Fulani President Has Brought War on Us, Can We Ever Trust Any Fulani President Again?

TY Danjuma said we should get arms and defend ourselves because #War is coming..

Femi Fani-Kayode said we should be prepared  because the North has declared war..

Gani Adams said that we should never sleep with our two eyes closed because war is coming...

Obasanjo said that we should be vigilant because the North want to Fulanize and Islamize us...

Soyinka yesterday said that we should get prepared to defend our Ancestral land because the North want to colonize us...

Ooni of Ife said that we must be ready for War is coming, since the federal government is playing Politics with people's lives...

Nnia Nwodo, the man that killed over 300 of youths during Python Dance in 2017, because the youth said we should be ready to defend ourselves... Said also that we must #Defend ourselves now or we perish..

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,the first man to warned us also said that we need guns and bullets for War is already here...

But amidst all these warnings, Nigerians plays ignorant and waste their precious time and data discussing #Coza and also whatching Big Brother Nigeria

The time is fast approaching!


Fulani President Has Brought War on Us, Can We Ever Trust Any Fulani President Again?

Burial of Those Killed
TY Danjuma
obasanjo 4
Nnamdi Kanu and Femi Fani-Kayode 3

Not Your Friend...

With Fulani Herdsmen terrorising all parts of Nigeria, killing, raping and invading lands across the Occupied Territories of Nigeria, what exactly is the job of the Nigerian Police? In what way have the police been useful to the Nigerian? Why keep, feed, and fund 400,000 absolutely useless bunch of gun-wielding Early Men that have less than zero value to Security in Nigeria? What exactly is the function of the Nigerian Police, really? 

332 billion Naira for the Nigerian Police in 2018...resulting in greater insecurity! 

And the Nigerian Police is only answerable to the Nigerian President! Great! 

The unitary system is the greatest promoter of insecurity! The regions and the cities must be in charge of their own security. To stave off the Bandits, the Bokos and the Fulani Terrorism, security MUST be local and locally sponsored. 

The Nigerian Police is definitely NOT your friend! 

We must have our #autonomousRegions now... Or we shall burst spectacularly! 


Baron Roy



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