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Goodluck Jonathan, The Happiest Man In The World Today
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and wife dancing
Fr. Ejike Mbaka (Olorun nikan lo mo nkan to nbaa ka) of Catholic Diocese of Enugu has started seeing vision of how Buhari is the Messiah we have been waiting for
Arewa Commercialised /Enslaved Ohanaeze Ndigbo And Why The Proscription Must Remain
Buhari and Igbo APC
The present leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo socio-cultural group led by John (Judas) Nnia Nwodo, is grossly a commercialized and fraudulent institution, principally purposed to permanently enslave Igbo Biafrans under
Many Sins of Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo and why they must remain proscribed – IPOB
Ohanaeze, Others with Buhari4
Ohaneze Ndigbo has left a destructive trail of blood, betrayal and sabotage of wider Igbo interest, to the extent that nobody in Nigeria has regard for the honour and dignity
No To Buhari Aba Textile Fallacy And Biafra Capital Goods Development Plans Initiative
Buhari in China 2
President Buhari claimed he borrowed $2Bn from China to build Textile industrial in Aba when all the Igbo politicians know that Buhari said he will treat South-South and South-East people as 5% citizen just to hoodwink Igbo politicians in believing in his phony claims.
Chief Obasanjo
“My friends who are not from the East of Nigeria where Igbos come from often ask me why there is so much anger in the East and among Igbos. Some wonder why, despite the famed Igbo”
Biafra: United Nations Cannot Compromise International Laws Guiding Self-Determination Because Of Nigeria
UN Logo
The persistent agitations for the independence of the ancient nation of Biafra can no longer be jettisoned. The United Nations are being held in the juggler to do the anticipated.
Giving China All Will Get America All For You
Buhari in China
I obviously understand fulanis desperate moves to save comatose Nigeria by staking all to China for soul aim of getting her into the bandwagon.
"Sit-At-Home" Compliance: IPOB Wins Endorsement As The Authentic Representative Of The Biafran People
Nnamdi Kanu Waving
The scheduled General Strike/Sit-At-Home Action carried out last Friday 14th September 2018, has successfully come and gone, leaving behind, damning ripple effects on the political cum economic psych of the saboteurs.
Countering The Lies Of Nigeria Gutter Media
Burnt Truck in Port Harcourt 2
Yesterday, suspected Nigeria security men went and burned down trucks in Port Harcourt and paid Sahara Reporters to say it's IPOB members that did it.
The IPOB Diplomatic Steps That Is Worth Appreciating
IPOB Executives
Photo: IPOB Executives
I remembered years back when Biafra struggle was best described as "movement of touts". Sincerely looking in all empirical results, it was!
Catholic Priest Cautions Those Defending President Buhari
General Strike Day
When Hitler started killing Jews, some Jews benefitting from Hitler were also defending him. It was not long before Hitler came for their heads
Biafra: Biafra Referendum And Reasons We Must Accept It
Biafra Referendum 2
The referendum does not mean war, its a system whereby electorates from a particular region of a country are invited to vote on an important proposal; As in the case of divorce or separation of a region from a country
More>>>>Deeper Life Crusade Poses No Problem To Biafra General Strike---IPOB
Deeper Life Crusade
There has been raging controversies and misconceptions bordering on the planned Biafra General Strike/Sit-At-Home and purported Deeper Life Crusade that are coincidentally taking place on Friday 14th September 2018.
Nigerian Army Has Now Been Reduced to Nothing But Only Propaganda Tool
Nigeria Army 14
I learnt that the reason for the inordinate urge to launch Operation Python Dance III in South East is just to instil fear into IPOB leadership to stop her from conducting her referendum for Biafra independence.
