Failed And Expired Nigeria On The High Speed To Rwanda (Part 1)

Failed And Expired Nigeria On The High Speed To Rwanda (Part 1)

By Obulose Chidiebere
For: Family Writers Press.
8th August 2018

According to one article that circulated on social media one time, titled “Nigeria; on the high way to Rwanda”, the writer said, “The clouds of war are gathering with blood sucking gods that follow the perching of vultures. Vultures from Europe, vultures from England, vultures from Asia, yes, vultures from America that deal on arms. With eyes constantly fixed on any trouble spot in the world. They are hopefully praying to extend their business from Tripoli to Abuja.

This is because, Nigeria is fast ascending to the very path that Freetown took. The path that ruined Congo and Libya. The expressway to Rwanda, that is the path Nigeria is fast speeding into.  He continued “Yet, this path is not a new path to us. It's a familiar terrain that we have taken before.

In 1966, long before even the Rwandan path was paved. Nigerian government wasted over 6million Biafrans during the Nigerian genocides against Biafrans, also hundreds of innocent souls were slaughtered before even the uncivil war started. Long before the Rwandan path was paved, religious differences and ethnic intolerance led to a civil war that took our best, took our leaders, took innocent souls and took us backward. The backwardness is still hunting and hurting us till day. And, it's the wounds of the war that was not treated in a round table talk, that is leading to another war.”.
Senators Voting

And again sometime in the 90s, Bola Ige wrote a controversial but truthful article titled, “The Road To Kigali.” Which was later developed into a series of essays published in his Nigeria Tribune Newspaper Column, Bola’s Column, and so many other newspapers and magazines around Nigeria. And if you speed read out the controversies as it relates to who is playing the character of the Tutsi and who is playing the Hutu in the case of Nigeria, Bola Ige argued that, left on the same path Nigeria is trading, the people of Nigeria are headed for the same fate that befell Rwanda. And the base of his argument was that a country that is structurally flawed, inherently unjust, where impunity reigns, and law and order means nothing to anyone, like Nigeria, would constantly flirt with doom.

Since inception of Buhari/APC government, we have heard about importation of assorted  ammunitions and military uniforms and seizure by Nigeria immigration, but the story will always end on the pages of newspapers, nobody knows how and where those ammunition are disposed, who imported the ammunition etc. Those that claimed they are representing you will not even ask. Maybe the ammunitions are distributed to Fulani herders to use and secure their cows or they are storing it for what to come, it is either of the two.

Since inception of this government, the judiciary has become an object of caricature, toothless barking dog, jamboree made up elites dancing naked without compassion for the innocent observers, military and paramilitary has become an intimidating and political thuggery agencies, disobedience to rule and autocracy has become an accepted order.


Looking at the situation in Nigeria under Buhari/APC government, Nigeria may be heading for another war that will be more dangerous than that of that of Kigali in Rwanda.

Nigeria Map Crying

According to Fr. Uche Felix Akam in his article “See Nigeria and weep” he said “When in a nation, people begin to retreat into little spheres where they have trust, in order to protect themselves, one has to concede that governance at every level has failed them. Like I told a friend who was denied US visa in Nigeria last week, "ordinary citizens of great nations are more respected than the most successful people of failed nations." Ultimately, Nigeria has fully degenerated into the Hobbesian state of nature where life is short, nasty, and brutish, a full blown despotic state. See Nigeria and weep” he ended.

The 1994 genocide in Rwanda started when, on April 6, 1994, a plane carrying President Juvenal Habyarimana and Burundian president Cyprien Ntaryamira was shot down as it prepared to land in Kigali. It killed everyone on board. The next day, genocide against Tutsi and moderate Hutu started.
President Habyarimana, a Hutu, had signed a ceasefire agreement called the Arusha Accords. It was aimed at ending the Rwanda Civil War. Hutu extremists who opposed the ceasefire agreement shot down the plane as part of the move to frustrate Habyarimana’s move to share power with the Tutsi dominated Rwandan Patriotic Front. But when the incident happened, Hutu extremists blamed it on the Tutsi. It became an inciting tool in the hands of Hutu leaders who were determined to wipe out Tutsi people in Rwanda.

Jean Kambanda, a banker and an economist, directed the genocide that followed. As the leader of the Mouvement Democratique Populaire, he directed the execution of what they called “the final solution of the Tutsi problem.” The Hutu set up roadblocks and apprehended Tutsi people and massacred them. They distributed machetes and Hutu militias, soldiers and regular folks, hit the streets, killing, maiming and destroying properties belonging to Tutsi. In 100 days, over 70% of Tutsi in Rwanda were killed.
That was not the first time Tutsi had been massacred in Rwanda. It happened in the 50s and 60s. For the Hutu extremists, the Tutsi have dominated the country’s economy and power for generations and must be stopped. To accentuate their narratives, the Hutu tagged the Tutsi as foreigners, oppressors, ‘native colonialists, and even called them cockroaches. In each of the past instances of killing before the 1994 genocide, Hutu government officials have been at the forefront of organizing and supervising the massacre. But more importantly, in their rhetoric before the massacres, they prepared the masses for gruesome acts against the Tutsi.


