Democracy, Radical Islamism and the Messianic Triumph of Trump

By Agha Egwu
12th November 2016

In this article I wish to differentiate between Islam, a religion practised by millions and Radical Islamism, a militaristic, political ideology killing thousands.

I used to think I was a democrat and liberal but the more I see, the more I realise how emotional, unrealistic, abusive and deceptive too many Democrats have become. They talk of hate and bigotry and spew such hate and are so bigoted against those they call deplorables.

They are victims of a propaganda so virulent and sophisticated, a mass mind control mechanism, the type that was used to zombify Nigerians to vote for a Zombie as President.

Many of the rioters, protesting Trump in America, are Muslims.  In one area, Obama's new Muslim refugees lay across the road BLOCKING the traffic. Look into the future and you see what the Obama and Hillary refugee plan was all about. Jihad is not only about war. There are various types of Jihad not just war. Migration and population Jihad are two of them.

Do not listen to Obama's words. Watch his actions. He pretends to be a Christian but he has a Muslim mentality or thinks like a Muslim. It is understandable. His father was Muslim. His step father was Muslim. He was born in America but his first eight years of life were in Indonesia, in a Muslim Madrassa (school). But from Obama's actions he was or is not just an ordinary Muslim, he seems to support radical Islamism as a kind of revolutionary movement.


He was a Muslim as a child. Even if he stopped being Muslim his thinking had been shaped at the earliest ages to view the worst atrocities of Islam positively as Muslims are socialised to think. The wars of the Prophet and the genocides of the Caliphates are painted in glorious colours of holy Jihad.  They sing praises of these genocides and indoctrinate their children that mass murder is glorious. Many are shaped early into the political ideology.

Obama's mother was an open minded libertarian.  One of those flower children of the 1960s that took to Buddhism and religious experimentation and was open to all races. A wonderful but innocent idealism that never understood the evil that lurked in other cultures they projected as superior to Christianity and Western Capitalism. They would criticise Jesus but idealise Muhammed and Buddha without a real knowledge of these other religions. They would criticise the Crusade but forgive the horror of Islam's persistent generational Jihads. They would even defend Jihad as a response to Western Imperialism.

Where did Obama get his Christianity from? He learnt it in later life. His praise of Islam comes from what he learnt as a child. His criticisms of Christianity are similar to Islamic criticisms of Islam. The only sensible conclusion is that Obama became a Christian for political purposes but it was not deep in his bones. It was not part of his fabric as Islam was.

Obama practised Taqiyya - the holy lie - used by radical Islamists to lie to infidels, so they can progress the cause of Islam. He was the ultimate mole, the ultimate trojan horse for Islam to takeover the white house and become the religion of the world.  When Christianity took over the Romans Empire, it became the religion of the world.

Saudi Arabian rulers planned it or Obama embodied it and invited Saudi Arabia rulers. Together they used huge donations to the Clinton Foundation to capture and recruit Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democratic Party in this enterprise. Obama saw Saudi Arabia as superior, that is why he would bow to the Saudi King. No ordinary American president does that.

Obama's actions reveal what he is. He removed obstructions to radical Islam in Libya, in Egypt and the attack on Syria.  All the dictators that opposed radical Islam were brought down. He negotiated a settlement with Iran that allowed them to continue their nuclear build up. He imposed a Jihadist President on Nigeria and supplied him arms despite the massacre of Shiites and Biafrans.

He supplied arms to Saudi Arabia with the full knowledge Saudi Arabia was supplying the weapons to ISIS. This was exposed by the Clinton letters released by Wikileaks. Obama even refused to call Radical Islam by its name and tried to persuade all of us of the same - to refuse to blame the enemy.

Worst of all, even though it was Christians that were being massacred by ISIS, Obama concentrated on importing Muslim refugees to Europe and America. No other US President would have considered immigration to Europe and America as a solution.

To understand this action you have to turn to the Quran and to the chapter on Spoils of War. This encourages Muslims who do not fight in Jihad or use their wealth for Jihad to migrate. Migration is an important aspect of Jihad and Obama is directly responsible for persuading the West to accept all these Muslim migrants. In Nigeria Buhari is trying to force Fulani migration on us through his grazing bill.

