Dr. Ramas Asuzu Has Joined The League Of Hausa/Fulani Stooge

Dr. Ramas Asuzu Has Joined The League Of Hausa/Fulani Stooge

By Kalu Nwokoro
For Family Writers
20th May 2017

It is rather laughable and a clear question of envy when I was perusing a statement credited to one Ramas  Asuzu, that called himself a Biafran veteran. In the purported statement, he fickly posited that "Nnamdi Kanu is using Biafra struggle for personal interest and self egoism". Ordinarily, one would have ignored the above statement on the account of the usual repugnant style of Nigerian government in using their slavish stooges in Biafra land to foment lies and treachery. But on a second thought, it is paramount and expedient for one to reconsider the damaging implication of the foregoing statement on the image of IPOB and it's supreme leader, Nnamdi Kanu if not properly dismantled and neutralised with tested and verified truth.

Firstly, I seem not to understand the premise on which Mr. Ramas Asuzu is trying to anchor his bogus and envious statement of “personal interest and self egoism". Though, I am not a student of English language but that does not transcend to the fact that I do not understand some of the basic concepts in English language when I see them. Without mincing further words, I will like to give a brief and vivid description of what "personal interest and self egoism" means. When we use the term, "personal interest ", that means, one is expressly describing a situation where an individual only think about oneself all the time without considering the feelings and interest of others. We can also use the term "personal interest" to liken to a situation where an individual outmaneuver others for selfish political and economic aggrandizement. On the other hand, "self egoism" simply means, someone who is too full of himself. It also means, an individual who feel more important than others and is always surging to be treated as such.

Here lies the question that is begging for a cogent answer. How is Nnamdi Kanu using Biafra struggle to perpetuate personal interest and self egoism? Obviously speaking, Mr. Ramas Asuzu has glaringly demonstrated what I call crass ignorance. Nnamdi kanu against all odds laid down his life for his people without minding the dangers involved. Patriotically, he championed the establishment of Radio Biafra which he boldly used to embark on an unprecedented mental sensitisation of Biafrans and the world at large. He questioned, exposed and dismantled the perennial lies that characterizes the British business center called Nigeria. He is not a career freedom fighter.

He is not in the caliber of those shenanigans who go about building hotels, hostels and also parading like vultures in the corridors of power, begging for peanut contracts from their oppressors but they call themselves freedom fighters. Nnamdi Kanu, while in DSS gulag suffered and endured series of excruciating tortures. They denied him food and water just to break him mentally and otherwise but Chukwuokike Abiama did not allow it. He remained resilient, committed and dedicated. Even when his torturers discovered they cannot break him, they resorted to the use of material inducement. It was common in the public domain that the government made series of mouthwatering promises just to woo him into jettisoning Biafra agitation but the prophet ( Nnamdi Kanu ) who understands the spirituality of his call stubbornly rejected the offer.

According to the prophet, "is either you give him Biafra or you lower his body under the 6 feet with Biafra flag". The implication of the foregoing statement is that Biafra freedom is sacrosanct, non negotiable neither can it be bought. He has suffered all forms of humiliation and abuse while in the prison but in the midst of all these travails, he did not blink (contemplated to betray). What a charismatic leader!! A prince who out of lofty love, care and selflessness abandoned his throne and the fanfare it brings to liberate his people from economic and political servitude that is long overdue. What love is greater than this?

Perhaps, every right discerning individual will simply attest to the obvious fact that a man who can display such a rare behavior cannot be said to be pursuing a “personal interest" and also exaltation of "self egoism". No doubt, Mr. Ramas Asuzu only vomited those words out of envy, anger, and frustration. He is only trying to be in the bandwagon of "wannabes". You know, any mischief maker that wants to gain cheap popularity will hurriedly talk about Biafra, IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu because those factors can really sound very bitter and intoxicating to people who are smacks of common sense.

Moreover, I still don't understand the negative approach that Nnamdi Kanu started with according to Mr. Ramas Asuzu. One thing I have been able to understand about black people is that, the black man psychologically has total disdain for the truth. If you want to be a good friend to some Africans, make sure you always remain mendacious. The truth is a poison to them. Just because Nnamdi Kanu told the bitter truth in a dimension that nobody has attempted before now makes his approach negative!! It is really pathetic. If I may ask, ever since the killing of Biafrans took a different dimension since 1999 till date, what did the so-called Biafra veteran did in other to arrest the situation? Practically, he did nothing rather, he goes about fraternising with his slave masters. You want to be in the front burner, you want Hausa/Fulani stooges like you to be consulted before asking for Biafra freedom? Rubbish!!. Elders like Ramas Asuzu can never allow the young generation to grow. Instead of showing fatherly love and approval, you jump like a he goat, throwing tantrums to your son ( Nnamdi Kanu ) in the public just because he outshined you.

For proper clarification, it will be sheer moral decay for any "wannabe" to be throwing tantrums to a man whose mission is sanctioned by Chukwuokike Abiama. Prophet Nnamdi Kanu, is not and can never pursue a parochial interest at the expense of Biafrans. His love for Biafrans is beyond what any man can buy over. Biafrans must always ignore "wannabes" like Ramas Asuzu. Words from such men in Biafra land should be hastily dumped in the dustbin. Their words are meaningless and treacherous. They are merely kleptomaniac stooges used to perpetuate slavery. Biafrans must at all cost, disregard and dissociate themselves from such a man.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers

The Biafra Herald


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