Why IPOB Embarked on Sit-at-Home on September 14 By Mazi Uche Mefor
Why do you want to embark on sit-at-home on Sept 14 by Mazi Uche Mefor Deputy Leader of IPOB
Staying In Nigeria Means Enslavement And A Bleak Future For Biafrans
Army Manhandling Biafran Youths
There is an eye-catching transition going on in the Nigerian Islamic, visionless government, characterized by certain phenomenal activities apparently suggesting that Biafra restoration is at the daybreak of a new era.
Oppression And Not Operation Python Dance III
Army Tankers
The Nigerian military announced the oppression she called “operation Python dance III” to be carried out in the southeastern part of the country, which is the region of Biafra.
Operation Python Dance III: The Stink Of A Rotten Nigeria
Ohanaeze and PD III
Photo: Ohanaeze and PD III
Biafra is well known for her economic, social and peaceful coexistence amongst her citizen and with foreigners who, troop en mass into her land for businesses.
Now Nigerians will understand what The Freedom fighter Nnamdi Kanu always say
( Boycott all Elections in Nigeria)
Nnamdi Kanu power sign
Now Nigerians will understand what The Freedom fighter Nnamdi Kanu always say ( Boycott all Elections in Nigeria) let's talk about the Unity of this ZOO Nation first
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met today in New York with US President Donald Trump and made the following remarks
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met US President Donald Trump
"Mr. President, Donald, thank you, and this is a manifold thank you. First, thank you for your strong words yesterday at the General Assembly against the corrupt terrorist regime in Iran. You back up your strong words with strong actions. And I think that the fact that you brought American sanctions to bear has cut the cash machine of
Buhari Is The Chairman Of Nigerian Scam Association
Buhari in Army Gear
Buhari the scam artiste must go back to his hole in Duara or Sudan 2019
The Speech Of The Deputy Leader Of IPOB Mazi Uche Mefor
Deputy Leader Of IPOB Mazi Uche Mefor
The Speech Of The Deputy Leader Of IPOB Mazi Uche Mefor, As It Was Copied By Igwe Donald From Live Broadcast Of Radio Biafra London.
Facts You Should Know About Nigeria
Buhari West Africa Cert
Nigeria was forged by a British Fedrick Lugard through the forced amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorate in the year 1914
Another Victim Of Operation Python Dance III: Army Officer Kills A Biafran In Obigbo Rivers State
Victim of Operation Python Dance III 3
Family Writers Press can authoritatively report that the murderous Islamic Fulani Fundamentalist Nigerian army officer, has shot dead, a Biafran at Obigbo, Rivers State, Biafraland.
We Have Been Eaten Before the Meeting
Biafrans Swimming
Before swimming pool came to existence we have been swimming ka mgbe eri. They lied to you that Mongo park nwa onyeocha discovered River Niger you believed without questioning.
Why Igbos Take The Most Hit For All Biafran Ethnicities
Biafra Wedding
Some Igbos wonder why Hausa Fulani hates them so much but pretend to love IJAW or Ogoni or Urhobo but yet call all of us Igbos in the north and Yoruba do the same in the west
Igbos Are Not The Problem Of Nigeria! (Igbos don't commit atrocities, or kill people)
Fani Kayode Family
It is not the Igbo that has massacred our people, raped our women and burnt our homes and farms. 
IPOB Led By Nnamdi Kanu is the Only Option
Nnamdi KANU in black and white attire
Before Nnamdi Kanu started speaking on Radio Biafra, many of us had heard of Biafra before but were never interested.
Ikpeazu Gave The Order For Us to Shoot At Anything That Moves At Nnamdi Kanu’s Home – A Solider Revealed
Governor Ikpeazu
We Killed About 1,500 IPOB Members, Not 28. Many are Inside The Bush And We Carried Some Of Them.
It is No Longer News That Fulanis Have Declared War Against Indigenous Nigerians - T.Y. Danjuma
Fulani’s have declared war against indigenous Nigerians and grabbing our lands in north and middle belt and we playing games with Buhari...the game should be up now.
