Family Writers: The Danger Of World's Silence Over Nigerian Government's Romance With Terrorism

Family Writers: The Danger Of World's Silence Over Nigerian Government's Romance With Terrorism

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press
5th March 2018

The Family Writers Press prior to this present time, made numerous calls to the United Nations, European Union, African Union, the United States and United Kingdom governments amongst other notable world players to put into motion, effective modalities that will facilitate the dissolution of Nigeria. This it reasoned will definitely end terrorism in Africa and wholesomely address the seeming elusive issue of world peace and tranquility. Unfortunately however, nothing seem to have been done alongside those clarion calls. But instead, deluge of foreign aid funds continue to get in. A trip to Biafra Herald website publication will serve as enough proof to the breeding of terrorism by the Nigerian government towards having a roadmap for the final and total stoppage of this demonic enterprise. It is disheartening to state here that notable global players like the United States of America, Russia, United kingdom, France et cetera, have thus far played the ostrich with apparent complacency over the menace of terrorism which the Nigerian government is ostensibly and steadily breeding and exporting across the African continent.


Recently, the media carried it that the Nigerian Army has graduated over 400 hardened and killer   Boko Haram detainees from a purported high school. These were terrorist fighters who were reportedly captured during exchange of gunfire with the Nigerian military. And instead of prosecuting them according to the law for enormous and gruesome destruction of lives and properties, they were rather being trained and reintegrated into the society for yet another mandate. The global community has to know that the Nigerian government has callously continued to breed and spread these hardened Islamic terrorists around Africa and probably beyond, under the guise of rehabilitating unrepentant hooligans and vampires, whose life fulfillment revolves round terrorising innocent and helpless people including foreigners resident in Nigeria. The Family Writers Press media organization, a highly professional, concerned and unbiased media outfit with wide range of coverage of very salient and burning issues in Africa, is using this medium to call on the civilized International community to expeditiously, put into action, modalities that will facilitate the dissolution of this contrapted Nigeria and her Sharia law central government. This is to save the dangerous and deteriorating situation currently staring everybody in the face, as occasioned by the seemingly monstrous terrorism build up which is unarguably tied to the planned jihad war to be waged against the Western world's political and economic interests in the entire African continent.

Recently, the Nigerian Army base located in Rann, Borno State came under severe attack by Boko Haram terrorists which killed over four Nigerian army officers and over eight other officers of sister security agencies. The terrorist attackers also kidnapped a number of United Nations Humanitarian Aid Workers. This is enough indication that now is the time for the world to unanimously rise up to stem this ugly trend in Nigeria by breaking the romance between the Nigerian government and terrorism which is being ingloriously exported across Africa and beyond. The continued injection of funds into Nigeria by the United Nations and the World Bank with the hope of helping to rehabilitate the internally displaced persons in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria is only an illusion and a colossal waste of resources. Let it be made known to the world that the so-called fight against Boko Haram terrorists has become a lucrative business venture of the Nigerian government and it's agents as those humanitarian funds are not just only used to service their parochial egocentric interests but are also channeled into breeding terrorism and spreading same to other parts of Africa. There is absolutely nothing like rehabilitating captured Boko Haramists. The Nigerian government is only busy repackaging the terrorists and reassigning them for further through their recruitment into the Nigerian Army, AirForce and Navy. The government is never interested in proffering an enduring solution to the evolving dangerous developments that are orchestrated by these murderous individuals against a cross section of helpless dwellers in Nigeria.


It is on this premise that we boldly state that if the global community persists with it's complacent silence in doing the needful as pointedly outlined here, then it becomes clear that they are equally complicit in this terrorism enterprise in the country. The immediate dissolution of Nigeria is the only panacea to this anomaly so that the different incompatible and contrapted nations of Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa can emerge unfetteredly as tripartitely and  autonomously independent, thereby terminally ending this menace of terrorism in Nigeria. There is no amount of fighter jets or armoury from the United States of America, United Kingdom and Russia or any amount of money sent down from the World Bank or European Union that will suffice nor permanently debar this pending human catastrophe posed by the dastardly operations of Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists. This two terrorist organizations are ostensibly enjoying the sponsorship and patronage of the government of Nigeria. A serving Inspector-General of Police in the country, Ibrahim Idris Abubakar, a Fulani Islamic fundamentalist, it could be recalled, recently, openly and arrogantly stated that nobody can arrest Fulani herdsmen no matter their offences against farmers whose farm products and crops are being daily destroyed unless State Governors mandatorily send away the dwellers from their ancestral homelands and converting their lands to cattle colonies and ranches. With this singular and dangerous declaration of a supposedly reputable public servant in the position of a Police Inspector-General, the government of Nigeria which has surreptitously gone Islamic, has given a state protection to the Fulani herdsmen to continue with reckless abandon, their terrorism all over Nigeria.

Conclusively, I will like to resound it that if the International Community fails to timely intervene in the dissolution of Nigeria and by extension, terminate the terrorism enterprise as being gainfully exported to other parts of Africa, there will most assuredly and imminently too, spring up from Nigeria, an untameable and ferocious monster that will rattle the world with terrorism.


Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press




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