Edited by Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For: Family Writers Press.

~ The Biafra Herald




Nigeria Map of Killings

Failed And Expired Nigerian State On The High Speed To Rwanda (Part 2)

Fight at the Senate

By Obulose Chidiebere N.
For: Family Writers Press.
9th August 2018

The first step in the preparation is to classify the potential victims as ‘them’ and the potential perpetrators as ‘we’. The set up is the classic ‘we’ versus ‘them’. The line could be drawn along ethnicity, religion, race, and even class. The ‘them’ are next given a symbol. They are discriminated against and then, dehumanized.

In effect, part of the preparation for genocide is to induce hate for the targeted group through vile simplification of complex human issues. For instance, if some members of a group are mafia leaders, the problem is law and order; and law enforcement will do well to treat people as individuals and hold them accountable for falling afoul of the law. It is not something that demands the generalization of the group in question. A good example is the mafia problem in America in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Though most mafia leaders were of Italian descent, America did not tag every Italian-American a mafia. In fact, one of the people that brought the mafia in New York City to its knees was an Italian-American prosecutor named Rudy Giuliani.
The final stage of genocide according to George H. Stanton is denial. He said that it is an indication that future genocides are going to happen.

Fight at the Senate2

Nigeria is well known in the area of conflicts and wars. It has a long history of killings and massacres that fit perfectly well into this genocidal model. And Nigeria has done everything to deny it which means future genocides are going to happen. Instead of acknowledging killings of the past, Nigeria blames the victims. And those who committed those atrocities rather than being arrested and protected, are rewarded with jobs and higher positions in government to continue perpetuating more evil in the nation.

According to the US’ report on human rights violations in Nigeria 2018 they said “Impunity remained widespread at all levels of government. The government did not adequately investigate or prosecute most of the major outstanding allegations of human rights violations by the security forces or the majority of cases of police or military extortion or other abuse of power.”




In spite of all these, the impunity rolling over Buhari/APC government are like a snowball, violations of court orders, killings, raping women and girls, continuous slaughtering of farmers and sacking of communities in Benue, Taraba, Enugu, Plateau and other parts of Nigeria by Buhari kinsmen, Fulani herdsmen, supervised by Nigerian military, Police, DSS etc. Yet, Buhari shamelessly went to Togo for meeting of 53rd ordinary session of the Authority of Heads of States and Government of the ECOWAS to advice African leaders to respect rule of law, and refused to understand that charity they say begins at home. He said that Nigeria is a country that upholds democracy, and is against human right violations. The President didn't even stop his hypocrisy there, he went ahead and urged other African leaders to respect democracy, equity, fairness and justice, what a hypocrisy!

While the president was speaking in Lome yesterday, 8 out of 30 lawmakers in Benue moved to impeach the Governor. While Buhari climbed the podium to speak yesterday, the deputy Governor of Imo State was impeached, after Imo state lawmakers went against a court order, restraining the lawmakers and the state's judiciary from carrying out any impeachment against him.  What was really shocking was that, the 8 lawmakers of Benue State house assembly were protected heavily and aided by armed security men to carry out that impunity; and the remaining 22 were chased away by security men like common criminals.

Buhari was speaking about respecting democracy and the rule of law in Togo, while Sambo Dasuki and El-Zazakay, Shittes leader are languishing in detention despite the several courts of competent jurisdiction that has ruled for him to be released.

What about many members of IPOB that have been killed and many others are still illegally being detained without trial since since 2015 he assumed office, simply because they are asking for their freedom. May be Buhari that went to Togo is not the one that rules Nigeria; that is to tell you that the voice is the voice of Jacob while the hand was that of Esau. it is either Jubril from Sudan is the one ruling Nigeria or otherwise But if really Buhari is the one that spoke at ECOWAS meeting in Togo, he should have known that rule of law, equity fairness and justice is far away from Nigeria. He should have also known that judiciary is dead and expired and the executive has assumed the position of both the executive and the judiciary. He should have known that the Fulanis are killing people on daily basis and taken over their ancestral lands, while the Federal Government and the security agencies are protecting them. This should tell you the kind of people in ECOWAS, this is a clear evidence that Africa is daft.
If there is sanity in ECOWAS, the likes of Muhammadu Buhari, Paul Biya of Cameroon supposed to be languishing in jail for their atrocities against their citizens and the people of Africa.



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