We’ve Discovered 7 Graveyards Where 180 Pro-Biafra Activists Were Buried, NGO Claims
Graveyards Discovered Where 180 Biafra Activists Were Buried
The International Society for Civil liberties and the Rule of Law, Intersociety, Monday alleged that no fewer than seven secret graveyards have been independently located in three states of Delta, Anambra and Abia.
Theresa May “in bed” with Terrorist Buhari? Plans for Another Genocide Against Biafrans?
Prime Minister May with President Buhari
British Prime Minister, Theresa May was in Nigeria to meet with Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian President, and it is reported they entered into an agreement on security
Biafra: Joy Erupts In Enugu As Detained Ipob Women Return Home
IPOB Family in Enugu
The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) family in Enugu, on Saturday 25th August 2018, went into jubilation, as the women that formed the bulk of illegal detainees in Owerri were welcomed home.
Biafra: Igbos And The Celebration Of New Yam Festival
Yam Festival
It has become expedient to break the pervading silence concerning the disgusting behaviors of the so-called Igbo elites/intelligentsia on their irresolute mindset pertaining the affairs of their own people in the entity called Nigeria.
President Buhari is Lifeless - President Trump
President Buhari and President Trump
I don't want to meet someone as lifeless as Buhari again - President Trump said after meeting Buhari at the White House.
Among the Ibos of Nigeria By G T Basden
Among The Ibos of Nigeria
Eventually I am able to lay my hands on a hard COPY of the book published in January 1921 by A British missionary George T. Basden
Nnamdi Kanu, qualifies as a ‘Head of State" -Former U.S Attorney General Bruce Fein Tells UN
Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB2
Former U.S Attorney General Tells UN: Designate Nnamdi Kanu as Internationally Protected Person,
What Biafra Is Not
Biafrans Kids
If you ask an innocent sceptic, he will answer that we need to love ourselves first before Biafra comes
Turkish President Says “Let Biafra Go”
Recep Tayyip Erdogan
The president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told Nigeria president, Mohammed Buhari to let Biafrans go
UN’s Battered Image And The Need For Redemption By Granting Biafra Freedom
UN Mark
Recently, the United Nation (UN) has been receiving barrage of critics from the American government. The American government has in several occasions, openly criticized UN of being pro-Islam and threatened to
Many Sins of Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo and why they must remain proscribed – IPOB
Ohanaeze, Others with Buhari4
Ohaneze Ndigbo has left a destructive trail of blood, betrayal and sabotage of wider Igbo interest, to the extent that nobody in Nigeria has regard for the honour and dignity
Nnamdi Kanu's Ordeal: Justice Binta Nyako And Nigeria Judicial Council Must Be Held Accountable
Nnamdi Kanu in Courtyard
It is over one full year running now since the 14th of September 2017, when the Nigerian army murderously invaded the palace of His Royal Majesty (HRM) Eze Israel Okwu-Kanu of Afara-ukwu Ibeku ancient kingdom
Nnamdi Kanu’s Where About; Rejoinder On Orji Uzor Kalu’s Misguided Statement
Orji Uzor Kalu’s Misguided
Nnamdi Kanu’s Where About; Rejoinder On Orji Uzor Kalu’s Misguided Statement - Orji Uzor Kalu To Be Summoned Soon To Testify On Oath Over His Prejudicial Assertions
The Moral Burden Before The Security Council Of The United Nations 2
UN Secretary-General
Revolution, the genocide, blockades, starvation and well synchronized bombardment by presumably a front liner in the formation of United Nations and the entire Arab world against Biafra
Well Done o o o o  Biafrans
Sit-At-Home - A Huge Success

Everywhere in Biafra Land – A Ghost Town
Why I Resigned As Minister Of Finance – Adeosun
Mrs Kemi Adeosun
Photo: Mrs Kemi Adeosun
Mrs Kemi Adeosun, the finance minister until today, in her letter of resignation to President Muhammadu Buhari responded for the first time officially to the allegation of forging the NYSC exemption certificate, by expressing profound shock.
