Hausa Fulani Parasitic, Are Wicked And Lazy

By Victor Njoku
Editor:  Ezekwereogu John
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When the British came they saw the indolence, sluggish, torpid and laziness of the Hausa Fulani. They also saw the alacrity, cordiality, zeal, and devotedness of the great Biafran's.

The British Empire knew that the Northern Hausa Fulani were "syncategorematic " so they can not survive alone. Biafran's where so intelligent and Britain know that without reduction, attenuation and emaciation of the great Biafran's they can not steal Biafra resources and the Noether's will be behind Biafran's.

Britain amalgamated the abominable and damnable contraption {Nigeria} in grade to pep up the north and for them {Britain} to be able to steal from Biafran's, have seen that Hausa's believe in "give me I eat " that is why one wealthy and rich man in the north will be feeding the whole of a community which is given them fish without telling them how to catch a fish.

Resourceful Biafran's edify those who are not opportune how to catch a fish and that is why we don't have an absolute or sacrosanct monarchy, Biafran's are resourceful and edified.

The Fulani's are lazy, parasitic and wicked because they don't work, they depend on Biafran's to survive and the venerable among them don't involve or engage in the edification of the less privilege.

Publisher: Richmond C. Amadi



Hausa Fulani Parasitic, Are Wicked And Lazy

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