Hello Great Biafrans!

Hello Great Biafrans!


How can these precious innocent souls forgive us if we betray their tremendous efforts, which led to their untimely death? Young and vibrant able-bodied men..Most of them were in their early 20s & 30s. They died not because they were exchanging bullets with the Nigerian islamic security forces, but simply because they were exercising their constitutional rights of peaceful gathering with Biafran flags..

We are not even talking about those that died between 1967/1970; over one million innocent Biafran children died of starvation, as a result of land and sea blockade, which in otherwords, could have been avoided, but because of the evil hatred of envy, burning like fury hell; and approved by Lucifer himself ( the British)...or should i talk about those of them that were hacked to death in their various abode in different locations of Nigeria, most especially in the north, as far back as 1945. Their only crime was simply because they were lebeled igbos..regardless if you were Efik oh! Annang, Ibibio, Izon, Urhobo, Itsekiri and igala. The slogan is kill them " Akashe su iyamiri banza" in hausa language

Igbo pregnant women and their sisters from Efik, Annang, Ibibio, Izon, Urhobo, Itsekiri and igala were killed and their pregnant bellies were sliced opened, and the little unborn babies were brought out and sliced to pieces..you can imagine the extend of their barbarism and wickedness..yet we are ONE NIGERIA. This is the only reason why Nigeria cannot work.

Not only that these innocent people were unjustly killed, but their dead corpses were littered in pieces, in every nook and cranny parts of Nigeria..No remembrance or memorial, No honour, No penitence, No proper burial, talk more of befitting burial to appease the dead..if you're thinking what I'm thinking right now, you will understand that their souls have been hunting and tormenting Nigeria. As the saying goes "No peace for the wicked" Nigeria is very wicked in her callous day to day life, even her wickedness is beyond the comprehension of the gods. Her wickedness has metamorphosed to witchcraft, and the scripture say "SUFFER NOT THE WITCH TO LIVE". In conclusion, if we fail to act wise now, by simply disintegrating her evil empire, what will befall all of us soon, will be much much worse than Jewish holocaust..



Biafra Killing
IPOB commends children’s protest against secret trial of Nnamdi Kanu
Biafran Children March
The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) yesterday commended the organisers of the childrens’ rally and peaceful protest against the secret trial of its leader, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu as pronounced by Justice Binta Nyako of Federal High Court, Abuja.
My Great Great Grandfather
Donald Trump with Biafra Map
My great great grandfather I have never seen yet he is always getting in touch with me.
Amnesty International’s
report on Biafra killings
Amnesty International
Amnesty’s 60-page PDF format
report on IPOB/Biafra killings

Biafra Enters into
Bifra Breakes World Record

Tension in Nigeria's Seat of Power as Irish Govt Returns A 122yr-old Map Of Ancient Biafran Empire
Irish Govt Returns A 122yr-old Map Of Ancient Biafran Empire
The Irish Ambassador to Nigeria, Sean Hoy, Saturday 11, made a presentation of three route maps of Calabar and other Niger Delta terrains in the defunct Biafra to the Director General of theme National Commission for Museums and Monuments
Ancient Biafra Map Small
Comparing Singapore as a Lesson for Biafra
Don't get me wrong, Singapore is a nice country to be compared with Biafra. If one day Biafra becomes like Singapore I will be very glad indeed.
I Will Do My Best to Help Biafra ---Pope Francis
Pope Frances greets Biafran protesters
For the first time in history a major world leader Pope Frances greeted the Biafran protesters.
Biafra is my country
Child of Biafra
Biafrans Match On
Biafrans Demonstrate6
Biafra Charter
Biafran Flag3
Biafrans Protesting
Biafrans Demonstrate2
Indigenous People of Biafra
and Radio Biafra
Biafra Radio3
Biafra is not Igbo and
Igbo is not Biafra
Map of Biafra-s
Many have been misled to believe that the defunct Republic of Biafra was another name for the Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria. This notion is totally untrue. The defunct Republic of Biafra was the name for the entire eastern region of Nigeria as at May 30, 1967, which comprised of 8 provinces namely
Meaning of Igbo in Nigeria’s Geopolitics
Meaning of Igbo in Nigeria’s geopolitics
Depending on where one is standing, in Nigeria, the name Igbo is a compound word that includes many ethnic groups heaped together.




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