Female Biafran Activist Regains Freedom, After One Year Illegal Detention
Ibeh Gift and another lady
Ada Nnude a female Biafran activist regains her freedom, exactly one year of illegal detention and incarceration.
Nigeria Deserves a Living President, Buhari is Long Dead, Believe It or Leave It – Saraki
Saraki, Senate President
Senate President and Presidential aspirant under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, has said that Nigerians deserve a President with proven capacity and capability in 2019.
Fani-Kayode: If The Yoruba Were Visited By Genocide, We’ll Not Be Talking Of One Nigeria
Plateau - Some of the Dead
The former minister of aviation and PDP Chieftain, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, has said that Nigerians will not be talking of one nation if the genocide that the Igbo and the Middle Belt were subjected to were visited on the Yoruba
Primate Ayodele To Igbo: Forget 2023 Presidency, You’re Being Deceived…I See Major Referendum
Primate Elijah Ayodele
Popular seer and founder, Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, with headquarters in Lagos, Primate Elijah Ayodele, made public the 2018/2019 And Beyond
As Theresa May Visits Buhari, She Must Remember Biafra
Theresa May and Buhari
British Prime Minister, Theresa May, is visiting the killing-field called Nigeria – a contraption created by her country.
Nigeria Must Account For Victims of ‘Enforced Disappearance’, Says Amnesty International
Amnesty 5
Amnesty International has asked the Nigerian government to release those who have been subjected to enforced disappearance in the country.
The Tricks of Britain and What the Lifeless President Doesn't Know 
British Sucking Nigeria Blood
Britain is exiting European Union next year, and Scotland is threatening to Back out of United Kingdom if Britxit is succeeded, since Scotland is the only country sustaining UK
Politicians With N232Bn Corruption Cases Are Working Tirelessly For Buhari’s Re-Election So That They Can Get Away
Politicians Working for Buhari Re-election
About eight out of the politicians working for the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari in the February 2019 election have pending corruption cases worth N232bn according to Punch Newspapers.
President Buhari and Pastor Kumuyi of Deeper Life - The Two Confused Men
President Buhari and Pastor Kumuyi and Wife 2
The prophet of our time Mazi Nnamdi Kanu told us in 2015 to stop going to Yoruba churches some people started calling him names
Buhari and Atiku - The Same, No Difference
Atiku and Buhari
it will never be well with any Biafrans that campaigned or celebrated over Abubakar Atiku primaries winner for P.D.P presidential contender
Buhari’s Independence Day Lies
Reno Omokri and Buhari
Reno Omokri and as usual, President Buhari’s Independence Day broadcast was full of lies. I will now expose each lie with facts
UN Hosts IPOB: Nigerian Government And "Ohanaeze Ndigbo" Labouring In Vain Against Biafra
Trump at the UN
It was a very  welcome development and a great diplomatic move for the people of the old Eastern region  as the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leadership was invited by the United Nations
Biafra: At Last We Are There
IPOB Leader
I want to personally and sincerely appreciate the IPOB Worldwide and especially the leadership for the mind-blowing achievements recorded in recent time.
President Donald Trump Stood His Ground on Buhari!
President Buhari and United States Secretary of States, Mr Pompeo
Remember President Donald Trump vowed that he won't be meeting this lifeless President again called Muhammadu Buhari.
UN to Investigate Swiss Embassy Over Visa Denial to Members, Kanu’s Family, Claims IPOB
UN Swiss
The Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) is claiming that an investigation is underway by the United Nations over the refusal of entry visas by the Swiss Embassy in Abuja to the family
Ibrahim Bunu Blames Nigerian Youths For Buhari Continued Incompetence
Starving youths
Why are we blaming Buhari and Not Ourselves! In 2015, we changed a govt under which human beings and businesses fared well.
