Countering The Lies Of Nigeria Gutter Media

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
15 September 2018

Yesterday, suspected Nigeria security men went and burned down trucks in Port Harcourt and paid Sahara Reporters to say it's IPOB members that did it. The information said the arsonists spoke in Hausa. Probably their choice of Port Harcourt was to strengthen the divide and rule since after the war. We know how Nigeria army dressed like Biafra Soldiers and killed many Riverine Biafrans, as to cause problem among brothers. 

Yesterday was a Sit At Home protest. Biafrans sat at home. They didn't go out. They have no problem with truck drivers and destruction has never been the modus operandi of IPOB even under severer provocation.

It's funny that even the owner of this dubious Sahara Reporters is coming out for president come 2019. 

How can Sahara Reporters stay in Lagos to accuse IPOB wrongly?

Nigeria have no media. They are tools with which the tyrannic government of President Mohammad Buhari does their dirty job.

Shame on them all. The sit at home was successful. Kudos to Biafrans. We made a difference. 

Tụsaa Ozi a.



Burnt Trucks At Obigbo Update!

After the IPOB were tagged by some media outlets like "Sahara Reporters" that are very far from Rivers State, as people responsible for the Arson, Factsdigest decided to embark on an investigative journalism. We wondered why a hitherto peaceful group, who decided to stay indoors will embark on such an act, knowing fully well that all fingers will be pointed at them. 

Again, the incident happened around 3Am, in the morning, how come they concluded that the IPOB did it, meanwhile the IPOB sit at Home began around 6Am. Even the chairman of Obigbo local Government Area, Prince Gerald Oforji, blamed the act on hoodlums, and failure of the federal government to fix damaged roads. 

The spokesman for the Rivers State police, Nnamdi Omoni, said that investigations are still ongoing. Yes, some arrests have been made, but non has confessed to have carried out the Arson, neither did they even arrest any IPOB member. Those that did the deed are far gone we believe, the Police are just on a random arrest. How come police are still investigating, and "Sahara Reporters" will conclude. 

Read the true story from an Eye Witness:
"My name is Obiano Sunday (pseudo name), I live in the Timber Axis of Obigbo, that the trucks were burnt. It was gun shots fired from hoodlums that ignited the flames, no individually solely lit the trucks on fire. 

I was woken with sporadic shooting coming from the express, and began wondering what could have caused such gun shots. I became scared but summoned the courage to go outside my gate because from the sounds, they weren't that close to my house. 

I peeped from my gate and saw a Sienna moving but not too fast, heading towards Obigbo from Portharcourt. That was when it dawned on me where the gun shots were coming from. This was around 3Am, and everywhere was quite. Some other neighboring flats too opened their gates but were too afraid to look, some ran back immediately. All these while, they were still firing shots. 

On getting to where the trucks were packed, they fired on the trucks directly, that was when the trucks went up in flames. It was the result of the direct bullets at the trucks that made it ignite. I believed the drivers were not around or they ran after hearing gun shots from a distance. I watched the trucks go up in flames. No body came and lit the trucks on fire as claimed. I believe with time another person may back my story up, or we may still hear from the driver. I can't really give any reason for their action. I challenge anyone to come to our area and ask proper questions_____Eye Witness. 

The story is from an eye witness, we only made it public. We went this far because we promised to be keeping you informed with the activities of the IPOB. We keep our promises.



Burnt Truck in Port Harcourt 2
Burnt Truck in Port Harcourt

Countering The Lies Of Nigeria Gutter Media

How Nigerian JTF in Collaboration With Sahara Reporters to Set Vehicles Ablaze in Obigbo

Author : Ugochinyere Onyechere 
Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
17th September 2018

Pushing IPOB into the basket mall of terrorism is the greatest thing that keeps sleep away from the eyes of the Nigerian government. Strategical ploys to make this happen has been on and still going on; however, no matter how they try, a bone can never be seen in an egg. The Nigerian government has displayed the most foolish movie ever by tagging IPOB with the burnt vehicles of Hausa men in Obigbo junction Igweocha province of Biafra land. Meanwhile, this incident was said to have happened during the sit at home observation which was recorded as a successful one. Days, weeks, and months past, the Indigenous People of Biafra has been on various evangelism to educate people on the need to sit in their homes on 14th September 2018. This is the third time a similar program has taken place in Biafra land. The sit at home order was issued or said to be observed in honour and remembrance of the innocent men and women gruesomely murdered on the 14th day of September 2017 via operation python dance 2 by Nigerian soldiers. On 14th of September 2018, Biafrans observed the sit at home as was ordered by the IPOB leadership; this very event grounded the whole of Eastern region as roads were deserted, while markets, transportation companies, schools, banks, and other commercial places were under lock. It will be shameful and unprofessional for the lying machine, so-called media house of Sahara reporters to tag the same IPOB sitting at their homes to the burnt vehicles. This was the ploy between the Nigerian government and the bought over brown envelope journalists of Sahara reporters. Let's get it straight. The Nigerian uniformed armed men were hovering around the streets and major roads, mounted in all junctions across Biafra land with their second fingers fixed on the trigger. This instigated fear in the minds of every Biafran and it helped perform the magic of sitting at home. The Sahara reporters on the other edge were somewhere waiting for the vehicle burning so they could take pictures to propagate their well-known lies. This different group of people was outside if I am not mistaking while Biafrans especially IPOB were indoors. What could be the magic that people that were inside attacked some vehicles and set them ablaze? The picture is clear, the joint forces of Nigeria who were deployed all over Biafra land set those vehicles ablaze and to make it concrete, there go the undesirable reporters, children of the darkness and of hell called Sahara reporters enticed and spiced it all by their propaganda. 

If there's anything I learned from this very act, it will be that the burnt vehicles were greatly more important than the lives of those innocent citizens killed one year ago. Sahara reporters have no evidence or footage of the invasion of the house of Nnamdi Kanu, but they have that of burnt vehicles. 

The indisputable truth remains that, the Nigerian armed soldiers had those trucks burnt while the Sahara deserted figures spread the propaganda aimed at blackmailing IPOB members who were in their homes. We are unstoppable, lies is just too way back to pull down our holds. 

Edited By Ezekwereogu John For Umuchiukwu Writers



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