Muslim countries accepted no refugees, not because they are heartless but because they all understood the objective of spreading Islam in Europe and America through migration. Whilst before, Muslim migration was a trickle, under Obama it became a flood, and it's first real success was Brexit, the break up of Europe.

Any other American President would have insisted on Refugee Camps in nearby countries. If Hillary had won, as an Obama and Saudi lackey, America and Europe would have seen, not just just a flood but a deluge of refugees. Then you would have seen continuous riots against democracy just like what is happening now in America.

America would have permanently lost the White House and all other American Presidents would have been selected like Hillary, not elected. See the degree of electoral crimes they committed against Bernie Sanders and Soro's election rigging machines that Buhari and Jega used in Nigeria.

No true free world American President would do these things. They are treason to America. And Americans implementing them were confused. Only a President with a Muslim mindset could have done the things Obama did.

What confused me most was his support of the homosexual community. Islam and Christianity both hate homosexuals but Islam will also kill homosexuals.  Yet Democrats will embrace the LGBT community and Islamophobia as a common cause, despite the contradiction. The man that perfected this unity was Obama. He used homosexuaty to mobilise America and Europe to remove a great Christian president and impose a Jihadist.

This to me now, was pure Taqiyya in action, but at the time it confused me. It is the holy lie that manipulates and mobilises the infidel to spread Islam. It also won him the support of the powerful LGBT lobby even though he may not care for it at all.

A perfect example of this form of Taqiyya is the Muslim London Mayor who wants to ban adverts with scantily clad women. He does not say it offends Islam but rather it offends feminism. This would make you think Islam and feminism have a common cause and hides the misogyny in Islam. Yet the two ideas are totally different. In feminism it is about the liberation of women from sexual objectification. But in Islam it is about the suppression of women as in the burkah and purdah. Two opposite ideas that have been made to look like the same common cause.

The election of Trump had truly saved America from takeover by the Saudi Arabia version of Islamism. Obama has infected the Democratic Party with his Islamist mindset and recruited so many into his cause to seize America for Muslims. He had cleverly persuaded, over 8 years, the top echelon of the Democratic Party to somehow fuse Islamism and socialist principles which, ordinarily should be logically and ideologically opposed.

Imagine that Democrats defend Islamophobia and call Trump misogynistic. Trump is by character a perfect gentleman. It is Islam that is misogynistic but you dare say that and the Democrats will call you a hater and a racist, in spite of the evidence. They will accuse you of Islamophobia. Phobia is an irrational fear. The fear of Radical Islam is not irrational. It is based on what we see those that call themselves Muslims and Isamists do.

How did the Saudis reach so deep into the White house that Obama was doing their bidding and planted a Jihadist President on Nigeria?  Hypnotised Hillary Clinton was recruited to continue and then with Islamic migration they would fundamentally disrupt democracy.

White America came out just on time to save the country and the free world. God knows I would rather live under a redneck than under Sharia. Obama and Hillary should be arrested and tried for Treason.

America is the only Super Power to defend freedom against Radical Islamic terror exported by Saudi Arabia - and Saudi Arabia almost succeeded in capturing the white house permanently. That would have been the end of Freedom and the internationalisation of Sharia

The riots in America are clearly indicative of the new Islamist influenced ideology of the Democrats. Radical Muslims burn American Flags and will riot if the person they want does not win. They have no respect for democratic choices. In fact democracy is regarded as against the Laws of Allah to Islamists.

I have been so confused of recent, not understanding why I was supporting Trump and rejecting Obama and the Democrats, yet I have always been more a socialist most of my life. The actions of Obama and his government continued confusing me, until I finally accepted that Obama, whom I loved with all my heart, was a closet Jihadist, a perfect Trojan horse, then the pieces of the puzzle fell in place.

Without the knowledge of Christians, the Saudi Arabia ruling class has been in constant Jihad against the West. With the election of Trump it is time the world defined the enemy and responded. Like fascist nazism and totalitarianian communism, hateful ideologies like radical Islamism must be destroyed and a progressive humanity loving Islam allowed to triumph and positively shape the lives of billions of Muslims in the comity of nations.

But the battle is not between the ancient religions of Christianity and Islam, but between Saudi Arabia Wahabbism and the export of terror on the one hand, and America and Freedom on the other. Let the games begin.


Democracy, Radical Islamism and the Messianic Triumph of Trump

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