How To Know A Failed State !!!

I did not verify every one of the above but took a random sample and googled it and yes, the Sudanese pound, the Namibian dollar, the Ghanaian Cedi all are selling at several hundred times more than the naira value. The naira is selling at the equivalent of Somali schilling. Yes, Somalia. Remember they don't have a government and by UN standards has been declared a failed state. 

Libya, a country without one true leader, their currency the dinar as of this morning is selling at over N261.

Nigeria is the giant of Africa. We have oil we have petroleum we have natural gas none of which were are refining. Some would argue that Nigeria is the best upcoming economic powerhouse of Africa.  Very soon we'll drink that oil. Why not? The world is shifting away from fossil fuel. Has anyone been listening? Beginning this year, Volvo will stop manufacturing vehicles that uses internal combustion engine and switch to all electric. Mercedes Benz has announced plans to do the same, not sure of the date but they've already debuted their All Electric SUV, the EQC  which was introduced in San Francisco September, 17. All chasing the pioneer, Tesla Motors Headquartered right here in Fremont.

So where would Nigeria be when all major car manufacturers switch to electric motors? What happens to the price of oil? Do you think OPEC would still exist? In a mono-economy such as ours, how can we survive? Where would the states get their allocation from? Which states would suffer the most? The north? Not so because they're stock pilling Nigeria's money.

Segueing to a different topic. Do you think Nigeria is ready or would be ready for this all electric cars? Which road would you drive it on? You cannot swim in them, remember they're all electric. If you do buy them (not saying you can't afford them) where would you charge their batteries? Remember they only get 300 miles or less on a full charge (at least the Tesla) Are you going to issue your generator to charge them? The charging port is special. Ok let's suppose you were able to rig it to work, are you going to be saving money using the generator to charge electric motors. That would defeat the purpose of the whole concept - moving away from fossil fuel and reducing carbon emission and saving the environment. But we are in Nigeria where nothing makes sense.




How To Know A Failed State !!!

Nigeria Money

Beloved brother, I don't want to make you sad but just take a look. If you have seen it before, take a 2nd look.

This Is Unbelievable!


▪South Africa: Rand 1= 79 Naira

▪Angola: 1 kwanza = 12 Naira

▪Botswana: 1 Pula = 28 Naira

▪Cape Verde: 1 Escudo = 8 Naira

▪Algeria: 1 Dinar = 12 Naira

▪Egypt: 1 Pound = 35 Naira

▪Eritrea: 1 Nakata = 18 Naira

▪Ethiopia: 1 Birr = 19 Naira

▪Ghana: 1 Cedi = 56 Naira

▪Gambia 1 Dalasi = 9 Naira

▪Kenya: 1 shilling = 6 Naira

▪Liberia: 1 Dinar = 8 Naira

▪Lesotho: 1 Loti = 19 Naira

▪Libya: 1 Dinar = 156 Naira

▪Morocco: 1 Dirham = 176 Naira

▪Madagascar: 1 Ariary = 14 Naira

▪Mauritius: 1 Rupee = 16 Naira

▪Malawi: 1 kwacha = 21 Naira

▪Mozambique: 1 Metical = 24 Naira

▪Namibia: 1 Dollar = 32 Naira

▪Seychelles: 1 Rupee = 22 Naira

▪Sudan: 1 pound = 42 Naira

▪Swaziland: 1 Lilangeri = 19 Naira

▪Tunisia: 1 Dinar = 150 Naira

▪Zambia: 1 kwacha = 28 Naira

Even the worst economies of Africa now have more valuable Exchange rate than So called giant Of Africa(nigeria).

As at today $1 = N370

€1 = N450

£1 = N540

N1,000,000 is less than $4000.

...and some think that we have not reached the break point? Why una no wan join protest??

▪Putin (Russia): Lawyer

▪Trump (America): Economics degree

▪Merkel (Germany): PhD physical chemistry

▪Xi Jinping (China): Chemical engineering and Doctor of Law

▪Buhari (Nigeria): WAEC not found

Yet, somebody wants a growing economy under Buhari. Only clowns and herdsmen can expect such!!!....naija can never develop unless it separated...  

I weep everyday for my suffering and hungry friends and relatives. Those who put us in this mess will surely pay for it....



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