or validation of these acts of wickedness of old is viewed by me, and the rest of the victims of the British savagery as not just effrontery, but unrepentant pugnacity.

Are you saying that you have not heard about the British atrocities all around the world? OK! Keep the world aside. Have you not heard about the Biafra genocide, in which Britain hid behind the Islamic barbarians of Sahara Desert to murder over 6 million Biafrans, through their characteristic starvation genocide, coupled with land, sea, and air bombardment, in simultaneity with land, sea, and air blockade, after which they confiscated the OIL AND GAS of Biafra, under the smokescreen of one Nigeria? (Britain bamboozled the world into referring to the Biafran genocide as Nigeria Civil War).

Are you not aware that up to this very moment, that Britain is the sole exporter of the Biafran OIL AND GAS, which she confiscated, without any single benefit of the oil coming to Biafra land? (They may be dropping droplets for the islamists that they used to kill Biafrans, in compensation for providing themselves as ladder. This does not mean that Biafrans are benefitting, nor does it mean that we do not know).

There is nothing like the world's writings on how to hate Britain. What we say is what we experienced.

For your information, I am a Biafran survivor of the British genocide against Biafrans. I am the child on the right-hand side of that picture of emaciated children with the British flag. On a particular day, the "strafing" by Egyptian pilots in the Russian made fighter jets procured and assigned by the satanic British government under Harold Wilson, missed me by whiskers, and cut my cousin that was with me into two, before my eyes. Which world writings told me this story?

Are you saying that you have not heard about how Britain instructed these terrorist pilots to bomb schools, churches, markets, hospitals, homes, and worst of all, refugee camps? Was it the world that told me that too?

Are you not aware of the assiduous efforts that Britain is making so that the Biafra genocide, in which Britain used Nigeria to murder over 6 million Biafrans, will not be recognized as a genocide, so that nobody should hold Britain to account?

Now, let us take it that all these did not even happen in the past, and that you did not hear about them. Is it the world's writing on how to hate Britain that facilitated the imposition of a world known terrorist called Mohammadu Buhari, on Nigeria as president?

Was it those writings that, upon the death of Mohammadu Buhari, went to Sudan, recruited a young man, carried out plastic surgery on him, came and imposed him on Nigeria, as an impostor, impersonating the dead and buried Buhari?

Is it the world's writings that is empowering the impostor, together with his gang of bandits and fraudsters, to carry out terrorism on the people of the British fraud called Nigeria, especially on Biafrans, without as much as one terrorist ever having been apprehended?

Is it the world's writings that made Britain that brought the Bible to Biafrans, (Christian Religion), which Biafrans accepted wholly and wholesomely, to go to use (and arm) the Sahara Desert islamists, who did not accept their religion, to massacre Biafrans in an unprecedented genocide, killing over 6 million Biafrans, to confiscate the Biafran OIL AND GAS?

If you claim, or perhaps mean sincerely that any, or all of the things said here is unknown to you, then certainly, one of two of us should not be here.

Now, is it the writing of the world about how to hate Britain that brought about a situation where Britain will be diligently pursuing #BREXIT, but vehemently opposed to #BIAFREXIT? Why is Britain, claiming to be the custodian of human rights and modern civilization, be opposed to Biafra referendum, while implementing the outcome of the British referendum on EU?

If you can provide honest answers to the above questions, then we can proceed with the discussion. Don't forget that the Sahara Desert part of Nigeria is inhabited by the terrorists you hear about, which include Fulani herdsmen, (Miyetti Allah), ISIS in West Africa Province (ISWAP), Boko Haram, and Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb, while the Biafran part is inhabited by 100% Judaeo-Christians. On what grounds do you think there exists any compatibility, as to make Britain insist that the two conflicting ideologies must remain in one cage that they created and called country? Can't you see sheer British wickedness, arising from economic parasitism?




Written by Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by Lolo Oby Mboma
For: Lagos State Media

Published by Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media







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