How They Rigged the 2019 Presidential Elections

How They Rigged the 2019 Presidential Elections

Full List of Presidential Election
  1. Abia: INEC declared results: APC-85,058, PDP-219,698: Int’l Observers/PDP obtained results(same with INEC declared figures)
  2. Anambra: INEC declared: APC-33,298, PDP-524,738-same with int’l observers/PDP obtained results. 
  3. Imo: INEC declared: APC-140,961, PDP-334,923-same with int’l observers/PDP obtained results
  4. Ebonyi: INEC declared: APC-90,726, PDP-258,573: int’l observers/PDP(2 votes reduced from PDP votes)
  5. Enugu: INEC declared: APC-54,423, PDP-355,553: int’l observers/PDP remarks (200 votes added to PDP)
  6. Cross River: INEC Declared: APC-117,302, PDP-295,737: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-17,303, PDP-395, 737 (remarks-100,001 added to APC and 100,000 votes deducted from PDP)
  7. Rivers: INEC declared: APC-150,710, PDP-473,971: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-102,195, PDP-701,904 (remarks-48,515 votes added to APC and 245, 073 deducted from PDP)
  8. Delta: INEC declared: APC-221,392, PDP-594,068: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-171,556, PDP-611,228 (remarks: 49,726 votes added to APC and 17, 160 deducted from PDP)
  9. Edo: INEC declared: APC-267,842, PDP-275,691: int’l observers/PDP(remarks: 42 votes added to APC and 10 added to PDP)
  10. Bayelsa: INEC declared: APC-118,821, PDP-197,933: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-56,910, PDP-414,614 (remarks: 216, 618 votes deducted from PDP)
  11. Akwa Ibom: INEC declared: APC-175,429, PDP-395,832: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-75,429, PDP-497,831 (remarks: 1000,000 votes added to APC and 101, 999 deducted from PDP)
  12. FCT: INEC declared: APC-152,224, PDP-259,997: int’l observers/PDP votes (same with INEC declared)
  13. Kogi: INEC declared: APC-285, 894, PDP-218,207: int’l observers/PDP results (same)
  14. Benue: INEC declared: APC-347, 668, PDP-356,817: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-147,668, PDP-555, 255 (remarks: 200,000 votes added to APC and 198, 438 deducted from PDP)
  15. Niger: INEC declared: APC-612,371, PDP-318,052: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-512,371, PDP-318,052(remarks: 100,000 votes added to APC and 100,000 deducted from PDP)

    Others are:
  16. Plateau: INEC declared: APC-468,555, PDP-548,665: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)
  17. Nasarawa: INEC declared: APC-289,903, PDP-283,847: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)
  18. Kwara: INEC declared: APC-308,984, PDP-138,484: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)
  19. Ogun: INEC declared: APC-281, 762, PDP-194,655: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)
  20. Ekiti: INEC declared: APC-219, 231, PDP-154,032: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)
  21. Ondo: INEC declared: APC-241,769, PDP-275, 901: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)


