How Almajiri Hausa/Fulani People Talk Without Thinking

Yerima Shettima, Arewa Youths
Yerima Shettima

By Igbo Focus
10th April 2020

One of the problems with these almajiri Hausa/Fulani people is that they don’t realise how foolish they are when they are talking especially on Igbo issues. They don’t even know how sad and stupid they sound because they haven’t taken time out to study the issue or the Igbo people that they are talking about.

Every almajiri will come out to talk down on Igbo people as if they are better or wiser than them. Although Igbo people haven’t got the time for almajiri Hausa/Fulani nonsense talk but once, a single Igbo person response to them or speaks about them, they feel that the end of world has come. Thus, they will be wanting or calling for that Igbo person to be hanged, killed because he/she talked bad about them. Almajiri Hausa/Fulani believed that only them have the monopoly of talking down on Igbo people. 

According to Yerima Shetima who said “I am very happy for the outbreak of Coronavirus. Let me see between Igbos and Hausas/Fulanis who will survive Coronavirus lockdown.”

According to Shetima, I always observe Igbos making a lot of noise that they're the pillar that holding this country, but they forgot that we the Northerners are the people providing food for this country.

Now that there's entry state border Closed, let me see who will survive.

Even if it lasts for one year, the North has no problem of food we provide foodstuffs for ourselves and for Nigerians, only the Southeast will suffer the damage.

The foodstuffs Shetima is talking about are those stolen from the South East Traders or businesses by Nigeria Customs as seized goods.

The plan of Hausas/Fulanis are to steal and share millions of bags of rice confiscated from Igbo traders, businesses by Customs who claimed that those imported bags of rice cause cancer. Yet, they are willing to share the bags of rice among themselves - northerners who claimed to be food sufficient during this time of coronavirus lockdown.

Igbo Traders' Seized Good
Igbo Traders' Seized Good

Igbo Traders' Seized Bags of Rice
Igbo Traders' Seized Bags of Rice

As you can see these bags of rice were seized from Igbo traders, businesses by Nigeria Customs and now being shared to Northerners to help them sustain themselves during this coronavirus lockdown otherwise they will die. Remember that this has been their plan all along with the Nigerian Government who issued the order to share bags of rice and other goods seized by Igbo traders, businesses to the North.

Igbo Traders' Seized Bag of Rice 1

To the same extent, you can see a girl above carrying a bag of rice that customs claimed to be poisonous. Thousands of foreign bags rice imported by mostly Igbo traders, businesses whom the Nigeria government seized through customs claiming that those bags of rice were poisonous thus seizing them. Now, the same poisoned bags of foreign rice are being distributed and shared for free to families living in the north at this covid-19 lock down.

It is important to remember that a lot of Igbo traders, businesses have gone broke and out of business just because of this unjust act Nigerian Customs? Now the same rice deemed to be very poisonous and not good for consumption is precisely what they and their families are currently eating and enjoying.







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