How Do You Look at Nigeria Today?

By O Mathew
12 July 2018

You know, I don't impose my wish on anyone. Neither do I persuade you to believe in what I believe in. But we must let the truth out of the cage. Let it be said! Let it be told! Let it be publicised! That Nigeria, a conglomeration of many dissimilar nations that never worked for 58 years is better be broken.

I wish to educate some of my brothers here; if Nigeria is your nation, where is your national home? Abuja? Come on! We have a nation, a nation ruthlessly merged with other ruthless nations to the glory of Britain.

Then, why do you still serve her?
Why do you still pledge to her?
Why do you still strive to vote in her fraudulent elections?
58years of unworkable political system.
58years of Fulani dominance.
58years of uncondemned murdering of our people like street fowls.
And I tell you, a nonsense at 58 is a rubbish forever.
How then do you look at Nigeria?
As a country?
As a Cemetery?
As a British falsified entity?
As a country of herders?
As your home?

Come on! It is not your home brother; it is the home of the Ishmaelites not the Israelites.

Let me stop here please! But Nigeria is the headquarter of penal servitude



How Do You Look at Nigeria Today?

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