36 STATE & ABUJA. - Hope For Nigeria

  1. Osun: INEC declared: APC-347,632, PDP-337,377: int’l observers/PDP remarks (20,000 votes deducted from PDP votes)
  2. Oyo: INEC declared: APC-365,229, PDP-366,690: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-265,229, PDP-466,690(remarks: 100,000 votes added to APC and 100,000 votes deducted from PDP)
  3. Lagos: INEC declared: APC-580,825, PDP-448,015: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-480,814, PDP-548,061(remarks-100,011 votes added to APC and 100, 046 deducted from PDP)
  4. Adamawa: INEC declared: APC-378,078, PDP-410,266: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)
  5. Bauchi: INEC declared: APC-798,428, PDP-209,313: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-598,428, PDP-409,313 (remarks-200,000 votes added to APC and 200,000 deducted from PDP)
  6. Gombe: INEC declared: APC-402,961, PDP-138, 848: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)
  7. Yobe: INEC declared: APC-497,914, PDP-50,763: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-297,914, PDP-250,763(remarks-200,000 added to APC and 200,000 deducted from PDP votes)
  8. Borno: INEC declared: APC-838,496, PDP-71,788: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-536,496, PDP-371,788 (remarks-302,000 votes added to APC and 300,000 deducted from PDP)
  9. Jigawa: INEC declared: APC-734,738, PDP-289,895: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-489,895, PDP-594,338(remarks-305,000 votes added to APC and 305,000 deducted from PDP)
  10. Taraba: INEC declared: APC-324, 906, PDP-274,743: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-224,096, PDP-474,743(remarks-100,000 votes added to APC and 200,000 deducted from PDP)
  11. Kaduna: INEC declared: APC-993,445, PDP-649,612: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-893,445, PDP-749,612(remarks-100,000 votes added to APC and 100,000 deducted from PDP)
  12. Sokoto: INEC declared: APC-490,333, PDP-361,604: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)
  13. Zamfara: INEC declared: APC-438,682, PDP-125, 423: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-389,001, PDP-256,490(remarks-49,681 votes added to APC and 131,067 deducted from PDP)
  14. Katsina: INEC declared: APC-1,232, 133, PDP-308,056: int’l observers/PDP results: APC- 1,032, 133, PDP-508,056(remarks-200,000 votes added to APC and 200,000 deducted from PDP)
  15. Kebbi: INEC declared: APC-581, 552, PDP-154,282: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-399, 729, PDP-198,755 (remarks-181,823 votes added to APC and 44, 473 deducted from PDP)
  16. Kano: INEC declared: APC-1,464, 768, PDP-391,593: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-1,064, 768, PDP-791,593 (remarks-400,000 votes added to APC and 400,000 deducted from PDP).  


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When BUHARI won APC Primary with 14 million votes out of 7000 delegates...
I thought it was a joke. I never knew he was test running the rigging then


Dear President Buhari,

Congratulations on your stolen mandate. You DID NOT win an election. You won a selection, but lost integrity. I congratulate you for your theft. If God spares my life and yours, I will torment you every step of the way. Congrats for revealing your true nature. There is now no difference between you and the politicians you look down on with disdain. You are corrupt, like them. You rig, like them (only less intelligently). Unlike them, you pretend to be a saint. 

How are you better than Shagari you overthrew? You rigged worse than him. You are more corrupt than him. Your handling of the economy is worse than his to the extent investors removed ₦85 billion from the economy when your win was imminent. To those APC leaders now celebrating, exactly what are you celebrating? The next four years will see you get poorer. When you beg China for loans, remember that Nigeria’s poverty is self induced. Buhari is a magnet for EXTREME POVERTY. 

Finally, on behalf of the people of Borno and Yobe, who MIRACULOUSLY doubled their voter turnout despite being war ravaged, I hereby declare you, Muhammadu Buhari the President-Select by the majority of rigged votes. What you have is a LEPROUS mandate.


—Reno Omokri




Governor Rochas Okorocha 9

Things fall apart...

I'll expose how APC rigged 2019 Presidential election & I'll join PDP in court to prove it

~APC Governor for Imo State, Gov Rochas



Mal Nasir El-Rufai..

Nasir El Rufai

My joy is that this election has exposed southern Nigeria and politicians from the south in Apc as irrelevant, mouthy and worthless. 

They  have been busted as a bunch of people who come to Aso rock to make claims and promises that they cannot fulfil. They will henceforth be seen as men with no political value, full of noise and nothing more.

How will Osinbajo (who expects Buhari to hand over to him in 2023) explain to the north why he lost his polling unit, ward and local government area in lagos? 

How will fashola escape the query why he lost Surulere, his local government to Pdp? 

How can Akpabio ever have the courage to look Buhari in the face again after his crash in Akwa Ibom? 

Can Oshiomohole still dance about after his flop in Edo? 

What will Abiola Ajimobi tell the cabal and Buhari now? 

All the serving ministers frome the south east lost their polling units. Where dem go get mouth now? 

Amechi failed to deliver in Rivers state. How will he be regarded going forward? 

Tinubu promised to deliver south west votes in block to Buhari and the north believed him. Is it not a thing of shame that he failed and almost lost lagos if not for some doctoring and cancellations here and there? 

Tinubu will never be the same again. The minister of foreign affairs could only muster 7 votes for Buhari in his polling unit in Enugu. That the governor of Imo state had to detain a returning officer and force him to delare that he is the winner of a mere senatorial election speaks volumes. 

