Giving China All Will Get America All For You

I obviously understand fulanis desperate moves to save comatose Nigeria by staking all to China for soul aim of getting her into the bandwagon. Her recent pledge of the nation's major assets as a collateral shows the move of Nigeria. Most people, especially some "Niger Delta Activists" (sic) like Ankio Briggs went into panic with less or no serious understanding of the essence of the whole chinalisation policies of the current regime. 

The current troubles of Nigeria which is simultaneously alongside with Britain, makes Britain useless to Nigeria currently. While Britain is struggling on arresting and having a post Brexit safe landing, Nigeria expects her to alongside carry her challenges with that of hers. Economic minded No 10 Doing understands her vision of "Brits First". While Nigeria sees it as paternal responsibility for Britain to carry alongside her domestic problems with Nigeria, Britain sees it as legal responsibility to solve Britain challenges first before an irresponsible and wayward son (Nigeria) problem. This great shock forces Nigeria to look towards China as advised by Sudan and Pakistan as US is not ready to serve as an alternate hand despite heavy offers like buying whatever is in pentagon shelves (Arms) whether useful or not. 

China was approached as the West are lost! Chinese being jealous lovers in relationships spoiled Nigeria with empty promises with damaging conditionalities that will attract US furry on Nigeria like Currency Swap which is a stabbing on Dollars dominance in international trade. Americans saw Nigeria's move as a Cuba move of 1950s. Currently, US government believes that Nigerian government is a Chinese tool against US interest in Africa. 

Is unfortunate that Nigeria doesn't understand that Chinese foreign policy doesn't allow her to involve in states internal crises. China in 1959 signed a bilateral agreement with Sudan with a heavy investment in old Sudan oil sector, when




Giving China All Will Get America All For You

Israel and US moved to deliver the non south Sudanese Muslims, China couldn't stake alot militarily to her North Sudanese as she understands how dangerous US and Israel ops could be. If China could not allowed herself sucked in heavily invested Sudan, is it in newly investing Nigeria? You can hold the answer... 

While US have in her stock, 20 aircraft carriers, China have two (Liaoning, which was bought from Ukraine, and the Type 001A). Chinese understand this and would not ever wished to go extremely unchecked confrontationally against sophisticated US for the sake of useless country like Nigeria. While the contraption is busy signing paper works with China, US is busy destabilizing economically by staying off her crude which Nigeria will replace due China preference to Iranian oil to the zoo stolen oil. 

Biafrans especially IPOB should understand that "enemy of our enemy" can make a good friend to us. It doesn't matter what we might be accused of, being funded by foreign country, we should disregard such trash and forge a relationship with these zoo enemies. If countries sympathic to our plights choose to come to our aid in any definition, we should welcome them. It is normal to hear trashes like "your used to destabilize Nigeria". What is more destabilizing than state exclusion of a part of the country developmentally? 

If embracing zoo enemies will stop their occupation of our lands and the killings, we should configure to that. For foreign help most cases doesn't mean foreign domination. Biafrans especially IPOB should engage countries especially those whose interests are to destroy the zoo. For the zoo must fall!



Buhari in China


Buhari is using Niger Delta oil assets as collateral for China loan, and the loan is used to build the Infrastructures in the Northern part of Nigeria. I hope Nigerians most especially the oil producing states are aware.

So if there are defaults in payment China will take over your oil rigs including refineries.

China has already taken over major assets in two countries, Zambia and Sri Lanka. Buhari and the Northern cabals came up with this idea because of the growing demand for restructuring. Thus, they will plunge the rich region into dept in favor of the poor regions like the North. They have mandated every Nigerian media not to report this or else they risk total closure. Nigerians have been led into Chinese traps by their northern counterparts and president.



I Won't Allow Nigeria Govt to Sell Our land/Oil to Chinese because they are planning to Kill us All, We must be very careful now - Briggs Annikio Explodes 


The Niger Delta Self Determination Movement (NDSDM) urgently call on Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Bayelsa, Cross River and Edo States, (thesethe oil producing STATES) to be EXTREMELY careful with any future dealings with Chinese Companies (they are colonizers after the Niger Delta resources parading as investors).

We are urgently taking stock of Chinese Companies operating in the Niger Delta under any guise.
They come in bowing and clasping their hands as humble just like their counterparts in Nigeria. 
Based on their tricks with loans and how with these loans they have taken over independent African Countries national assets under the guise of loan default Niger Delta governors must be very careful, the loans Nigeria Federal Government is taking from China will be paid by Niger Delta Oil and Gas not Groundnut and Cattle. 

No investments should be accepted by the Niger Delta states under any circumstances. 
And the Niger Delta states government should urgently and quickly look into any legal documents signed with any Chinese Companies. 





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