For The Love Of Dogged Perseverance And Due Justice: A Protest Letter By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu To President Donald Trump, The U.S Congress And The Judiciary
President Donald Trump
I am acutely humbled and intensively galvanized to present you with this letter. With all my heart, I must embrace the unparalleled truth by commending the leadership crew of the United States of America and her law-abiding citizens for the following reasons;
Let Biafra Go, Donald Trump Sends Strong Message To Buhari
Donald Trump and Buhari
Donald Trump the Republican front-runner in the United States forthcoming election has issued a Statement Regarding British Referendum on E.U. Membership
Biafra: Why We Visited United Nations----IPOB
IPOB Executives
Photo: IPOB Executives
We the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) commend the leadership and delegation led by the deputy leader Mazi Uche Mefor to the United Nations On September 14, same day Biafrans were remembering the victims of the invasion of the home of our leader
Biafra: Repent as you Cannot Expunge the Biafran Consciousness
Army 2
I quietly went to the residence Comrade Nnamdi Kanu this morning to observe the arena.
"No need For Show of Force on Biafrans, Allow them to go because it is their Right" - Adegboruwa tells Nigeria Govt over IPOB Sit-At-Home
Rights activist and legal practitioner, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa has urged Federal Government to consider option of negotiation and civilised way to address issue of agitation currently going on in all the states of the South East instead of show of strength or display of military might.
Awolowo Generated Unscrupulous Faults to Hinder Advancement of Nigeria
Chief Awolowo
Awolowo nailed the coffin on the progress of Nigeria when he foolishly and shamelessly accepted position of Federal Commissioner of Finance from Gowon who was his sons age mates.
The Situation in Nigeria Right
Kids waiting for Meal
This is a good observation from a private individual on the situation in Nigeria right now!
Memo to Mr President
Buhari We Should Know
This memo is necessitated by issues of urgent national importance not unconnected with your statement at the Annual Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association where you told a gathering of eminent judges and lawyers
The Masses Puzzle With Igbo Biafran Politicians Remains Their Cynicism Over The People's Plights
South East Governors 2
It is obviously irrefutable that Ohaneze Ndigbo led by John (Judas) Nnia Nwodo in criminal affinity with other political spent forces are surreptitiously recruiting some misguided social media misfits/e-rats to launder their gravely battered images
Does Nnia Nwodo Really Think We The People Are Stupid?
Why IPOB is Angry with Nigeria - Nwodo
Nnia Nwodo must think IPOB is as stupid as he is. He never uttered a word when our mothers were abducted, tortured, humiliated and spat on by Fulani north
Asari Dokubo Quote
Asari Dokubo 8
They said that the Igbos are not our brothers but when they will kill the Igbos they will send their Army troops to blockage our land to start killing us first. Who are they deceiving?
The Many Lessons Of The Buhari Presidency
Buhari Presidency
We now know that the #OneNorth slogan is another lie. The North has never been one. The #ScionsOfDanfodio only treats the whole North as one when they want to use Northern Christians and other Minorities
The Fulani Empire Against Us
Jihadists of the Fulani Empire
How Fulanis Destroyed Hausa People And Made Hausa People Their Slaves
The War After The War
Biafra New Recruit
The war that ended in 1970 against the Biafrans opened the gate to another war that is still raging on till today.
Nnamdi Kanu with Akfe
It was never by chance nor by mistake that my forefathers coined the phrase or The adage; "Igbo bu Igbo", directly or indirectly warning us their descendants that indeed there are Igbos
Letter To IPOB Leadership
Biafra Flag 4
What you are seeing hear in this pictures is dead bodies at OTTA HOSPITAL MORTUARY The missing of IPOB members killed by the zoo military since 2015 till date 2018 should be investigated
Biafra: Still on the Visa denial to Kanu’s family members by Switzerland Embassy
Swiss Embassy
It baffles the world to see the Switzerland Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Eric Mayoraz who supervises all the activities of his country’s embassy situated at Plot 157, Adetokunbo Ademola crescent, Wuse II Abuja, displaying such insensitivity towards the plight of
Buhari In Aso Rock Is Fake – Sule Lamido
Buhari or J
A former governor of Jigawa State and Peoples Democratic Party presidential aspirant, Sule Lamido, on Saturday kicked off his electioneering campaign
Biafra: The 1914 Amalgamation, A Curse
1914 Amalgamation - A Curse
The "One Nigeria" slogan is one of the biggest lies of this century; There is absolutely nothing one about Nigeria.