What a disgrace. 

All the noise by southern politicians in Apc to use "federal might" has eventually turned out to be mere sound and fury ,signifying nothing. The north will hold on to power for the next 12 years, in my view. Southern Nigeria is a joke'.



Illusions 5

Nigerians last voted in 1964 after which they voted again in 1979, then 1983. Over a space of two decades, there were only three general elections. From 1983 to 1999, it was like the sun had set on Nigerians. All they wanted was the "power to elect'' own leaders! They wanted to be in charge; to appoint political office holders with their votes and to fire them when they felt disenchanted. In 1999, the Military capitulated and allowed them to vote...they called it "democracy"! 

The people were delirious with joy; so they formulated a cliche; "let your votes count"! 

Cliche Number 5

Let your votes count! 

This is the greatest scam in modern history; at least in Nigeria! It's painful to watch people beaten by the elements to "elect" their leaders only to be given some strangers as leaders. 

We studied the History of Elections in Nigeria over a 40 year period from 1979. We observed a definite pattern...a disturbing trend: the Federal Government often has the final say on electoral issues. In effect, the federal government decided the final outcome of elections! Why should this be? 

So we kept digging and started studying the laws setting up the different electoral bodies from FEDECO, to NEC and recently INEC! The electoral laws from 1979 to 1999 were uncanny in their demonic similarities! The federal government appointed the electoral head, the officials, provided the infrastructure and the funding! Effectively, the electoral officers must do the biddings of the federal government! 

Over the past 40 years, ALL elections conducted were disputed! Most people believed that most of the elections were rigged. And there were very dire consequences in some cases. And yes, most electoral outcomes do not agree with the conducted polls!  A phenomenon only found in Nigeria. 

On the whole, your votes do not count...actually. Little wonder Josef Stalin said circa 1932 that "those that vote decide nothing but  those that count the votes"! 

But where did we learn this official policy of rigging elections? 

Several hours ago, yours sincerely chanced upon an article written by Professor Ken Post (a British citizen that served in Nigeria) where he chronicled how the British Government introduced electoral rigging into Nigeria in 1959. Yes, we had known about the 1959 Heist but we never knew the British could be so callous, immoral and irresponsible! In fact, the elections could be likened to the farce that occurred in the 23rd February, 2019 in boldness and the magnitude of the Heist! 

The British rigged out both the NCNC and the Action Group! Set up both parties to become eternal enemies (read Yoruba/Igbo) and rigged the NPC (northern party) into power. With the evil actions of the British where people were threatened with "making them disappear", Nigeria was foisted with leaders that were less than capable going into the so-called independence! 

Oh! The British didn't let the newly independent country be; they provided advise to the Northern Regional Government and encouraged them to break democratic norms by power-grabbing! They provided intelligence to the NPC government that got Mr. Awolowo jailed! The NPC government controlled by the caliphate went power-grabbing with a vengeance. By the time the 1964 Elections were due, the caliphate had mastered the Art of Rigging! And they rig till date with reckless abandon with mind boggling numbers! Mr. Ken Post and others that attempted to protest the electoral demonism were threatened into silence with death! Even ordinary British citizens then scoffed at the numbers from the Northern Region! 

My Dear Friends, the policy of rigging that the British introduced to Nigeria in 1959 has been codified and enshrined in the 1999 Constitution! You may vote under this structure, but it is a blatant lie that your votes count; they don't count any! That cliche of "your votes count" is a ridiculous illusion; your votes would never count under this structure! The establishment decides whom would be what, then lures the innocent voter to the polls to give legitimacy to the fraud! And that recently got a certain Mr. Buhari a second term...Fraud!!! 

We must #restructureOrBurst or keep deceiving ourselves! 

#thinkAgain, folks!

Baron Roy


Sultan of Sokoto 2
If you go to court Atiku, you will win, but Buhari will declare war and massacre Nigerians - Sultan Begs Atiku, Nigerians, To Accept The Results As The Will Of God

~Sultan of Sokoto.

Rotimi Amaechi3

"Please Don't Go To Court, Just Wait For Another Four Years, We'll Encourage INEC To Conduct Free, Fair And Credible Elections" — Rotimi Amaechi Begs PDP

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