Dialoguing with the Enemy

Dialoguing with the Enemy

By E Gifted
Radio Biafra
7th July 2018

For those of you inboxing me, asking me why IPOB should dialogue with Ohanaeze (Oha Na Eze) Ndi Igbo. I want to use this short note to inform you that, IPOB has every right to dialogue with anyone concerning Biafra as long as the dialogue will not compromise our struggle for a sovereign nation.

If the Nigerian government today are ready and said they want to dialogue with IPOB on the issue of Biafra, we shall meet them on the round table. Yes! We will oblige them. Dialogue does not mean compromising our struggle. No! It simply means reaching on consensus for both parties on a way forward which will at the end bring about absolute freedom for Biafra.



Few days ago, some of us will attest that President Trump and North Korea President were threatening the whole world with worldwar III, but what happened at the end? "ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION"!

Meanwhile, those driving the affairs of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo are Igbo elders, just that we don’t like the way they do things, which mostly endanger our people. If today they realizes their mistakes and plead for forgiveness, we shall give them conditions because their actions and inactions have cost the lives of our comrades in this struggle. Yes we don’t like their ways of doing things but that will not stop us from hearing from them if they seek our attention. Diplomacy is what IPOB is applying. In freedom fighting all options are always on the table expect the ones that will sabotage the freedom that we all seek.



US President and North Korea President

Brief Statement From The Office of
The Deputy Leader of The Indigenous
People of Biafra

Re: IPOB, Ohanaeze Ndigbo reconciliation meeting held in Enugu on July 6, 2018.

Following an important meeting with some respectable Igbo elders, the representatives of IPOB and leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo earlier today July 6, 2018 in Enugu, under the distinguished  chairmanship of the very eminent Prof. Ben Nwabueze; IPOB High Command hereby mandate that all forms of verbal attacks and name calling on all media platforms against Ohaneze Ndigbo seize with immediate effect. No IPOB family member should disparage Ohaneze Ndigbo or its leadership until further notice. 

This is strictly to give room for a number of representations and demands made by IPOB, to those present at the meeting to be given due attention within the shortest possible time-frame, under an atmosphere devoid of rancor. 

The meeting stressed among other things the need for our people, who are presently under siege in parts of Enugu State, to recognise the urgency and need to synergise and constitute a common front against all forms of threats to our existence as a people.

Should this gesture by IPOB, in the face of well documented betrayal and blackmail by the political class be taken for granted, IPOB shall have no option but to stand in the gap to defend the aspirations and collective will of the people of Biafra against every enemy. 

IPOB, as the most potent and largest freedom fighting outfit on earth, remains focused, determined and resolute. Our unalloyed commitment to a referendum in pursuit of our emancipation remain sacrosanct and insurmountable.


Mazi Uche Mefor 

Deputy Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra




Mbanefo, The Deputy Leader of The Indigenous People of Biafra


I have always advised that IPOB try understand Ohanaeze so they can co-exist and work better and that's why i'm happy with the announcement that came from their joint meeting yesterday.

The misunderstanding is simple. IPOB are youths while OHANAEZE are elders. Youths are more vibrant, exuberant, confrontational and do not think too deeply compared to adults before going to war when provoked. While adults think East, West, North and South before they even make provocative statements not to talk of physical confrontation cos no father wants his words to be responsible for his child's death or injury. The great Chinua Achebe said "no father would put a hot object on his son's Pam". Over 90% Igbos want what IPOB want but wanting something and getting it with less casualties is what elders like OHANAEZE NDIGBO consider. When Igbos are provoked, most youths would want to retaliate immediately but the elders project the outcome of the retaliation before supporting, and as Nigeria is now, Igbos are not ready for certain outcomes that will emanate if only IPOB's way is applied. For instance, whenever a Northern army kills an Igbo protester, an average IPOB member would want to retaliate, but an average Ohaneze elder thinks of the 12 million Igbos in the North. IPOB do what youths do and Ohanaeze do what elders do. Both are doing great and need each other. Yagazie! 

Copy from Oruma Chikeluo-Obaeluo


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