Communique Issued At The End of The Meeting of The South South Governors’ Forum Held In Abuja On Sunday, January 13, 2019.

An emergency meeting of the governors of the states of the South South geopolitical zone, held at the Bayelsa State Governor’s Lodge, Abuja on Sunday, January 13, 2019.

The meeting, called at the instance of the Governor of Bayelsa State, the Honourable Henry Seriake Dickson, who is also Chairman of the South South Governors Forum, was attended by the Governors of Cross River State, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, and Delta States. 

The meeting deliberated on the recent happenings at the Supreme Court involving the Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Walter Onnoghen and resolved that the action against him constitutes a setback to the gains of the nation’s democratic experience of 20 years. 

We note that under Section 158(1) of the 1999 Constitution, the National Judicial Council, has ample powers to deal exhaustively with matters pertaining to allegations of misconduct and discipline of Judicial officers. Specifically, the NJC has the powers and clear procedures for investigating allegations, and recommending appropriate sanctions or disciplinary measures against judicial officials as a matter of first instance before any further steps. 

The judicial pronouncements ina   `                  the cases of FGN Vs Justice Sylvester Ngwuta of the Supreme Court (January 9, 2018) and Justice Ngajinwa Vs FGN 2017 at the CCT have given validation to the express provisions of the constitution on this issue. 

We note that the attempt to drag the CJN to the CCT is also a grave and dangerous escalation of the assault on institutions of state including the National Assembly and the judiciary 

We believe that the President, Muhammadu Buhari has a constitutional responsibility and huge moral obligation to defend our democracy. 

Therefore, we consider this step, which is directly aimed at humiliating the nation’s highest judicial officer and a prominent son of the region, as totally unacceptable as it is reflective of the South South story of endless marginalization and intimidation. The unceremonious removal of former Acting Director General of the Department of State Service, Mathew Seiyefa and his replacement is still very fresh.

We note that the unfortunate action against the CJN further reinforces the perception that the Buhari administration has no regard for the sentiments of Nigerians, in particular the people of Niger Delta, and the rule of law

It is a fact that this administration has a penchant for flagrant disobedience of and disregard for legitimate and valid court orders.

We expect President Buhari to know that democracy cannot survive without respect for the constitution, strict adherence to the rule of law, and separation of powers as enshrined in the constitution.

We strongly believe that the regrettable development at the Supreme Court at this critical time, when preparations for the general elections are wobbling (with serious concern about INEC and security agencies) is capable of causing avoidable anxiety, tension and possible breakdown of law and order in the country.

We note further that the action undermines confidence not only in the judiciary but also the electoral process that has already commenced, in view of the pivotal role that the judiciary plays in the process of electoral adjudication.

We affirm President Buhari should know that the continuous assault on critical institutions of state is a defining feature of a dictatorship, and that the President is obliged to live up to his word that he is a born-again democrat, as he assured Nigerians in 2015.

Based on the foregoing, we hereby call on the President:

1) To condemn without any equivocation, this assault on the CJN and the judiciary especially coming after similar assaults on the National Assembly, to save the country from this embarrassment and global contempt.

2) We call on the CJN to ignore this so-called Court summon from the CCB and the provocative call for his resignation in some quarters.

While we are not opposed to a genuine fight against corruption, such an action must always be anchored on the rule of law.

We also decry the massive buildup of arms by APC leaders and members across the Niger Delta with the intent to cause mayhem and a general breakdown of law and order during the elections.

Dated this day January 13, 2019


The Honourable Henry Seriake Dickson, Governor of Bayelsa State

HE Nyesom Wike, Governor of Rivers State

HE, Sen.  Prof.  Ben Ayade, Governort of Cross River State

HE Udom Emmanuel, Governor of Akwa Ibom State

HE Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, Governor of Delta State

Communique Issued At The End Of The Meeting Of The South South Governors’ Forum Held In Abuja On Sunday, January 13, 2019.

South South Governors Communique
Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen

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Justice Onnoghen

“They just want to harass him, molest him simply because they want somebody that will be pliable after they have rigged the elections, to appoint tribunal chairmen and members for them to consolidate their rigging

“That is all what they are looking for, not any other thing, but I want to warn that this country belongs to all of us, if some people think that they own this country, let them have it and others will have their own country

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And Baron Row  Just musing,

Every action of Mr. Buhari is poignant and heavy with meanings. He has filled all available offices with the Fulani and pro-Caliphate Northerners. He has thrown caution to the winds and installed a completely Northern government. 

To me, for all intents and purposes, Mr. Buhari is either having the Arewa North seceding from Nigeria, or he's daring the South and the Middle Belt to declare their republics with the unbridled provocations. Those are the only logical reasons to me. How else could this madness be explained? 

Technically, Arewa Republic has seceded from Nigeria but holding the South and the Middle Belt as vassal states to obtain resources to fund their "country within a country". While the rest of Nigeria sleeps, Arewa Republic is being established before our very eyes. 




Kemi Adeosun

Kemi Adeosun was PROVEN to be a certificate forger and Buhari gave her a convoy of armed escorts to fly First Class to London to escape the law. CJN Walter Onnoghen is SUSPECTED of not declaring his domiciliary accounts after a petition by Buhari’s former PA, and Buhari charges him at supersonic speed. Meanwhile, he received Babachir, the thief caught pants down, at Aso Rock and gave him a role in his re-election campaign. YOU are part of the problem if you still believe Buhari has integrity.

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