Does Nnia Nwodo Really Think We The People Are Stupid? 

Does Nnia Nwodo Really Think We The People Are Stupid? 

By Aiden Dillion 

Nnia Nwodo must think IPOB is as stupid as he is. He never uttered a word when our mothers were abducted, tortured, humiliated and spat on by Fulani north because he was in service to his Arewa masters. After conniving with Okorocha to abduct our mothers to appease his controllers from the north, he is now mouthing his usual rubbish to deceive the gullible and shore up his saboteur base. 

Nnia Nwodo is so foolish he thinks we have forgotten that it was Igbo governors that proscribed IPOB first, before their northern masters tagged us a terrorist organisation in their courts. 

Nnia Nwodo it was that shared money to corrupt Igbo traditional rulers at Nike Lake Resort Enugu to turn a blind eye as IPOB young men were mowed down by Fulani soldiers. 

It was Nnia Nwodo that personally appealed to the commander of 82 Division Enugu and Abba Kiyarri the real power behind Buhari-Jubril to launch Operation Python Dance. The idiot thinks he is smart.






The same Nnia Nwodo is responsible for Operation Python Dance 3 which he planned and cleverly ran to the US to avoid being linked directly with it. 

It is a good thing Nnia Nwodo admitted that northern governors protected treasonous Arewa Youths. Compare that to the treatment of IPOB by Igbo governors. 

Nnia Nwodo keeps mouthing this nonsense that IPOB are his children as of he forgot four of our kidnapped mothers are older than him. 

Other well meaning people spoke up during the worst hours of the ordeal our gallant mothers endured, the Fulani slave chose to speak after they were released. Nwoke lu'chaa ogu, nwanyi enwere akuko. In this case, Umunwayi IPOB lu'chaa ogu, umunwoke Ohaneze enwere akuko. 

Shameless murderous bastard! The blood of those you killed will torment you till your dying day.



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