Government Achieving RUGA Settlement Through Incitement of Communal Clashes In Southeast

RUGA by Forceful

Written by Ogechukwu Ubah
2nd December 2019

The government of Nigeria has devised a means of achieving RUGA settlement through communal clashes. This devilish plot is masterminded by Governor Dav Umahi who also doubles as the Chairman of Eastern Governor's Forum.

Presently, the warring States are Cross River and Ebonyi States. Indigenes of both States at each other's boarders are used against themselves. Izzi, a local Government Area in Ebonyi is the centre of the fight. Hundreds of lives have been lost since the instigated fight started. Properties worth Millions lost, and homes razed down to foundations. Survivors have fled their homes to unknown destination. The communities are a ghost town as I type.

As the people fled to safety, On 11th October 2019, Fulani herdsmen arrived Izzi land in Ebonyi state in their numbers with their families to settle for Ruga. They were confronted by some courageous Izzi youths who ran to their village after getting a tip of the game, but to the shock of the Indigenous Youths, the Fulani Herdsmen returned with Nigeria Security who claimed that the land was sold to them (Fulani Herdsmen) by Dav Umahi the Governor of the State. Another round of fight erupted between the Fulani Herdsmen and the indigenes of Izzi. More number of deaths has been recorded compared to the number previously recorded during the communal clash.

This is the mayhem that Dave Umahi has brought upon the people of Ebonyi state, his own citizens that voted him into power to protect their lives and Properties. He has sold his people to Fulani herdsmen, and who knows the value of each Life.

All the South Eastern Governors, Dave Umahi, Willie Obiano, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and Okezie Ikpeazu have all compromised, because of power and greed. In Anambra, Governor Willie Obiano rated the value of each of his citizen at N500,000.

After making the Women Windows, Dav Umahi came to mock over 1000 Widows with a gift of 30 bags of Rice and 40 bags of Garri but he ran out of luck when over 1000 Widows trooped out to see what he brought. In confusion, he turned back with his miserable gifts.

Question is, how long will Dave Umahi enjoy the benefit of this evil exchange of the lives of his people with Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen? How can Dave Umahi prefer to make his people slaves to the Fulani Herdsmen in their ancestral land in Biafra? How long will he hold the power he so long to have at the costliest price? This absurdity can only be seen in the Southeast. No other part of the Southern Nigeria can attempt this. They give the Herdsmen maximum protection as they slaughter innocent people from the State and this is despite all the atrocities the Herdsmen have committed and still committing.

This same Governors have used the Nigerian Security to murder the unarmed IPOB members and even went as far as proscribing them. Unless Biafra is restored, the present crop of Governors will wipe out the people using the Fulani Herdsmen.



Written by Ogechukwu Ubah
For: Abia State Media

Edited by Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Abia State Media

Published by Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Abia State Media





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