Failed State Index? 

Failed State Index Number 14...

Whenever I hear people lament that Nigeria "was fast becoming a failed state". I often wonder if they don't realise the definition 9f failed states or they haven't seen one. 

Dear Friends, Nigeria is a typical example of a failed state, the environment shows the state has failed, the electoral process shoes that it's a failed state, the propagation of poverty says it's a failed state, internal colonialism by the Fulani shows it's a failed state, the lack of development and the refuse dumps we refer to as towns and cities shows it's a failed state! 

The 1999 Constitution is a solemn proof of the failure of the Nigerian State! 

Nigeria is used as examples in research Institutes in Europe, the Americas and South East Asia as an example of a failed state under the Research Topic "Failed States and Resource Curse".

Every other person outside Nigeria is fully aware that the Nigerian State has failed; ironically, Nigerians are yet to be told that their state had since failed! 

Well, see the picture below; it's the Global Failed State Index for 2018. Nigeria is Number 14 ahead of Afghanistan at Number 9. Nigeria has failed so we ought not be afraid that it has; all we are pushing for is #restructureOrConfederate in order to avoid bloodshed, or #DissolveOrBurst. As per the country being a failed country, it is officially known globally. 

I'd tell you what: very many Nigerians do not realize that Nigeria is typical failed state because most have never seen a state that works; their worldview is Nigeria...never have they experienced an "unfailed state". 

And yes, despite these obvious data, some would still argue in determined ignorance! Typical! 


Baron Roy


Failed State Index

Failed State Index?


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