We Are Writing A Warning Letter To Sudan President To Come And Take Back Their Citizen In Aso-Rock As Nigerian President – Fani Kayode
Sudan President, Omar al-Bashir
‘President Buhari Is Evil’- the Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has lambasted Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, for describing President Muhammadu Buhari as the symbol of Nigeria.
Biafra: Divide and Rule (Southeast/south), A Strategy that is Deceiving Many
Divide and Rule
As much as I know, a house divided against itself can simply be manipulated by enemies.
History Repeats Itself First as a Tragedy, Second as a Farce!
Army 2
The global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) condemns in its entirety the second invasion of our leader's village Afaraukwu Umuahia Abia State.
Nigeria is too Small to Stop Us From Conducting Biafra Referendum - UN Blast Nigeria Again
UN Official
As you are reading this message this afternoon, if you are not basking in the euphoria of uncomprehending ignorance on the current Nigeria versus Biafran situation
They Never Heed Kanu’s Warning that those Biafrans who Betray their Principles Following Nigeria Govn’t will Certainly Regret It
Father Mbaka and President Buhari2
Good morning Rev. Mbaka. The authentic prophet of Chukwu Okike Abiamah, Mazi Nnandi Kanu warned that any Biafran who goes to prostitute himself with the Zoo government will certainly come home empty handed
Going Back in Time, Before Nigeria was Created in 1914
King Jaja of Opobo Stature
During the Biafra years before the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 by the British, Biafra has been in existence before then
Theresa On Wednesday, And Angela On Friday Same Week
Buhari with Heads of States
Interesting days isn't?. One wonders why the August meetings. But on a second look, I discovered that as women even in Biafra, the 2 women can't joke with their August Meetings.
Sad For The Yoruba Nation By A Yoruba Man
Igbo go home 2
Did the Igbos put guns on anybody’s head before buying up Alaba, Ajegunle, isolo and Oshodi in Lagos?
Haters: We Have No Regret, Igbo is What We Are!
Igbo Day 17 (Photo by Okaa Omee)
GREAT Ndi Igbo have no apology to tender for whom we are, Igbos had never in the history of its nationhood venture to ethnic cleansing or mass murder of any tribe
HEARTBREAKING!! See Photos of Hundreds of Nigerians Who Died Of Hunger While Trying to Cross Desert to Europe
Danger Travelling to Europe
According to report, thousands of Nigerians trying to cross Europe through the Sahara Desert because of the harsh economic condition in the land have met their untimely death as a result of starvation, hunger and dehydration.
President Buhari and Family Are Big Scammers
Buhari's Daughter
According to the President of the Senate, Dr Bukola Saraki who revealed that Buhari’s Daughter is a board member of NNPC.
Nigeria: Nation That Does Things Differently
Nigeria Flag Map
Nigeria is the only country that does her things differently from other countries of the world
Nobody Is Given 'The Pillar Sit' In IPOB
No Body is Given a Pillar to Sit in IPOB
Some might be pondering on what Amarachi meant, by 'Pillar Sit'? Yes, Builders and Construction workers can discern the paramountcy and premier of Pillar to a magnificent building.
Need For Maximized Support To IPOB In Her Proscription Of Ohanaeze Ndigbo
Biafrans 13
The story surrendering the biblical Moses regarding his stand for his own Israelitish people in their captivity in Egypt, prominently stands out as requisite credentials of a worthy leadership.
