How Do We Get Involve with a Dysfunctional System that is as Corrupt as a Hell??

How Do We Get Involve with a Dysfunctional System that is as Corrupt as a Hell?

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

"To change a dysfunctional system, you must get into the system and overhaul it from within. In other words, if you desire a restructured Nigeria or even a peacefully divided one like I do, you have only two PRACTICAL options:

Find a way to positively conspire to take over the system by participating in the political process Or Go and get guns and be ready to use violence."

A quote from Charles Ogbu

Firstly, before I start analysing the above quote from my friend Charles, I will first of all point out that the second option never gave room for a peacefully divided Nigeria, for the second option talked about getting a GUN and we all know that guns can bring division but not a peaceful division, while there isn't division clause in the first. That having been said, I will try to analyze the above quote as it effects IPOB. 

IPOB is a separatist nonviolent group that believe in self-determination of Biafra people through a referendum. IPOB believe that it's of no use participating in the political process in Nigeria. This means that IPOB fall off from the first option. That also neutralizes the #Boycott move of IPOB and renders it impotent. For you can't boycott and at the same time participate in the political process of Nigeria. 

In the second option, IPOB as a nonviolent group will not pick arms in their fight for freedom. That's also means that the two options are far from the paths IPOB is taking.

Looking at the two options, one can't but declare that IPOB is unserious in their fight for freedom which includes dividing Nigeria. But is IPOB really missing the point? Should IPOB have embraced Nigeria political process? Or maybe metamorphose into a political party. Is boycott really an insane or sentimental move in the part of IPOB?

I am raising these questions because that's exactly the questions the quote is provoking. The quote is simply saying to IPOB 'GO JOIN THE POLITICAL PROCESS IN NIGERIA OR GO GET YOUR GUNS AND BE READY TO USE VIOLENCE.' 

It's very clear and certain that IPOB order on election boycott will surely cause havoc come 2019. Those that said Anambra boycott was a flop is still afraid of IPOB boycotting 2019 election. If Anambra election wasn't boycotted, if people in Anambra didn't obey Nazi Nnamdi Kanu's order to boycott Anambra election, then why are people worried over IPOB boycotting 2019 election?

But this is not the main issue. 

Let us critically analyze the options starting from the first

"Find a way to positively conspire to take over the system by participating in the political process" 

This first option from Charles raised some very important questions like...

How can we positively conspire to take over an evil system like Nigeria? 



Have people of good will not really participated in the political process in Nigeria? 

What became of them? 

Did they succeed? 

If no, why?

We can't claim ignorance of the answers to the above questions. Many trusted people, even human right activists have joined the Nigeria political system and ended up as a flop. Even lawyers that were federalists ended up becoming devils. Didn't Falana once believe in restructuring? Which music is he singing today? Is Adams Oshomole not a former President of Labour? Wasn't he for the people? Who is Oshomole today after swimming the dirty devilish waters of Nigeria politics? Is he not today a shameless mad man defending the worse tyrant in the whole world. Mention one 'good' man that have entered Nigeria political process and remained the same. Is Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu not renowned journalists standing for the people? Are they not today asking people to give their killers their ancestral lands as to live? Are they not defending the tyrant today.

At times I wonder if we really understand how dirty, evil and devilish Nigeria political system is. How on earth are you going to take over an evil system like Nigeria with the satans claiming to be politicians? Do you take it over as a region or as a nation? How are you going to take over the system strongly held by the North? How do you match the number of the North? If you believe that Nigeria can't restructure without pushing and frightening the caliphate, then how will mere participating in the process shake the caliphate?

When are we going to face reality and understand that restructuring is hopeless? Nnamdi Kanu hit them hard and the North constituted Restructuring Committee. Where is that committee today? Didn't the whole media started talking restructuring? Are they still talking about it? 
It's on this note I say that those trying to positively conspire to take over the system by participating in the political process in Nigeria will fail and betray the people just like the likes of Adams Oshomole.

Don't salvage Nigeria, crash Nigeria. This is why I strongly support IPOB. This is why I believe strongly in boycotting Nigeria election. Stop legalizing criminal Nigeria constitution. We should be talking about a revolution and not encouraging people to go on voting.

This brings me to the last option ....

"Go get your guns and be ready to use violence."

IPOB will not actually go and declare war against Nigeria. IPOB will use referendum to rebirth Biafra, but like every living thing will defend themselves, IPOB will do same and will not allow Nigeria to kill them all.

Brothers, listen to no one asking you to vote. We have voted for good 58years, let us #Boycott.



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