I Must Applaud Nigeria Delta Freedom Fighters

By Claytous Ogbachaibe
2nd October 2016

Nigeria Delta Freedom Fighters, I don’t know where to begin in congratulating for the efforts you’re making in rescuing your land from interlopers. This is your land we are talking about here; you have no other land apart from this one. You cannot move to any part of the country because they wouldn’t allow you, not in so much in words but by actions.

If you decide to move out from your land to the North, in the North they will send Boko Haram after you. In some cases, they may make it a hell for you to live there if you’re not a Muslim. They may even contract Fulani herdsmen to sort you out.

If you decide to move to the South West or Lagos, their Oba or Governor will not even allow you to sneeze. They will tell you what to do because it is a Yoruba’s land. They will even tell you who to vote for or when to screw your wife because you have moved to a Yoruba man’s land - that is the condition for living in Yoruba land. And not as we all know it that everywhere in Nigeria is one Nigeria but Yoruba man’s land is different from one Nigeria. You get constant reminder that this is a Yoruba land and not part of their so called “One Nigeria.” If all is done to make your life a hell and you still remain there, one day they will bulldoze your house with a flimsy excuse.

So fight on Nigeria Delta Freedom Fighters you’re fighting for your land, if you don’t fight to keep your land these ravenous Hausa/Fulani will take the land away from you. As we get constant reminders from ravenous Hausa/Fulani men claiming that Niger Delta or the oil from Niger Delta belongs to them.

Thank God that the soldiers have brought their ammunition to your ground – all you do now is to get rid of the soldiers to claim the ammunition. Please save some of the weapons because South East may need some to join you soon as we believe that Buhari wants total war for reason that he was saying recently that “he has given a final verdict that Biafrans are not likely to have any referendum.” For him saying this means he wants to do things the hard way. By the way he knows if he conducts referendum today in South East and South South everybody would say “Yes” to Biafra that is why he doesn’t want referendum.

He also said that the only way he would allow Biafra to go would be if Niger Delta will not follow. Well, during Biafra war Nigeria went on bribing all the elders for them to say they (Niger Delta) are not part of Biafra and the elders did exactly that but Nigeria still fight on? They got Niger Delta then, they still fight South East to join Nigeria. Buhari is just talking for talking sake, what has he (Buhari) got to offer to Niger Delta people? He has made most of the Niger Delta people working for the military and government redundant because according to Buhari they voted for Jonathan.

It is not the oil spillage that Buhari will be cleaning or making development in the area. Look at how many Northerners we had as president, none of them paid attention to Niger Delta and it is also laughable that Buhari will now pay attention to Niger Delta’s needs. He has already used up the $30 billion handed over to him by Jonathan Government.

But why wouldn’t he run out money or why wouldn’t the money finish when he was using the money to sponsor Turkish Coup, sponsoring Hilliary Clinton on her presidential bid. Giving handout to Palestinians and other countries he wants to help to obtain independent. Even paying bribe to firm hosting Igbo Focus website. And not to talk about the money he keeps on giving as bribes: Like bribing judges for not passing judgments, bribing media for not printing certain stories, bribing boko haram members for not going back again to fight, bribing UN staff and Obama and co so that Biafra will not get independence, etc.

Imagine $30 billion has gone under one year of Buhari becoming a president. Now, Buhari is looking to sell government assets so he will have enough money again for bribery. He thinks bribing people will save him from any difficulties. David Cameron knows what he saw or heard about Buhari that is why he openly (it is not as secret as they pretended it to be) said Nigeria is fantastically corrupt to tell Buhari they know what he is doing.

Once again, well done Nigeria Delta Freedom Fighters, keep on ambushing the soldiers while keeping their weapons because South East may soon join you. But I think Nigeria army will soon give up fighting Boko Haram, Niger Delta and South East because - put it this way, Buhari would never be a good president so all the fighting Nigerian soldiers are doing will be in vain.

Remember when Biafra war started, Biafran soldiers didn’t have a single gun – all they did, to capture or kill a Nigerian soldier at the war front and take away his gun and soon after Biafran soldiers had all the guns they needed and used to fight the war. However, Biafran soldiers started running out of guns when Nigerian soldiers no longer coming to confront them at the war front. Nigeria soldiers afraid of being killed, they were no longer coming to the war front but rather using planes and long guns that fired from a mile or so radios. And the British made sure no country supplied arms to Biafra, although at the very end of the war France decided to supply Biafra with guns. If Biafran soldiers had the same weapons and opportunities Nigerian soldiers had, Nigeria would have been history today.

Buhari being in Nigerian army during the civil war, that is why immediately elected president and in power, he (buhari) ordered relocation of all weapons to the North because he knew if there is war, Nigeria soldiers can easily be overpowered and weapons taken from them.

Luck has made it that Nigeria military has brought some of the weapons to the Niger Delta – those weapons are no longer for the Nigeria military’s use but all for the Nigeria Delta Freedom Fighters’ utilisation. All what Nigeria Delta Freedom Fighters need to do is to ambush the soldiers and take away the weapons from them, then the weapons are yours to utilise. Just corner the soldiers and all the weapons are yours.

In the same way, Nigeria Delta Freedom Fighters you can do it, fight on.

I shouldn’t see the reason why Niger Delta land should be destroyed while Yoruba land is flourished and the North is left untouched. One Nigeria should be everywhere, and not when it comes to Niger Delta they remember one Nigeria while other regions are not practicing it or not allowing Niger Deltans to use their land as part of one Nigeria. In the North, they set Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen and Islam as obstacle. In the South West, Lagos, you’re consistently remained that you are living in the Yoruba man’s land and not in the land known as one Nigeria. And for living in Yoruba land your house, shop or property may be bulldozed at any time with a flimsy excuse because you’re not a Yoruba man.





I Must Applaud Nigeria Delta Freedom Fighters

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