Biafra: IPOB Commend Its Leadership for a Successful Meeting with United Nation
IPOB Leadership
On September 14, same day Biafrans were remembering the victims of the invasion of the home of our leader at Isiama Afaraukwu Umuahia
Ohanaeze Ndigbo And Igbo Governors Are No Longer Mandated To Speak For The People
Ohanaeze and Governers2
The shameful and humiliating defeat suffered by South East governors, Nnia Nwodo’s Ohaneze Ndigbo and other self proclaimed saboteurs, at the hands of IPOB as a result of the successful sit-at-home protest on the 14th of September 2018, will go down in history lane as the singular most memorable episode since after the war that returned leadership of the east back to the people.
The True Holy Communion
Where we raise the kolanut made by God.
They raise bread made by man
The Precolonial Igbo Fathers Deserve Your Honour!
These are the precolonial Igbo; the only ethnic group in the world with military power as far back as the 9th century but never used it to harass their neighbors.
Why Britain Instigates, Supports, Sponsors, and Sustains Conflicts In Africa, (and The Rest Of The World)
British Police in the Village
Britain, has of old, been dependent on the resources of other nations, which they forcefully confiscate (seize), denying the owners of the resources the benefits of those resources
Biafra: The Uncircumcised Gov. of IMO, Rochas Okorocha Continuously Advertises His Lacklustre
Governor Rochas Okorocha Inauguration 1
The Uncircumcised born-thrower, Governor of Imo state (Rochas Okorocha) Will never seize to advertise his lacklustre to the entire world.
Nigeria: Burning and Looting
Amanda Uzor 1
Corruption remains a major concern in Nigerian politics, but political corruption is not only in an election, where individuals and organizations donate huge money
Why We Called for a General Strike on the 14th of September 2018
Biafrans 11
At a time when more bodies of innocent victims of Operation Python Dance 2, killed last year by the Nigerian Army are being discovered in mass graves in Abia State
Amid Trump’s ‘Lifeless’ Comment, UK Prime Minister Says Nigeria is Home to World’s Poorest People
Feeding British Fat
The United Kingdom Prime Minister, Mrs. Theresa May, ahead of her visit to Nigeria today (Wednesday) has decried the situation in Nigeria where only some individuals enjoy the fruits of the country’s “resurgent
Only But One Day
One Day But One Day
In 1945 in Jos, you killed our parents, we didn't retaliate.
Continued Detention, Humiliation Of Our Women, An Affront – Igbo Group Tells FG….
Biafra Women in Prison Van 3
A leading Igbo socio-cultural association, Igbo Bu Igbo (IBI) has told the federal government to stop the humiliation of Igbo women under the dubious guise of crackdown on IPOB
Enough of the Erroneous and Mischievous Ranting of Some of My (Our) Misinformed Niger Delta Brothers
Eastern Region Premier Dr Michael Okpara and his cabinet members
Efa-Iwa Rex Egbe wrote this piece for us to learn a bit of our history.
Operation Python Dance 3: Deploy Army to Farms, Construction Sites, Ohanaeze Tells FG
Ohanaeze, Others with Buhari2
Ohanaeze Ndigbo has called on the Federal Government to deploy officers and men of the Armed Forces to farms, road construction sites and engage them for city beautification purposes if there are no more defence jobs
What Lord Frederick Lugard Had To Say About Hausa, Yoruba And Igbo...
Lord Frederick Lugard
During the handover notes Lord Lugard wrote to his colleague, Walter H. Lang, on the 25th of September 1918. The quote reads inter alia
History: Biafra Opening The Eyes Of Black Race
Her Majesty The Queen
I have followed closely the recent Biafra agitations and the comments for and against as well as the belief that Biafra only came in 1967 or that Biafra is only Igbo or landlocked.


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