Divide and Rule Strategy, Perfectly Working for Hausa/ Fulani and Yoruba Nations Against The Ingenuity of Biafran Nation

Divide and Rule Strategy, Perfectly Working for Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba Nations Against The Ingenuity of Biafran Nation

Written by Solomon Iwejuo
For Family Writers Press
11th August 2018

Today the richest man in Africa is an Hausa/Fulani man. The region with the most dreadful disease called cancer is the people of Ogoni, Ijaw and environs. The functioning and money making businesses today in Biafra land are mortuary, casket and drugs. It is not surprising that the people of Biafra now sleep with one eye open as a result of insecurity caused by lack of job. There are no good roads, pipe born water, hospital and education not to talk of having fresh air as the gas flaring has been a very big threat to life/human living. The headquarters of oil companies have been moved to Lagos occasioned with lack of functioning seaports and leaving the Biafra at the mercy of Lagos Seaports. Political powers have been designated to the North and they now determines who governs us. The fact still remains, if these generations of ours will not stand up against the menace of divide and rule in Biafra land whether Ijaw, Ibo or Ogoni the sky will be the limit of Hausa oligarchy in pursuing us out of our inheritance. The shocks behind the killings of Saro Wiwa, Ogoni Nine (9) , Isaac Borro by Sani Abacha without any justification and Odi evasion may be child play compared to what is to come. A word is enough for the wise.


The women in Biafra land no matter where one hails from, wear/ties two wrappers which distinguished them from other regions like Tiv, Benin or Fulani women. The male children of these tribes (Biafrans) are circumcised on the eight day of his birth. Every tribe has what is called "OFFOR " which our fore-fathers inherited as a symbol of truth. Almost our people in Biafra land, we celebrate new yam festival to mark the beginning of harvest. The marriage ceremony of our people are the same, this is because there must be nocking on the door, that is an introduction, list of things and bride price. The famous ekpo known as "Ojuju Calabar " is designed in Ibiobio which Ibo people used for ceremonial entertainment and cultural festivals. Among these people that make up the entity called Biafra, non can do without each other in displaying these rich cultural heritage .




Furthermore, the meaning of education lies on the quest to know. Education is not all about certificate but the ability to make use of it through an intellectual ratiocinative scrutiny and the curiosity to know. The people of Ijaw, Ogoni, Ibibio, Igede, Igala, Idoma, Ikwerre and Ibo, it is high time to say "NO" to Divide And Conquer or Rule by Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba.


The love Hausa/Fulani man has for Ijaw indigenes is as result of crude oil deposit and they are ready to kill them should they deny them the oil in their land. The divide and rule made a lot of impacts in the life of ordinary Fulani man who ought to have been a gate man to an Ogoni man as a result of his wealthy environment. Babangida, Abacha, Obasanjo and Abdusalam loots for the benefits of their regions placed landmarks in the life of their loved ones. It is worthy to note that the oil wells today are being owed by Northern and Yoruba elites. The linked secret conversation between Kunle and Alhaji indicated the planned deal between Hausa and Yoruba. Little did they know the rise of NNAMDI KANU, Whom through his wisdom revealed things to come to Biafrans. No matter how proud you are about one Nigeria, Hausa/Fulani guns may one day be shot at you. Now take a re-think at these demonstrations: From Abia to Rivers State there is no road. From Imo State to River State there is no access roads in these areas in Biafra land, from Imo to Abia State there is no road. But consider the Northern axis now : From Abuja to Nassarawa State motorable. From Plateau state to Benue motorable and from Kaduna State to Katsina State motorable to mention but a few. The current refineries at Portharcourt and Warri are not working but Buhari is constructing Mega refinery at Daura and Dangote is constructing his personal one and very soon it will hit the ground. Biafra is the only hope to any reasonable man from the East and it is a total liberation from Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba divide and rule strategy .

Edited by Peter Nonso Ikeh,
For Family Writers Press.

~ Biafra Herald




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